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LAST UPDATED: March 12th, 2021

Founded in 1936, GEICO helps clients find the insurance policies they need. The company started insuring motorcycles and riders in 1978. 

You can find competitive coverage and discounts through GEICO. If you are looking at motorcycle policy options, take a minute to go online and get a free quote.

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The Good

  • Competitive Discounts
  • Standard Motorcycle Coverage Available
  • Helmet Coverage
  • Fast Claims Processing

Competitive Discounts

You can find many ways to save when you choose GEICO. The following discounts offered are competitive for the industry:

  • Switching to GEICO
  • Multi-bike
  • Multi-policy
  • Safety course
  • Loyalty

While these discounts are common for the industry, GEICO also offers discounts for experienced motorcyclists and discounts for Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) safety course teachers. These discounts make GEICO advantageous if you qualify for them.

Standard Motorcycle Coverage Available

GEICO's motorcycle insurance policies are also competitive with the coverage they offer:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage
  • Property damage liability coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage

You can also add specialty coverage for bike accessories (e.g. trike conversion kits, saddlebags, and electronics) and roadside assistance.

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Customer Review: BJ Tenney from Woods Cross, Utah

"I had great coverage for my motorized scooter from Geico. The policy was easy to understand and they sent me all my documents quickly."

Helmet Coverage

GEICO also offers coverage specifically for motorcycle helmets. If you've got a nice helmet, this coverage can help protect your investment.

Fast Claims Processing

GEICO also advertises fast claims processing. According to its website, most claims are resolved in 48 hours. This fast service shows GEICO's attention to its policyholders.


The Bad

  • Limited Reviews
  • Personal Information Required for Quote

Limited Reviews

GEICO motorcycle insurance reviews are limited on Although this lack of reviews makes it difficult to get a sense of the customer experience, GEICO has received much more for auto insurance. These auto insurance are largely positive, which is a good sign even if you're buying a different kind of insurance policy.

Personal Information Required for Quote

To get a quote from GEICO's website, you need to provide personal information including your name and address. While providing this information can be frustrating if you want a quick quote, these factors play a role in assessing your insurance premium rate.


The Bottom Line

Although more reviews would offer better insight on the customer experience, GEICO is worth considering further. The company has received high ratings from its auto insurance customers and offers competitive motorcycle insurance coverage and discounts.

GEICO stands out for its helmet coverage and premium discounts for MSF safety class teachers. These features make a GEICO motorcycle insurance policy especially worth considering if you want specific coverage for your helmet or are an MSF teacher.

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Andrew Mayer Pevely, MO

The only real thing I can complain about with Geico is how long their mobile app takes to load, but that is common, and probably to do with security. I have had them over 5 years and have had 2 claims with no price increase. First claim was a motorcycle crash that was paid out in full very quickly, the second was for a claim when someone with no insurance hit me. they covered it(minus deductible) very quickly and got me back on the road!

3 years ago

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Tofu Yang Chippewa Falls, WI

This company is a scam of an operation. I had a motorcycle policy that I was no longer using because of the Covid-19 ordeal and I didn't plan on using it this year anyways. I called in to cancel the policy and was told I owed $17 in order to effectively cancel the policy. I paid the money and had them cancel the policy. Come a few weeks later I am now being billed for $24??? I called and checked with why I am being charged an extra $24 even after paying the first $17 and the policy is effectively canceled? The rep that i talked to put me on hold and talked to her "supervisor" about it. Explained to me that there was a system error and that I actually did not owe anything because the $24 was actually the Geico Giveback Credit or whatever they called it and that I don't need to pay that credit back. I confirmed with her twice and received the same answer that I do NOT need to pay the $24. Come a couple more weeks and now I am being called from a collections company about the $24??? I am pretty angry that this is happening after receiving multiple confirmations that I did not need to pay that amount. I called Geico back and double checked with them as to why I was sent to collections after their rep had confirmed with me that I DO NOT need to pay that amount and it would be taken off the account. After having me on hold to again talk to a "supervisor" the rep came back and told me that I now need to pay that. The whole reason was that because I CANCELLED MY POLICY SO I DO NOT GET TO RECEIVE THE $24 CREDIT GIVEN FOR COVID-19. What is that?!?!?! This company is the ONLY company I have seen do this. Why would the first rep tell me that I do not have to pay and now all of the sudden the rep and supervisor decides that I cancelled the policy so I don't get the credit and I need to pay back the amount for that credit. That is complete bogus. I have policies elsewhere and cancelled them and the other company still said I keep the credit regardless. This company is trash and I now understand why so many people told me to stay away from Geico for unethical business practices.....

3 years ago Edited September 14, 2021

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BJ Tenney Woods Cross, UT

I had great coverage for my motorized scooter from Geico. The policy was easy to understand and they sent me all my documents quickly.

4 years ago

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Sarah Russie Clearfield, UT

Pretty affordable and customer friendly. Always felt covered when I used them. Rates didn't vary too much from renewal to renewal. Good company.

4 years ago