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Claim this Profile is an online educational service targeted towards individuals who need more exposure to, tutoring with or different platform exposure to high school, college or professional level topics. In the subject areas of math, science, computer programming, language, arts and music and test prep, member are provided the following:

  • Unlimited access to the entire library of subject courses
  • Ability to pick and choose the topics they wish to focus on
  • A discussion board in which they can ask and answer questions from the teacher or other students
  • Practice questions and quiz problems with solutions offered in a comprehendible manner
  • Ability to access a personal account with monitored progress
  • Downloadable lecture slides for constant revision
  • Mobile site access
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The Good

  • Course leaders
  • Search engine
  • Pricing has worked to hire intelligent, understandable individuals to lead courses. With this said, professors or certified Doctors instruct all video classes in the fields of which they teach. This ensures that students not only receive valid, useful help but that they also have contact with professional teachers who understand the value of positive teaching.

Educator also has the student's best interest in mind. If a students has missed a topic, needs to revisit a topic or has a question about a certain problem,'s powerful search engine has the power of locating the exact time in a video at the topic was discussed.

Lastly, for the content that Educator provides students, their prices are very competitive. Though subscribing to the annual membership will save users money in the long run, the monthly cost by itself is priced at a decent rate.

The Bad

  • Video format and website display
  • No refunds
  • Mobile

The video format and website display for leave a lot to be desired. All videos are recorded in a black and white format except for when the teachers are using graphic descriptions. The website itself lack visual appeal and doesn't display the content in an up-to-date manner. (This is not to discredit the actual content).

After subscribing to a membership, cancellation is possible but no refunds are awarded. Though members can cancel whenever they want, they will still be charged for the entirety of the month and can continue using the site until the cancellation takes place.

Lastly, the mobile friendly site makes learning on the go difficult. Users have to zoom in and scroll back and forth to obtain written content.

The Bottom Line

For the price and the content, is a reliable option for individuals looking for one-on-one tutoring with high school, college and professional level subjects. Whether studying for a test, preparing for an advanced placement course, schooling from home or revisiting an old subject area, Educator provides the best instructors possible to make online learning innovative and comprehendible. Though their webpage may be out of date, the content provided is top-of-the line and as customer reviews prove, has made education equal, affordable and enticing for everyone.

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