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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021

Amsco Windows specializes in making quality vinyl and composite windows and doors for the home. The company prides itself on valuing customer feedback and creating sturdy, attractive, environmentally friendly windows. Amsco products have been featured on ABC News, and they meet NFRC thermal performance standards, AAMA structural standards, and Energy Star rating.

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The Good

  • Variety of Options
  • Quality

Variety of Options

Amsco has a variety of options for both windows and doors. These options include varieties in style, frame size, materials, hardware, grid, colors, glass options, resin composite, and insulation. This allows the homeowner to decide which aspects are most important for their needs and then choose according to budget.


Amsco’s windows qualify for several certifications, including NFRC thermal performance standards, AAMA structural standards, and the Energy Star rating. By qualifying for the NFRC thermal performance standard, Amsco’s windows meet or exceed thermal standards for maximum energy efficiency, cutting heat and cooling costs, and reducing greenhouse emissions. By qualifying for the AAMA structural standards, Amsco’s windows meet or exceed structural performance standards that include tests on air filtration, water leakage, forced entry, wind load pressure, heat resistance and weather-ability. By qualifying for the Energy Star rating, Amsco’s windows meet the guidelines set by the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy.


The Bad

  • Limited Warranty
  • Undisclosed Pricing

Limited Warranty

While there is a lifetime warranty on Amsco windows, it does come with a catch. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear; screens; color change; loss of functionality because of hardware corrosion (except stainless steel hardware); glass breakage; failure due to misuse, abuse, or accident; and vibration or rattling of grid bares inside the insulated glass. Additionally, the lifetime warranty only applies in certain instances: the warranty remains in force only as long as the client who lived in the home at the time of installation still lives there. If the client sells the residence, the warranty expires five years from the time the windows were originally installed. So essentially, any defects beyond Amsco’s control are not covered.

Undisclosed Pricing

Amsco provides no information on its website regarding pricing or installation fees. The company may have chosen to not share their pricing because it depends so heavily on a buyer’s choices of grid options, hardware, glass options, styles, and color options, but it does show a lack of transparency.


The Bottom Line

Amsco provides competitive quality windows for homeowners and businesses, and we applaud Amsco for how many options are provided to customers. However, we worry about the lack of transparency on the company’s site regarding prices. Before choosing Amsco, make sure to verify pricing and determine whether you anticipate needing a warranty.

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Joshua Swenson Tomball, TX

I work in the window / door industry and have the benefit of working with over 20 different window manufacturers. This affords me the freedom to not only serve my customers in a way that helps them meet their needs, but it also gives me a unique insight into what makes windows different and what makes their manufacturers different as well. A reality of my industry is that mistakes happen, sometimes a mistake is made at installation and sometimes a mistake is made in manufacturing. THERE IS NO WAY TO AVOID this eventuality, mistakes happen. And yet, to date, we have yet to receive a mistaken order from AMSCO. Where AMSCO has thoroughly impressed me is in their commitment to consistent excellence. While many other companies spend their money on advertising and looking fancy on paper, AMSCO has decided to invest heavily in the quality of their product. They add more UV blockers to their vinyl to ensure a longer lasting product. They invest in automation in order to provide consistency time after time in the manufacturing process. When you work for a company such as mine where we stand behind our work and our products, it is such a pleasure to be able to count on AMSCO and the fact that they are so easy to stand all times.

2 years ago

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Jeremy D. Dayton, TX

I have been installing windows for 22 years professionally. I have seen and installed many different brands. I have to say Amsco is a 1st class company! Their products are built with great quality and are very attractive giving great curb appeal to all the homes we work on. I have loved using their products because they are very organized and get us the products when they say they will. They come to us with great care and quality control, unlike other window manufacturers. Many manufacturers send us products that need service before we even install them. Not Amsco, I am proud to say they are a great company and deserve 5 stars!

2 years ago

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Patty Houston, TX

I have been in the window business for over 20 years. Most people don't like the look of vinyl windows because of the wide profile, especially on small windows it leaves such a small amount of glass. The Amsco Studio line is the perfect solution with a 1 1/4" profile that is available in multiple colors. They are true pioneers in the vinyl window business with the customer's needs in mind! High quality in a beautiful package!!! My best selling window.

2 years ago

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Kimmi Riverton, UT

We had our original windows to the house switched out. I was amazed at how much quieter the house was. There was a significant change in the noise level I could hear from outside while in my house.

1 year ago

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Jonathan Bountiful, UT

We got our AMSCO Windows through USI/All purpose windows and doors and had a great experience. They were thorough, professional, and took care to get things right. Definitely recommend.

3 years ago

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Cathy Peacher Chula Vista, CA

It's been over a month and no one will return my call. I need a replacement window due to condensation. I was told by my installer JB Windows of San Diego to call Terry at AMSCO . Talked to her at least a month ago and she said she'd get back to me. I keep calling and it goes to voicemail. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. So much for the warranty. She could at least return my call to tell me if I can get it replaced.

2 years ago

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Chris Wootton Ogden, UT

They make good windows and are a good value

3 years ago

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Sherry Wootton Ogden, UT

Have had these windows for 24 years, they are great!

3 years ago

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