1. Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology Online is a forward-thinking university meant to help students prepare for the professional workforce. Innovation is at the heart of the school's vision for its students and faculty. FTU provides students with the opportunity to learn from a world-renowned faculty while working on their own schedules. With an online program students are able to earn a degree from one of the highest rated institutions in the country without stepping on campus.

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The Good

  • Comparable to Other Top Universities
  • Degrees Available at All Levels

Comparable to Other Top Universities

Florida Institute of Technology is a private, research-based institution based out of Melbourne, Florida. The university was founded in 1958 as strictly an engineering college, but it has continued to grow to help students achieve their academic and professional goals. FIT has been compared to some of the best universities in the country, a list that includes: Duke, Penn State, Michigan, Texas, and UCLA. Despite beginnings as an engineering school, Florida Institute of Technology now covers five main focus areas. These include:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics (STEM)
  • Aviation

Degrees Available at All Levels

Students can earn 46 degrees and certificates completely online at every level, except the doctoral level. The cost of attendance is reasonable considering the quality of the education. A student body with over 60,000 students helps students create an invaluable network of peers.

The Bad

  • High Potential Costs
  • Lower Acceptance Rate

Degrees from the Florida Institute of Technology, while prestigious, are rather expensive. The cost per credit hour for most online universities is in the low hundreds, but a course at FIT ranges from $1,530 to $2,688. These course costs only take into consideration tuition. Other costs may include:

  • Course materials
  • Lab fees
  • Books

Lower Acceptance Rate

While most online universities accept a large majority of applicants, Florida Institute of Technology does not. On average, only 59 percent of all those who apply each year are accepted. This number applies to on-campus and online students.

The Bottom Line

A high quality educational experience is offered through the FIT online platform. Students can expect to get a degree that means something to potential employers. Students will be stretched to their intellectual limits by a great faculty and institution. If FIT is what it claims to be, students will be receiving a degree that ranks with degrees from top-tier institutions. The cost of attendance is reasonable, but the acceptance rate is low.

Students interested in programs offered online through Florida Institute of Technology will need to follow this admissions process:

  1. Fill out contact information
  2. Include any college experience
  3. Research intended major
  4. Submit required documents

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