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LAST UPDATED: February 11th, 2020

Central Payment was founded in 2005 by twin brothers Zachary and Matthew Hyman, they are currently headquartered in San Rafael, California and are part of a joint venture with TSYS Merchant Solutions. They are a nationally recognized provider of transaction processing services and social marketing software and they are a registered ISO of Wells Fargo in California and First National Bank of Omaha in Nebraska. They offer 24/7 customer support and technology-based solutions. The goal of Central Payment is to help businesses maximize growth and profit opportunities through the use of innovative terminal and software technology for the ever-growing wireless and internet solutions customers are demanding. By providing their services in a cost-effective manner and a seamless approach to payment and transaction processing, they can supply an easy transition for any business, with as little disruption as possible to their day-to-day operations. Central Payments does not publicly disclose their rates, which means you have to contact them for a customized rate quote. They offer a three-year contract with an automatic renewal clause, so you have to be careful. The contract does include a cancellation clause that states you can cancel within 72 hours without penalty. However, 72 hours isn't a very long time to assess whether or not you are going to be happy with their services. They also have several fees you will need to be aware of, but we will discuss that in a minute.

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The Good

  • Processing services
  • ShopKeepPOS
  • PayHub online gateway
  • SpotOn

Central Payment provides services to the retail, mobile, eCommerce, and mail order/telephone order industries. They have an average amount of features; however, the features they do offer are the ones that are the most essential when it comes to effective day-to-day business operations.

Processing Services

Central Payment allows you to accept debit cards and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover and more.  And they state their processing services cost less than the competition. Central Payment also makes wireless transactions simple with their Verifone Vx680. Their wireless terminals are transaction-ready, as well as fast and flexible. So you can take them wherever you go. You can easily use them with your Apple or Android device, through their CPAY mobile app. Just swipe, capture a signature and you're done. Simplicity and convenience are extremely important when it comes to getting your customers from swipe to done and on their way quickly.


Central Payment's ShopKeepPOS offers simple POS systems that are user-friendly, easy to setup and compatible with all your business operations. You can scan barcodes, accept cash or credit and print or email receipts all with their cloud-based security.  This system makes it easier to train employees and comes with an extensive suite of simple to understand reports.  There's nothing worse than trying to train your employees on a new complex system as this can create a domino effect of mistakes for months on end. Therefore, this is a huge plus in our book.

PayHub Online Gateway

Central Payment's PayHub gateway is essential for anyone with an online presence. This system will allow you to accept electronic payments online and will help extend your reach to a worldwide audience. You can process credit cards, track revenue and use their unique hosted eCommerce solution to turn your existing website into an eCommerce site with little effort from you. This is an exceptional feature for any business owner who doesn't want to spend hours of frustration trying to set up a new system or pay a developer thousands of dollars.


The SpotOn feature is unique to Central Payment. It turns you into an instant social media expert. Easily connect your business with customers on social media websites, mobile messaging, and set up a loyalty program while Central Payment handles all the technical aspects. All you have to do is log on and begin engaging with your customers. This feature also offers real-time analytics that will show you what's working and what's not, all from the SpotOn dashboard.


The Bad

  • Issues with independent sales agents
  • Additional fees

Issues with Independent Sales Agents

Central Payments does not appear to use any deceptive marketing tactics; however, many of their complaints stem from their use of independent sales agents who are providing incorrect quotes and not disclosing important terms and fees of the contract. As mentioned above, Central Payments does use independent resellers, which can cause an increase in complaints due to unethical business practices by those resellers, and it appears that is the case here. The most common complaint is due to hidden fees. However, if you thoroughly read the contract and consider any and all terms and fees before you make your final decision, there shouldn't be any surprises. Additionally, Central Payment appears to make every effort to reach out to people who have complained on public forums with an offer to help resolve their issues. And that's a win for them because it shows they care and are trying to keep everyone happy.

Additional Fees

Central Payment has a long list of fees you need to be aware of, such as a sliding scale of early termination fees that depend on where you are in the contract to calculate those fees. The fees begin at $550, if you cancel within the first year, then it goes down to $375 and then down to $300 after that. They also charge a setup fee, an annual PCI compliance fee, a monthly minimum fee and a statement fee, all in addition to their tiered pricing. Oftentimes these fees can be negotiated, so it doesn't hurt to try. However, if you get any of those fees waived, you need to make sure you receive a signed contract waiver as proof of those agreements.

