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LAST UPDATED: May 6th, 2022
North American Bancard was founded in 1992 by Marc Gardner, is currently headquartered in Troy, Michigan and is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank in California. North American Bancard employs upwards of 900 people and they have over 3,000 sales partners throughout the U.S. They process more than $34 billion electronic transactions each year for more than 250,000 merchants around the country. North American Bancard offers merchant services for credit cards, debit cards, EBT, check conversions with a guarantee, gift cards, loyalty cards and more, including online payment solutions. Since its inception, North American Bancard has grown to be one of the largest merchant services providers in the U.S. Their processing services are supplied by First Data and Global Payments via their own in-house customer support.

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The Good

  • Quick Approval
  • Month to Month Service
  • Contracts

Quick Approval

North American Bancard's website has limited information available. However, here is what we have been able to conclude so far. North American Bancard has a starting rate of 0.25%+$0.19 per swipe. Please note that this is a starting rate; therefore, their rates do vary and you would probably have to be a pretty large volume business to get that rate. North American Bancard states you can apply in six minutes and be approved within six hours and that your equipment will arrive pre-programmed to your specific business. They also claim they don't charge any cancellation fees and that you won't have any startup costs.

Month to Month Service

North American Bancard also claims to use month to month service agreements and that you can select from the industry's largest selection of free equipment (terminals and mobile app readers). North American Bancard's offerings are pretty much the industry standard, as far as products and services go. However, they do offer terminal leases and sales (yes, their website does state they offer "free" equipment, but it seems nothing is really free), mobile card readers and their app, which is called Phone Swipe, cash advances up to $500K, ATM services, fleet card acceptance, gift cards, and loyalty programs.


Even though the North American Bancard's website states there is no contract, according to merchants, their standard contract is a three-year agreement that auto-renews in one-year intervals after that, if you don't provide them with a 90-day written notice of cancellation. Some merchants have noted, however, that they will release you from the contract within 45 days of signing if you return all their equipment. But that remains to be seen. Should you decide to give North American Bancard a try, it will be of the utmost importance that you get all contract waivers in writing.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Terms and Fees
  • Sales Agents

Undisclosed Terms And Fees

North American Bancard uses many independent sales reps who oftentimes don't convey the correct information as far as the terms of service go. Therefore, there are numerous complaints about undisclosed terms and fees, such as: the three-year contract, liquidated damages early termination fees that are automatically debited from the merchant's account upon cancellation with the minimum being $295 up to thousands of dollars, PCI compliance fee starting at $79, cancellation fees for lease equipment, the automatic sign-up with MyBizPerks, which is actually only free for 60 days and a variety of other unexpected fees. Many unethical sales agents count on the fact that many merchants won't thoroughly read their contract before signing it; therefore, it's the merchant who is at fault when they learn they've seemingly been duped into paying what they consider "hidden fees." All of this can be avoided if everyone would thoroughly read their contract before signing. This is a good lesson for all. Don't let this be you.

Sales Agents

Oftentimes, how the contract and its terms of service are presented to you are just a matter of who your sales agent is; therefore, if your particular sales agent is telling you something, or seemingly not telling you everything you need to know, you should consider contacting another sales agent to see if what you are being told is the same or similar. Not all independent sales agents use unethical or deceptive tactics to get you to sign the contract; therefore, the burden of proof is up to you. And this may require your digging a little deeper to make sure what you are being told is factual, and that you completely understand all the terms of service exactly as they are stated in your particular contract.


The Bottom Line

North American Bancard does attempt to resolve many of the issues found on the public forums, which is good to see.  However, merchants shouldn't have to launch a public complaint before getting North American Bancard's attention. It's extremely disturbing to see the number of recent complaints from merchants on many of the public forums regarding deceptive marketing tactics and the huge number of recent complaints about undisclosed fees and undisclosed terms of service.  But this goes back to making sure you thoroughly read the terms of the contract before you sign it. After performing your own due diligence and receiving a customized rate quote from North American Bancard, you might decide they are the best merchant services provider for you. However, if you do, we again want to remind you to read the contract thoroughly and make sure you get a signed waiver for any contract variances you have agreed upon. By doing this, you should be able to avoid any surprises. Unfortunately, with the number of serious recent complaints, the unresponsiveness of customer support and the seemingly overwhelming amount of unethical sales tactics going around, we can't consciously give North American Bancard a very high rating.  Even though most of these complaints are due to the actions of their independent resellers. If North American Bancard can't get a better handle on who they allow to represent them, then we feel they don't care enough about who they allow to handle your money. This is a serious enough matter to warrant a heads up to anyone who may be considering North American Bancard for their merchant services provider.

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Sam Humble, TX

March of 2012. I decided to close my account for personal reasons on January 31, 2022. A representative by the name of Mayra was the one who closed the account via telephone. I asked her if I needed to return the equipment back, she said no. Fast forward to May 3, 2022 (3 months later) I check my business account and notice a charge for the amount of $895. I call NAB and spoke to 3 different reps (Jack, Angel, Cece) at different times. Finally, getting an answer that apparently you were suppose to return the equipment back no later than 10 days after the account was closed. Had Mayra told me to do that in the first place I would have gladly done so in the first place. In speaking to Cece, she claims that she spoked to me early Feb about the equipment needing to be returned. However, I do not recall ever speaking to her and about returning any type of equipment. As we all know every conversation is recorded. So I asked her if we could pull up the recordings to our conversation on the phone that day in order to review and see if this was indeed correct. She stated she could not and that it was only for in house use. She and all the rest of the reps told me to get a hold of an agent Sandor K (agent @Total Merchant Services) via phone. I probably called him about 30 times. He never picks up or returns my calls. I have attempted to give back the equipment but apparently they're more concerned about the $895.

