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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

FortisFi is a comprehensive financing and investing platform, satisfying both consumer and commercial needs. FortisFi works as the network between clients and the many financing options available on the market. Since its founding, FortisFi has worked to create its own proprietary network consisting of both lenders and investors in order to provide clients with a host of financing solutions to satisfy a wide range of financing needs.

On the investing side of the FortisFi operation, the company has relationships with both accredited and non-accredited investors through the loan syndication process. While this is not necessarily a traditional means of investing, both consumers and commercial clients alike have benefited from this option. 

FortisFi is relatively new to the financing industry, but has quickly found a niche in assisting clients with both financing and investing goals. Clients can have access to a number of financing solutions within 24 hours with the FortisFi resources. 

The FortisFi team includes both financial and legal professionals all with varying experiences and backgrounds within the financial world. This diversity allows for a more flexible and far-reaching service, enabling clients to ultimately reach financial goals. 

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The Good

  • Online Qualification Tool
  • Offers Banking and Accounting Services
  • Alternative Investing Solutions

Online Qualification Tool

One of the best tools available through FortisFi is its online qualification resource. Clients can quickly receive inside information on secure solutions for a wide variety of financial needs. This tool is specifically geared towards helping individuals looking to access a capital loan for a business. After providing the base information through the online qualification tool, clients will begin the following simple process:

  • Apply online — Clients looking for specific loan types can quickly provide necessary information online to get the loan process started. 
  • Qualify with FortisFi specialist — After the application has been submitted, a FortisFi specialist will work with the client to ensure that they qualify for a loan.
  • Funds in the account — Once the loan has been approved, the funds will be deposited directly into your account.

Some loan providers will drag out this qualification process, wasting precious time in obtaining a loan. FortisFi cuts through this down time with its online resources. 

Offers Banking and Accounting Services

In addition to providing basic home purchase, refinance, and home equity loans, FortisFi also offers additional personal financial products. Most mortgage lenders do not provide additional services in these areas, but FortisFi does. Through the platform, personal clients will be able to access the following services:

  • Banking Products — Whether a client wants to open a high yield checking or savings account, FortisFi can connect individual clients with a number of top performing banking partners. This allows for higher interest rates on average in comparison to the traditional bank account interest rates. This is particularly beneficial for those with checkered credit histories. 
  • Accounting Services — FortisFi offers clients access to certified public accountants. These professionals are well-equipped to help people with their current financial state and provide insight into upcoming tax requirements. 

Alternative Investing Solutions

The most unique offering FortisFi offers clients is its alternative investing platform. Most lending and loan services do not dabble in this form of investing, but FortisFi has found a way to make it work. According to FortisFi, “alternative investing gives you access to syndication opportunities normally only accessed by big banks or business executives.”

Clients will be able to view firsthand syndication opportunity proposals sent directly to their email inbox. Clients will then look over the particular syndication opportunity and make a determination. From there, clients through the FortisFi platform can fund the portion of the syndication that interests them. Finally, clients will receive their monthly distributions as a result. 


The Bad

  • Third-Party Players in Mortgage Loans
  • Designed for Commercial Clients
  • Minimal Home Loan Information

Third-Party Players in Mortgage Loans

FortisFi does not directly provide home purchase, refinance, or home equity loans. The company is not a mortgage bank or broker, but has relationships and partnerships that can help clients in need of this particular service.

Through FortisFi, clients can be connected to a licensed loan officer. From there this loan officer will assist you finding real estate agents and other services to help with the entirety of the home buying process. This makes FortisFi the middleman in this entire process. A client needs a mortgage loan and goes to FortisFi just to be directly to a third-party loan officer to handle approval from there. This is not how most mortgage lenders operate. 

Designed for Commercial Clients

The majority of the FortisFi platform is focused on servicing commercial clients instead of those looking for personal loans like a home refinance or mortgage loan. In total, FortisFi offers three personal financing solutions compared to the 11 financing solutions offered to commercial clients. Commercial services include:

  • Term loans
  • SBA loans
  • Revolving lines of credit
  • Working capital advance
  • Real estate financing
  • Invoice financing
  • Payroll/benefits solutions
  • Insurance products
  • Payment processing
  • Business credit cards
  • Equipment financing

In the mortgage lending industry, the focus is on the personal client looking to buy a home not on commercial financial services. 

Minimal Home Loan Information

While there are not many online reviews from clients regarding the mortgage loan service offered through FortisFi, the company itself has failed to disclose any pertinent information regarding its home loan service. Basically, if a client comes to FortisFi interested in purchasing a home and needs a mortgage loan, FortisFi will push them in the right direction but will remain relatively hands-off from that point forward. Most mortgage lenders are the actual providers of the service whereas FortisFi is not. 


The Bottom Line

FortisFi offers comprehensive financing and investing solutions to varying types of clients. Those interested in quickly having access to a number of loan types will find the online qualification tool offered by FortisFi to be both informational and useful. Outside of offering networking services within the mortgage loan space, FortisFi also offers personal consumer banking and accounting services. Clients also interested in investing solutions may benefit from the alternative methods FortisFi offers. 

There are drawbacks prospective clients should consider when it comes to the FortisFi platform, particularly for those wanting to purchase a home. FortisFi does not directly offer mortgage loans to clients. Instead, the company connects interested parties with those that can help in this area. The entire FortisFi platform is geared towards helping commercial clients. While it offers personal solutions, there are more opportunities for commercial consumers. Lastly, there is virtually no information provided by FortisFi regarding the actual mortgage and home refinance service.

For those interested in purchasing a home utilizing mortgage loans should look elsewhere for assistance as FortisFi is not well-versed in this space nor does it directly provide the service these types of consumers need.

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