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LAST UPDATED: July 26th, 2022

Safeway Relocation Services is a new competitor in the moving services industry. The company has put together an experienced group of moving professionals that can answer any and all relocation questions and needs. Trained professionals will handle the entire move from planning to ultimately unpacking.

Following the free consultation, Safeway Relocation Services will work to ensure that all needs are met and that the services remain budget friendly. Each client will receive a detailed outline of the move so each client knows exactly what to expect from Safeway Relocation Services. 

Safeway Relocation Services offers cross country services and specializes in corporate moves. The company also offers storage services for those longer moves when timelines do not perfectly match up. 


The Good

  • Moving Services
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Moving Process
  • Military Moving
  • Free Quote

Moving Services

Safeway Relocation offers four different moving services to its clients. Each service can be catered to the client’s needs. Moving services include:

  • Corporate Moving — When businesses need to move, the average moving company may not be able to handle the sheer size of the relocation. Safeway Relocation goes above and beyond to ensure that these moves go smoothly while still providing a professional and affordable service.
  • Long Distance Moving — Crossing state lines or moving across the country can be difficult logistically. Safeway Relocation Services takes the complications out of the moving experience by handling all of those plans.
  • Storage Services — Safeway Relocation offers storage services for customers that need to keep their items in a safely secured location until they are ready to unpack them. Safeway Relocation only stores items in state of the art facilities to ensure safe handling of all client belongings. 

While many moving companies will offer corporate or long distance moving services, offering storage and automobile transportation sets Safeway Relocation Services apart from the rest of the moving industry. 

Quality Guarantee

Moving treasured items is not an easy feat. Turning those treasured items over to a stranger to pack, transport, store, and unpack can be even more daunting. Recognizing this hesitation, Safeway Relocation Services provides its customers with a Quality Guarantee. Whether customers have specific items that need special care, dates and times that must be met, or just need a trustworthy moving team, Safeway Relocation has the solution.  

Moving Process

Regardless of the type of move a client is requesting, the overall Safeway Relocation Services moving process is the same: planning, packing, moving, then unpacking. Regardless of whether or not it is a corporate or residential move, clients can expect the same professionalism and care from the Safeway Relocation Services team. 

Not every moving service offers unpacking services. Many moving companies will unload items off of the moving truck, but the unpacking portion is left to the client. This service sets Safeway Relocation Services apart from the rest of the industry. 

Military Moving

Many moving companies offer special discounts or moving plans for military families that are already expected to make difficult sacrifices. Safeway Relocation Services does offer this service; however, there is no information about it on the website. If you are in the military and want to take advantage of the military discount, be sure to bring this up during your initial consultation. 

Free Quote

Safeway Relocation Services prides itself on being a budget-friendly moving service. Moving services can cost thousands of dollars and prices only increase the further the moving distance. Since moving is such an expensive venture, Safeway Relocation Services wants to be as clear as possible with potential clients prior to any decision being made.

The last thing Safeway Relocation Services wants is a surprise charge or client’s dissatisfaction with the final charges. To combat these issues, Safeway Relocation Services will provide a comprehensive initial mock-up for moving services. This is a free service, even though some companies charge for these types of planning services. 


The Bad

  • Third-Party Moving
  • Unclear Damaged/Missing Items Policy

Third-Party Moving

Safeway Relocation Services provides the more logistical side of the moving service. Mapping out moves, hiring moving professionals, and getting items delivered on time is what Safeway Relocation Services specifically specializes in. The actual moving is done by local third-party movers. Many moving services provide their own moving product, but Safeway Relocation Services reaches out to third-party moving providers. 

Unclear Damaged/Missing Items Policy

One of the most common complaints from moving customers is that when they arrive at their new home or office, there are damaged or completely missing items from the previous location. To combat these stressors and frustrations, many moving services will make it clear what the damaged and missing items policy is. Whether the company provides compensation for the damaged or missing items or the company replaces those items entirely, this policy is generally made clear — especially to prospective customers.

Safeway Relocation Services has not made it clear what the company’s damaged and missing items policy is. Prospective clients should ask for further clarification from Safeway Relocation Services before hiring the company for moving assistance.


The Bottom Line

Safeway Relocation Services offers a wide range of moving services backed by a quality guarantee. Clients can expect a straightforward and professional process. From the initial free consultation to the final drop off and unpacking of items, dedicated Safeway Relocation Services team members will be there.

There are some parts of the Safeway Relocation Services platform that need to be noted. First, there is no information about military moving services or discounts. The company also does not provide relevant information on the issue of damaged or missing items. These are both important topics, so we suggest bringing them up during your free consultation.

Despite its minimal limitations, Safeway Relocation Services offers a comprehensive cross country moving service. Whether clients need local or multi-state moving assistance, Safeway Relocation Services offers a solution. 

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Safeway Relocation Services

Safeway Relocation Services is a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who are here to assist you with all of your moving questions and needs. Safeway Relocation Services only works with top notch, expert moving companies across the United States that share our same ideals.

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Brittany Erhard Miamisburg, OH

Safeway Relocation Services made our move a breeze. My husband and I were very impressed with how much they cared for our items. Everything was carefully wrapped and when our things arrive, they were sure to stage the entire house. This made unpacking much easier. We moved from Virginia to Ohio to be closer to our family and we are so happy we chose this company to assist eith our move!

3 weeks ago

star star star star star

Msmith89 Bowling Green, KY

I hired them to help me move from Kentucky to my hometown , Woodbridge Virginia. When I first called in I wasn’t to sure on how to worked , they walked me through everything and made it so much less stressful, moving day they showed up 45 minutes earlier then expected!! Normally you hear about moving companies breaking your stuff but not them ! They moved my stuff like it was their own ! I will use them again if I have too . Thank you !!

1 month ago

Safeway Relocation Services Logo

Reply from Safeway Relocation Services

Thank you for your kind words Ms. Smith. It was an absolute pleasure working with you. We truly hope you enjoy your new home in your home town! If you need any further assistance at all, please do not hesitate to ask.

Jul. 25th, 2022