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LAST UPDATED: June 3rd, 2022

Sebonic Financial, a Cardinal Financial company, is an online mortgage lender that has been providing home loans for over 30 years and focuses on reliability and efficiency using both proprietary technology and human expertise. The company strives to make obtaining a home loan simple, quick, and secure for customers.

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The Good

  • Loan Products
  • Customer Service
  • Online Convenience
  • Financial Calculators

Loan Products

Sebonic Financial offers conventional fixed-rate mortgage loans and adjustable-rate mortgage loans (ARMs), in addition to a variety of other loan products:

  • Conventional loan
  • Jumbo loan — amounts up to $3 Million with low interest rates
  • VA loan — 0% down payment, low interest rates, no monthly private mortgage insurance (PMI)
  • FHA loan — as little as 3.5% down payment, minimum credit score of 550
  • USDA loan — 0% down payment, low/moderate income may qualify

It should be noted that Sebonic Financial's Jumbo loan limit is extremely high compared to most other loan brokers. The Jumbo loan standard lending limit in many states across the country is around $750,000. At Sebonic Financial, the Jumbo loan limit can reach up to $3 million. If you are in the market for a multi-million dollar house then Sebonic Financial will be able to help.

Another helpful service provided by Sebonic Financial is the option to refinance a conventional loan into an FHA loan. This is can be especially beneficial for borrowers with low credit scores who would like to save more money on their monthly payment.

Eligibility depends on factors like your credit report, income, and any existing outstanding debt. In addition to new home purchase loans, Sebonic Financial provides refinancing services as well.

Customer Service

Sebonic Financial keeps borrowers in the loop throughout the entire home loan process by providing frequent communication and updates from your assigned loan officer. These loan consultants are meant to balance communication and efficiency, taking care of customer needs while working quickly.

Sebonic is prompt to contact prospective borrowers. When you fill out a form for a free rate quote, a loan specialist will contact you within minutes during business hours.

Online Convenience

Sebonic Financial makes it easy to apply for a home loan online. You can upload and e-sign documents, and receive real-time updates about your loan throughout the entire process.

In addition, you can easily manage your mortgage and make monthly payments through an online account supported by Sebonic's partner, Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc. It is important to note that while you can make online payments, your first payment must be mailed to Cardinal Financial Company, Limited Partnership.

Financial Calculators

It's convenient that the Sebonic website features a mortgage calculator for prospective borrowers to input various financial details and see how a monthly payment changes based on factors like home price, loan term, down payment, interest rate, property taxes, and home insurance.

In addition, the refinance calculator illustrates how much money you can save on your mortgage loan and when you will break even based on the original loan amount and original APR, new loan amount and APR, and applicable closing costs and fees associated with the mortgage.

The amortization calculator shows how much you pay in interest versus the principal amount based on the loan term.


The Bad

  • Unpublished Rates
  • Mail In First Payment

Unpublished Rates

Sebonic Financial mortgage rates, fees, or estimated closing costs aren't published on the company's website. The default mortgage rate on a Sebonic Financial mortgage is approximately 3.75 percent (a calculation based on a Sebonic mortgage calculator result), but rates can fluctuate frequently, and it is unclear if that rate is fixed or variable.

Although rates aren't disclosed upfront, you may be able to get an estimate of what rate you would get by entering your information into the mortgage calculator provided on the Sebonic Financial website.

Mail In First Payment

If you are making your first payment on your Sebonic Financial loan, you must mail it in. This could be inconvenient for some borrowers, especially those who prefer a complete online payment process.

However, existing and/or returning Sebonic Financial customers can make all payments online through their online account.


The Bottom Line

Sebonic Financial provides several loan options and prompt customer care. However, the company has not disclosed details regarding origination fees, closing costs, or interest rates on its website, making it difficult to know upfront how much you could expect to pay on a mortgage loan. However, Sebonic Financial does provide helpful calculators that can show you more personalized information on what you could expect to pay for your mortgage, based on your home price, down payment, etc.

Sebonic Financial reviews are currently limited, making it difficult to assess the company confidently. We recommend looking into a different, highly-rated mortgage lender or contacting a Sebonic Financial mortgage professional to discover if it is the best choice for you.

If you have borrowed from this company, please leave a Sebonic Financial review and tell us about your experience.

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