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LAST UPDATED: August 26th, 2021

Dependable Movers is a New Jersey-based company operating in 41 states to provide residential, commercial, and long-distance moving services.

The company prides itself on professional and friendly service with the lowest rates possible.

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The Good

  • Local and Long-Distance Moving
  • Storage Services
  • Lowest Price Guarantee
  • Customized Estimates

Local and Long-Distance Moving

Dependable Movers works with customers to execute local and long-distance moves. Local moves entail the following steps:

  • Packing
  • Transportation
  • Delivery

This simple process gets you from one home to another quickly.

Long distance moves occasionally require more steps, such as paperwork or vehicle transportation. Dependable Movers can move your boat, jet skis, motorcycles, and so on long distance.

Storage Services

Dependable Movers offers monthly storage rates to stow personal items in wooden vaults. If you’re between moves and want to stow belongings, this option is convenient because it requires no long contracts. You pay monthly, and when you’re ready to cancel, you stop your subscription for the upcoming month.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Dependable Movers mentions the lowest price guarantee on its site: “You get the lowest possible rate – we guarantee it. Always feel great about your relocation plans!” While the terms of this guarantee aren’t mentioned, this could be an attractive option if Dependable Movers honors it.

Customized Estimates

You can request a free quote over the phone or online. After this, you get the chance to schedule an in-home estimate for movers to assess how much it will cost and what services will be required to relocate your belongings. This in-home estimate allows the Dependable Movers to tailor its quote to your situation.


The Bad

  • Rate Changes
  • No International Services

Rate Changes

Some customers have complained that Dependable Movers changes the initial quoted rate, up to twice what it originally was, after they’ve agreed to service.

Keep in mind that for many moving companies the initial bid is much lower than the final price. This could be because you gave an inaccurate depiction of the amount the company would be moving or how far.

However, what’s reassuring about Dependable Movers is it stands by its lowest price guarantee. If you feel you aren’t getting the best possible rates and Dependable Movers is charging too much, you can discuss this with a customer representative. Shop around for the best rate before deciding on a moving company.

No International Services

It doesn’t look like Dependable Movers offers international moving services at this time. If you’re moving to another country or overseas, you’ll have to work with another company for your move.


The Bottom Line

Dependable Movers has several services that might be great for your move, and with the company operable in 41 states, it’s likely Dependable Movers can help with your relocation. Shop around for the right quote and read reviews to see if Dependable Movers is the right company for you.

However, if you’re moving internationally, you’ll need to look for another service. Check out some of our top-ranked companies that offer international moving services.

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Ann Horst San Antonio, TX

They were so personable, family-oriented, kind, and helpful. They were incredibly efficient and strong. One mover carried my couch on his back and made it out the store without touching anything. Alex is one of the owners and he will take great care of you. With moving, I always allow all day to move. I never expect movers to show up on the dime. Something is bound to happen and they may be late. I don't let that bother me. As long as I have several confirmations a week and a few days before and maybe even the day before as I did with Alex, I am confident that all will go well. That's exactly what happened here and the price was exactly what I was prepared to pay. I was able to give them a nice tip and they were very grateful. All and all a great experience and would use them again in a heartbeat. Tell Alex I sent you!

2 years ago