2 weeks ago

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Instant Games Newburgh, NY

If I could give negative stars that would be too much. The ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY we have ever done business with. STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY!!!! Long story short, everything the sales girl told us she later denied. They held our funds for 120 days. 145 days later I still had to fight to get them. Just a horrible unprofessional company

4 months ago

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LE Chapel Hill, NC

Whatever you do, do not work with North American Bancard. If you are a business and are setting up credit card processing, ask your processor if North American Bancard provides equipment. If they are the provider, run away as fast as you can. We closed a business a year ago. We returned the equipment within the timeline required. We kept the tracking number for six months but, having heard nothing from them, we cleaned out our files (big mistake). A year after the business was closed, we received a call from a collection agency stating that North American Bancard had never received our equipment. So, rather than sending an invoice or notice 60 or 90 days after reportedly not receiving the equipment, they waited a year and sent a complaint to a collection agency without ever contacting us. The agent told me this is the way they always do business - no contact with client and then direct report to collection agency (!). I was also told that the warehouse sometimes does not enter information that equipment has been received so you get reported to a collection agent. you get the picture. Run away.

2 years ago

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Bruce Robins Fort Lauderdale, FL

DO NOT USE! I want to make consumers aware of the shady and I feel fraudulent practices of this company. Yes they can draw you in with cheap rates but that doesn't last. We cancelled our service over the phone. Comes to find out years later that they did not cancel our service, citing that we never filled out a form that they sent. They continued to bill our inactive account various charges over contact with us, no statements sent etc. We finally caught it and they refuse to adequately compensate us for the money that we feel was essentially stolen. If i could give zero stars i would. We will continue to fight for our rights as consumers.

2 years ago

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Henry Cadena Fort Lauderdale, FL

My company had the sour experience of dealing with North American credit card processing services and one of it's agents: Sekure. Despite having offered them ALL preliminary information about our company's background, their poor experience to offer international card processing transactions resulted in unnecessary delays, excessive inquiries on int'l transactions and inadequate and/or inefficient procedures to properly validate a merchant's impeccable record. The above conditions resulted in their unexpected decision to close our account only after 6 months of opening it--without justification, charge-back, customer complaint, or cause whatsoever. Worst customer service experience my business have had In our 25 years history.

3 years ago

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Ken Altamonte Springs, FL

Do not do business with North American Bancard. You have been warned! They have the absolute worst customer service. My account representative, Kaleel J, is very difficult to get ahold of. Twice he told me, sorry I've been out of the office for the last week. Their credit card swiper, phone swipe, stopped working on my device after I did an update. They told me I would need to get a new device. My sales rep, Charlene, promised I would get a 2.49% rate on all credit cards processed, weather keyed in or swiped.. She never said anything about the additional charges some of the rewards cards would incur. They won't tell you about the additional charges you'll receive for trying to look up your statements online. Last month, my total processing fees were over 7%. Without all the additional fees, it would have been over 4% in merchant fees. This was much higher than what I was paying before. I immediately asked them to cancel my account. I was then asked to sign a letter saying that I wanted to close my account and agree to pay the $775 cancellation fee. I wasn't happy! It's either give them $775, or allow them to continue ripping me off for 3 more years. If you switch to using North American Bancard, you will lose. I can only hope that this review can help save someone from making the horrible decision I made. Stay away!

4 years ago

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Abe Romo Wilson, WI

SCAM !!! Requested to cancel service multiple times. Would not cancel because I did't sign a paper they did't send. Charged me for years of un-used services. I have called to cancel this service multiple times in for a business I no longer have. They would not cancel because I did't sign a cancellation paper. They did not send me this paper. Finally today (years later) I realized that my old business account was over drawn and they were still charging me. When I called today they said they would cancel the account without me signing anything, and refund 3 months of payments. But they would not refund 3 years of payments taken from my account after I had called multiple times to cancel. They can see from their records that I have not used their service in over 3 years and they can also see that I have called multiple times in the past to cancel. Very frustrating.

5 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Dustin Bower

I recently realized that a strange charge was appearing on a monthly basis on my Wells Fargo bank account statement. The charges, occurring on 12/2/15, 03/02/16, 05/03/16, and just recently again on 06/02/15, all were for $3.99 and were coded from Global Payments. I called global payments, who referred me to a company called North American Bancard. I called North American Bancard at 1-800-226-2273, and was rudely told by a customer service representative that I had opened an account with them FOUR YEARS ago in 2012. I asked why, after 4 years, they had suddenly began charging me a monthly fee, especially since I had no record of ever signing up for an account with their company. The customer service representative wouldn't answer that question. He told me he closed my account and that my 4 recent monthly fees, now totaling $15.96, would NEVER be refunded. These mysterious small amounts that appear on people's bank account statements, for services they never signed up for, are fraudulent and a scam. I'm not sure if North American Bancard is a total scam, or just has horrific customer service, but either way, I want my money back and I'd like an apology for the incredibly rude customer service representative who offended me.

5 years ago

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Elad Nanuet, NY

My "account manager" Shlomi L. scam me in $750.00 He promise me upon signing up - no cancellation fee! And obviously I've been charged 750$ from my account after closing my last account. Be aware , don't believe they words. Bunch of liars . See you in court! That's what I get after 3 years of business with North American Bancard shame on you !!!

4 years ago

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david nelson Newbury Park, CA

They Dropped Us During Pandemic And Said We Are Not Processing Enough LMAO They Stole From There Customers From 2015-2019 Because Theres A Class Action Lawsuit And They Paid 15 million to say they Are A Bunch Of thieves

2 years ago

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ray khouri Macomb, IL

the thieves are here. They get your business and you deal with them, you think they charge you way less, but after few month OMG, the thieves start. Biggest mistake you make if you deal with NAB.

5 years ago