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LAST UPDATED: September 3rd, 2022
Founded in 1998, Pods (Portable On Demand Storage) invented the concept of portable storage containers, which introduced a whole new way to move and store. Flexibility makes Pods a smart moving solution, so you can stay in control of your move and stress less. It is as simple as packing on your own schedule and leaving the driving to someone else.

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The Good

  • Location Coverage 
  • Moving Solutions 
  • Moving Resources

Location Coverage

Today, Pods offers services to over 200 million people in more than 20,000 cities in 58 states, provinces, and territories throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia, making Pods one of the most accessible moving services in the market.

Moving Solutions

Pods moving service can help make your move easier no matter if you're moving down the street, across the country, or into storage. Pods will allow you to pack/unpack at your own pace, time-table, and to your own standards. When you are done with packing you leave the hustle of driving to someone else. It is one simple solution to move and store.

Moving Resources

Pods doesn't just offer storing containers, but also many other resources that will make you move easy and stress free. Along with your storage containers you can request moving boxes, protection blankets, lifting straps, rubber moving bands, and locks to keep your things secure.

The Bad

  • Undisclosed Prices 
  • Time in Business 

Undisclosed Prices

Unfortunately Pods does not disclose prices on moving containers, moving resources, or labor. You can request a free quote on their website by providing your contact information and details about your move. Prices on the moving resources, packing and unpacking services, moving labor and other resources is not disclosed as well. Knowing the prices that might cost you to move is a simple way to reduce stress and compare moving services near you.

Time in Business

Even though Pods is very unique and flexible solution to moving and storing, they haven't been in business as long as other moving companies. If you are looking for moving business with a more established reputation, Pods might not fulfill that qualification.

The Bottom Line

Pods is a flexible and smart moving solution that allows you to stay in control of your move and your stress. It is as simple as packing on your own schedule and leaving the driving to someone else. Pods is located in most of the states, as well as in Canada and Australia. You have the option to request additional moving resources if you need them; however, undisclosed prices will make it difficult to know how much your move will cost you and what additional fees you might face during your move.
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Sunny Kwatra Greenville, SC

PODS - MOST PATHETIC SERVICE and COMPLETELY FRAUD COMPANY This is my First experience with PODS and they have made it my last experience with PODS. My PODS 16 foot container was picked up from source on June 30 and supposed to be re-delivered at destination on July 14 and I never got my container re-delivered. This is a long distance 1000 miles move with where move cost is close to 4k USD. I will explain my feedback on different factors below for their CORRUPT and FRAUD service. Delivery Schedule – They had provided maximum promised date Timing of July 14 (for re-delivery at destination) when I made my booking. On July 12, I received email that says make some space for your container and driver will message you for exact time schedule for re-delivery on July 14. Based on their email, I booked moving helpers that would unload the container. Now on July 13 afternoon, I get an email that my delivery date has been changed to July 19. Now when I call customer service team, they are not able to provide any surety that it will be re-delivered on July 19. So on the very last moment they shifted my delivery date by 5 days and screwed up all my plans causing a lot of inconvenience and hardship for me and my family. Also wasted money in cancelling helping team for unload and all other plans I had scheduled. PODS is not able to keep track of delivery schedule until the last moment and make your life completely uncertain. Cost – When I booked PODS, I was getting lots of cheaper options to move my stuff but I went with PODS with higher quote assuming they would be on time and keep my stuff safe. All that never happened and instead I have been facing extreme inconvenience now since they are not ready to deliver my container. All the extra money I put for booking PODS is wasted now. This is the MOST PATHETIC company I have ever seen. Customer Service – ZERO customer service. You can call them, chat with them but no one will help you for anything. The complete customer service team is so insensitive since they have no answers and no resolutions for your complaints. I have been calling PODS every day since July 13 wasting atleast 1 hour daily on call with them explaining everything again from ground zero and no one would help for anything. They always mention that a Specialist is assigned to your case and they will call back and no one over calls me back. Called them on July 13, they mentioned someone would call me in 24 hours – No one called me back. Called them on July 14, now they mention someone would call me in 48 hours – No one called me back. Called them again on July 15, now they say someone would call me within 1 week. This kind of Customer Service is completely ridiculous and very frustrating. Tracking – So when I call customer service team, they do not have any whereabouts of where my container is exactly. Every time they would simple mention that it is in transit or they would mention that it is between source and destination. This feels like going back to stone age when you are not even able to track your own containers. The most funny part is when the guy who delivered the container initially at source very confidently said that “ You know you can do real time tracking of your container and just call the customer service”. Their own guys are providing false-information about tracking which do not even exists. I am afraid that they have lost my container since they have no answer where my container is located currently. Payments – They deducted final payment from my credit card on July 14 and then I had to call and chase them to revert my final payment since they were not delivering on July 14. Overall, they keep charging your card without your consent once they have your credit card information. You have to fight back a lot for incorrect payments that they keep on putting on your credit card. Long story short – This is the MOST PATHETIC and CORRUPT company you will ever come across. People working there are INSENSITIVE and would never help you once they have taken your money. Do not trust them for your valuables and for moving. PODS is FRAUD and is a complete nightmare !!!

8 months ago

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Sharon Rhea Ford

When it is all over, I hope to give a good review since I sacrificed to get the POD and felt good about it as it would help me pack even though it's too hot to put half the crates in until just prior to shipping. I am renting it for a min. of 2 months - maybe a bit more. I still have to hope the POD arrives safely in Ohio when I call them; yet, I've called 3 times asking them to move it 2 feet since the very nice young man who delivered it and I did not realize my car needed more room to get by it. They would only move it for $186.00 which I can not justify paying with all on me. As a result, my car has been scratched (every time I go out) on one side and the top, and now, it will cost me a fortune to have my car painted. With 5 years of tragedy on me and a few rough years ahead (parents' deaths ending life for me since they were my world I adored, one flooded house 12 hrs. away, one hit by a hurricane, no life insurance, all 3 of our dogs died - one each year, and a severe spine injury), everything has gone wrong, so it is sad that this has happened with the POD.

5 years ago


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Chelsi Day Ghiorzi Columbus, OH

We had a positive experience with PODS for storage and an awful experience with them for the moving part. They refused to deliver our unit anywhere in our new neighborhood. They claimed the streets were too small or too busy. Despite many neighbors using various services and the city approving our permit...they told us the only option was to pay an exorbitant amout of money to move then unit from IN to OH and then to rent a uhaul and move all of the things from the Pod to the uhaul and then into our house. It was a totally inefficient process and financially ridiculous. We did end up having to rent 2 uhauls and unloaded the items from our Pod and drove them to Ohio ourselves. It was a negative experience and the Ohio rep was VERY rude.

1 year ago


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RebelYell Phoenix, AZ

Rented 2 large storage containers for drop off and relocation while moving. They did not follow the instructions left on their website, which they request, and it was a disaster getting it resolved. They tried charging me multiple moving fees and extra storage days. Had to resolve through their main HQ in Florida but I will never use them again!

1 year ago