MakeSpace brings convenience and stable pricing to the storage industry. You can have your things taken to storage and delivered upon request by professional movers. You make these requests through your phone by looking at the photo inventory.

The Good

  • Features for Convenience
  • Protection Plans
  • Security

Features for Convenience

MakeSpace storage has many features that make it convenient. The monthly pricing includes storage, durable storage crates, and pick-up by professional movers. Additional pick-ups are $59.

The monthly fee also includes a delivery service for when you want to take your items out of storage and a photo inventory you can access from your phone. 

Other perks of MakeSpace? The monthly fees are locked in. You don't have to worry about increasing rates. Pricing is also based on how much you store. As your storage needs change, you can adjust your plan to store more or less.

Protection Plans

MakeSpace also offers protection plans with its storage services. The basic plan is included with the monthly price. It offers coverage of $0.60 per pound of storage. You can purchase additional coverage choosing between the silver and gold plan. The silver plan is $15 per month and offers up to $1,000 of coverage. The gold plan is $20 per month and offers twice the coverage of the silver plan.


MakeSpace's storage facilities have alarms, motion sensor cameras, and 24-hour surveillance. You can be confident that your things will be safe.

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The Bad

  • Pricing Varies
  • Visiting the Storage Facility

Pricing Varies

Monthly storage fees vary based on how much you store and your zip code. In some areas, costs start at $69 per month for individuals and $79 per month for businesses. Work with MakeSpace directly to learn more about what your monthly fees would be.

Visiting the Storage Facility

While pick-up and delivery by professional movers is convenient, it does mean that you may not see the storage space yourself. If visiting the storage facility is important to you, work with MakeSpace to understand what your options for visiting the storage facility are.

The Bottom Line

MakeSpace is a recommended storage company because of its locked-in monthly fees and convenient features. Having professional movers pick-up and deliver your stuff on-demand means that you don't have to worry about transportation or finding help when you want to store or retrieve your things.

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