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LAST UPDATED: April 15th, 2024

A Wise Move provides quality moving services to those in need on a local level within the greater Phoenix area, up to transporting goods all across the country. The professionals at A Wise Move are primed to help those in need of through moving services take the bulk of the stress and labor out of the moving process. 

Whether customers are looking for strictly transportation of goods or are in need of packing or storage solutions, the professionals at A Wise Move are qualified to help. 

To date, A Wise Move has received a number of awards and certifications as a result of providing a high quality service. By Home Advisor, A Wise Move received the Elite Service status for its professionalism. It is also a top rated and screen and approved provider through the same platform. The company has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has five star reviews across a number of reputable sites. 

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The Good

  • Storing Service
  • Packing Service
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Storing Service

Not all moves are a simple as taking belonging from home to another in a matter of days. The logistics of some moves require temporary storage. This can add a ripple to the plans of some moving customers. That is why A Wise Move provides competitive storage solutions to its clients. Storing your belongings with a moving company during a move offers several benefits:

  • Convenience: Storing your belongings with a moving company like A Wise Move eliminates the need to find and coordinate with a separate storage facility. It simplifies the moving process by allowing you to deal with a single service provider for both moving and storage needs.
  • Security: A Wise Move has secure storage facilities equipped with features such as surveillance cameras, alarms, and controlled access to ensure the safety and security of your belongings. Your items are protected from theft, vandalism, and other risks.
  • Climate Control: A Wise Move storage facility offers climate-controlled storage options, which help protect your belongings from temperature fluctuations, humidity, and other environmental factors that could cause damage over time. This is especially important for sensitive or valuable items such as electronics, artwork, and furniture.
  • Flexibility: Storing your belongings with A Wise Move provides flexibility in your moving timeline. If there's a gap between moving out of your current home and moving into your new home, or if you need temporary storage during the moving process, the moving company can accommodate your needs with short-term or long-term storage options.
  • Professional Handling: A Wise Move team members have the expertise and equipment to handle your belongings with care during the storage process. They use proper packing materials, techniques, and storage containers to ensure that your items are protected from damage while in storage.
  • Inventory Management: A Wise Move typically provides inventory management services for stored items, including itemized lists and labeling. This makes it easy to keep track of your belongings and retrieve specific items when needed, even if they're stored for an extended period.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Storing your belongings with A Wise Move can be cost-effective compared to renting a self-storage unit, especially if you're already using the moving company for other services such as packing, transportation, and unpacking. It eliminates the need for separate storage rental fees and transportation costs to and from a storage facility.

Knowing that your belongings are in the care of a professional moving company like A Wise Move provides peace of mind during the moving process. You can trust that your items are safe, secure, and accessible whenever you need them, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your move with confidence.

Packing Service

The professional movers on staff for A Wise Move has years of experience not just transporting cherished items, but packing them as well. Not all moving companies offer this type of service, but there are a number of reasons customers may want to enlist the help of professionals when packing their belonging. Having professional movers pack your house when moving offers several benefits:

  • Efficiency: Professional movers are trained and experienced in packing efficiently and quickly. They have the skills and knowledge to organize and pack belongings in a systematic manner, minimizing wasted space and reducing the time it takes to complete the packing process.
  • Safety: Movers have the expertise to handle fragile and delicate items with care, reducing the risk of damage during packing and transportation. They use appropriate packing materials and techniques to protect items from breakage or other damage.
  • Convenience: Hiring movers to pack your house saves you time and effort. You can focus on other aspects of the moving process while the movers take care of packing your belongings, making the transition smoother and less stressful.
  • Reduced Stress: Packing can be one of the most time-consuming and stressful aspects of moving. Having professional movers handle the packing relieves you of this burden, allowing you to relax and focus on other priorities during the moving process.
  • Organization: Movers pack items systematically and label boxes clearly, making it easier to unpack and organize belongings in your new home. This ensures that items are packed logically and can be easily located when needed.
  • Insurance Coverage: Some moving companies offer insurance coverage for belongings they pack, providing additional protection in case of loss or damage during transit. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your items are covered in the event of an unforeseen mishap.
  • Customization: Professional movers can tailor their packing services to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you need full packing services for your entire house or partial packing for specific rooms or items, movers can accommodate your requirements.
  • Expertise: Movers have the knowledge and experience to handle a wide range of items, including bulky furniture, delicate antiques, and specialized equipment. They know how to pack different types of items safely and efficiently, ensuring that everything arrives at your new home in good condition.

