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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Legacy Group Capital provides a number of real estate investment solutions including providing capital to real estate investors and necessary funds for development acquisition, as well as more traditional lending. Whether a client is an experienced real estate investor, a builder looking to expand, or a potential home owner, Legacy Group Capital likely has a solution for financial backing. 

While Legacy Group Capital was founded in 2006, the experienced team has over 100 years of combined real estate lending experience. As a niche financing group, Legacy Group Capital has helped countless clients achieve real estate goals and make quality acquisitions. While the company offers straightforward mortgage lending, it specializes in identifying quality investment opportunities that result in consistently positive returns. 

The Legacy Group Capital service is well-equipped to handle an often complex and dynamic Seattle real estate market. The company has established itself as a reputable lending and investing source while boasting a proven track record of high yielding real estate transactions on behalf of investors. 

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The Good

  • Loan Products Offered
  • Builder Services
  • Investment Options

Loan Products Offered

Those in need of borrowing services will be pleased to know that Legacy Group Capital offers a number of loan products to its clients. Depending on what the specific financial backing need is, the following are all loan products available through Legacy Group Capital:

  • Construction loans
  • Rehab loans
  • Bridge loans
  • Mortgage loans

Many lenders specialize and will only offer loan products within the homeownership realm, but Legacy Group Capital has the experience, knowledge, and manpower needed to provide a high quality solution for all of the listed loan products. 

Builder Services

In addition to helping prospective homeowners and investment clients, Legacy Group Capital has an entire service dedicated to builders looking to embark on more large scale projects. Whether a client is a builder, developer, subcontractor, or vendor, Legacy Group Capital offers solutions. The Legacy Group Capital team will help strike new deals and help with underwriting and permitting. This is not a service generally offered by more traditional mortgage lenders, but Legacy Group Capital has a full-fledge platform for such services. 

Investment Options

One of the most unique aspects of Legacy Group Capital is its investment solutions within the real estate market. Whether a client is new to the real estate investment market or an experienced investor, Legacy Group Capital offers a number of investing options. Solutions include the following:

Security Fund Opportunity Fund II Opportunity Fund I Northwest Fund
  • Most liquid fund
  • Alternative to cash
  • 3.99%
  • The opportunistic fund
  • Quarterly profit sharing
  • 8–12% target return
  • Highest rate of return
  • Quarterly profit sharing
  • 8% monthly pref
  • Flagship fund
  • Fixed rate
  • 9% flat annual rate

Not many mortgage lenders double as quality investment partners, but Legacy Group Capital has mastered that balance. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Undisclosed Minimum Requirements
  • Unknown Government Loan Types

Limited Service Area

Legacy Group Capital is an unusual agency in that it specializes in a local market, Seattle, but offers services in three total states. That means the lender offers a local service with expanded efforts, but those expanded efforts do not compete with the larger lenders that operate on a bigger scale. Currently, Legacy Group Capital offers services Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

While Legacy Group Capital is licensed to operate in all of these states, it definitely has a focus on the Seattle market. 

Undisclosed Minimum Requirements

Potential borrowers generally have to meet minimum requirements in order to qualify for a specific loan or lender. Minimum down payment percentage and minimum credit scores are baselines for potential homeowners to qualify for a certain lender. These requirements are usually made public as interested borrowers need this information before going through the headache of applying. Unfortunately, Legacy Group Capital has not disclosed these minimum requirements, and potential borrowers will have to take further action in order to obtain this information. 

Unknown Government Loan Types

Many potential homeowners would prefer to utilize government-backed loans especially for first-time buyers. As a result, many mortgage lenders will offer one or all of the following government loan types: 

  • FHA
  • VA
  • USDA

Offering these types of loans to clients expands the reach of a lender and allows more people the opportunity for homeownership. Unfortunately, Legacy Group Capital has not disclosed whether or not these loan types are offered through its platform or not. This makes it difficult for those wanting to use one of these solutions. 


The Bottom Line

Legacy Group Capital offers lending and investment opportunities to a wide range of clients looking to purchase property. Loan products available through Legacy Group Capital include construction, rehab, mortgage, and bridge loans. Additionally, Legacy Group Capital provides builder services that assist developers through residential building projects. Legacy Group Capital partners with those looking to make wise real estate investments displaying the diversity of the Legacy Group Capital financial expertise. 

Despite offering a number of beneficial loan and investment opportunities, there are drawbacks to the Legacy Group Capital platform. For starters, the company is only available in three states but focuses most of its business on the Seattle market. Additionally, there is limited information on requirements that borrowers must meet in order to qualify for the services available through Legacy Group Capital. Minimum down payment and credit score specifications are not made public, and it is not clear what the average time to close is for most loan products. Lastly, there is no mention of government issued loan types available through Legacy Group Capital, if any are available at all. 

Those interested in investing or exploring residential loan opportunities with Legacy Group Capital may benefit from what the company has to offer. That being said, there are a number of unknowns surrounding the specifics of Legacy Group Capital that may be a reason to look into other lenders. 

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