Having the professional movers from A Wise Move pack your house offers convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind during the moving process. It allows you to focus on other aspects of your move while professionals take care of the packing, ensuring that your belongings are packed safely and securely for transportation.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

A Wise Move has met all requirements to be fully licensed, bonded, and insured. This protection is something all moving customers should inquire about prior to hiring movers for a wide range of purposes. It's important for movers to be licensed, bonded, and insured for several reasons:

  • Legal Compliance: Many states and local jurisdictions require moving companies to be licensed in order to operate legally. Licensing ensures that movers comply with regulations, laws, and industry standards, protecting both the company and its customers.
  • Consumer Protection: Licensing typically involves background checks and verification of qualifications, ensuring that movers are competent and trustworthy. This helps protect consumers from unscrupulous or fraudulent operators who may engage in scams, theft, or damage to property.
  • Financial Responsibility: Bonding provides financial protection for consumers in the event that the moving company fails to fulfill its contractual obligations, such as damage to property or failure to deliver goods. Bonding ensures that consumers have recourse to seek compensation for losses or damages caused by the moving company.
  • Liability Coverage: Insurance coverage protects both the moving company and its customers from potential liabilities associated with the moving process. It provides financial protection in case of accidents, injuries, property damage, or other unforeseen events during the move.
  • Peace of Mind: Hiring a licensed, bonded, and insured moving company provides peace of mind for consumers, knowing that they are dealing with a reputable and responsible service provider. It instills confidence that the movers are qualified, accountable, and capable of handling the job professionally and safely.

Being licensed, bonded, and insured demonstrates a moving company's commitment to professionalism, accountability, and customer satisfaction which is one of the reasons A Wise Move has met all requirements in each area. It helps build trust and confidence among consumers and ensures a smooth and secure moving experience for all parties involved.


The Bad

  • No International Moves
  • Local Service Exclusives

No International Moves

Working with a moving company that does not have international capabilities can present several downsides, including:

  • Limited Service Offerings: Moving companies like A Wise Move without international capabilities may have limited services available for international moves. They may not offer specialized services such as customs clearance, international shipping, or destination services, which are essential for seamless international relocations.
  • Lack of Experience: Moving internationally requires specialized knowledge and expertise in navigating complex regulations, customs requirements, and logistical challenges. A moving company without international experience may lack the necessary expertise to handle these aspects effectively, increasing the risk of delays, errors, or complications during the move.
  • Potential for Delays: International moves involve coordination with multiple parties, including customs officials, shipping carriers, and local agents. Without a dedicated international team and established processes in place, there's a higher risk of delays and disruptions during transit, customs clearance, or delivery at the destination.

While a moving company without international capabilities may be suitable for domestic moves, it's essential to choose a reputable and experienced international moving company for moves abroad to ensure a smooth and successful relocation experience.

Local Service Exclusives

A Wise Move will move belongings from the greater Phoenix area to anywhere in the country. However, its local service will only provide its expertise in the Phoenix metro. While there are many benefits to working with a local moving company, there can also be some downsides to consider:

  • Limited Coverage Area: Local moving companies like A Wise Move have a smaller coverage area, limiting their ability to provide services for long-distance or cross-country moves. If you're moving a significant distance, you may need to hire a different moving company with broader coverage.
  • Limited Resources: Local moving companies like A Wise Move may have fewer resources compared to larger national or international moving companies. This could result in limitations in terms of the types of services offered, availability of equipment, and capacity to handle large-scale moves.
  • Variable Quality: The quality of service provided by local moving companies can vary widely. While some local movers may offer excellent service, others may have less reliable service or lower standards of professionalism. It's essential to research and vet local moving companies carefully to ensure you choose a reputable and reliable provider.

Smaller local moving companies may be more prone to last-minute cancellations, delays, or other reliability issues. This could disrupt your moving plans and cause inconvenience, especially if you have a tight schedule or timeline for your move.


The Bottom Line

A Wise Move is known for providing a high quality and professional moving service to its clients. Its storage solutions allow those with more complicated moving timetables to securely store precious goods before transportation goes into effect. Those in need of proper packing help can also turn to the professionals at A Wise Move. Finally, the company is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. 

Despite offering a number of reputable services, there are downsides to working with A Wise Move as well. The company does not offer international services and its "local" service only helps those moving within the Greater Phoenix Area. While many local moving companies provide excellent service and personalized attention, it's essential to weigh the potential downsides and carefully evaluate your options before choosing a mover for your relocation needs.

Those in need of local moving services in the Phoenix area or those with complex packing and storage needs should consider A Wise Move for professional moving assistance.

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