Unknown service costs

Central Payment essentially offers no information on their website pertaining to the price of services. This puts them in a negative light in comparison to other companies that are much more upfront with information. This also makes us at BestCompany nearly unable to rate them.


The Bottom Line

Central Payments has a popular suite of products and services that could have a significant impact on any businesses bottom line, such as their SpotOn program. Unfortunately, they don't disclose their fees publicly and they have numerous complaints about the non-disclosure of many fees and other terms of the contract, which is not good and hurts their otherwise pristine reputation.  However, we don't have a problem recommending them as an average payment processor, if you are willing to take the time to thoroughly read the contract to prevent the possibility of being hit with any "hidden fees."  If Central Payment is able to get a better handle on their independent sales agents, the unethical sales tactics being used by those agents and if they lower, or even better, do away with some of their hefty fees, we might be able to give them a higher rating the next time we review their company.

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Antonia Rivera Riverhead, NY

Central Payment Services (CPAY) is the fastest growing credit card processing company to date. They are the only company I know of that offers free equipment wit "NO LONG TERM CONTRACT NECESSARY!!!" I repeat... "THERE IS NO CONTRACT WITH CENTRAL PAY!!!" They have their customers on a month to month contract that allows the customers to cancel at anytime with no cancellation fees. The customer service is one of the things that separates this company from the worst of companies because they go above and beyond to keep their customers happy at any cost. By far, one of the best companies I have ever ran across. I am receiving the best rates and I also get bonuses when I refer others to them. In conclusion, This company has made my day to day non-cash transactions very easy and headache free. I will keep you updated!

4 years ago

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D Mignin Whitmore Lake, MI

Central payment has been an awesome company for my business. The fees were disclosed upfront. I’m able to contact my agent whenever I need to. The customer service is outstanding in this company, they have a no contract option and they are very detailed in explaining each component of the processing world.

4 years ago

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Callooh Media Company

I've been with Central Payment now for 2 years and wouldn't look back, previous processors had been dishonest, CPay has been true to the proposal I was given and so helpful along the way!

4 years ago

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Unhappy Company Controller Columbus, OH

I would give it a zero, but that's not an option. First, they said their rates were lower than what I'm being charged. We've been with them about 8 months now. Then, I started getting short paid on the CC amts processed. A week after that starts happening, I get a certified letter saying that they have determined that we need a $90,000 reserve and they are going to start holding 30% of our funds until that reserve amt is satisfied! REALLY??? We have never had an issue, or even chargebacks from customers that were charged wrong (I think 3 in 8 months, and we do about $150k/month easily). I called the person on the letter twice now, and they won't even return my call. Can't wait to switch, looking into it now. What a joke, they mandated our private financials as well to even set up the business. No other CC processor we have used has ever had a reserve, and shouldn't we have been told up front? This is a Crappy way to do business.

3 years ago

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Chrystie Marden Colorado Springs, CO

Central Payment is the worst processing company. Do your research before letting a salesman tell you that this is the best rate and service you will get. There are better companies out there, that do not have salesman that provide shady service. Our salesman talked us into getting a cool terminal under contract, and promised us, PROMISED US, that he would have the lease terminated in 6 months. Our terminal came, and we could not use it in our building, and our salesman got on the phone and worked with the company, and said he would figure something out and be back with us. Then, we got our first payment taken out for the lease, and it was over from there... He never called us back, and when we went to Central Payment directly, he then called back and said he was working on it, and it would take a bit of time, and not to go to them because it would mess up what he was working on. Finally, we called the leasing company, and.... because we had already been charged our first payment, we could not get out of the lease. And.... if we had said it wouldnt work the day we set it up, and that we needed to cancel, they could have cancelled the agreement. Wonder what kind of commission our salesman got for the $4k brick that sits in the closet. I wish I could follow the salesman to each of his prospective clients and let them know what kind of shady service he provides. We moved to Basys, and couldnt be happier.

5 years ago

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Matt Knoxville, TN

Lots and lots of fees. Different fees for different card types. Fees charged at random times during the month. Salesman was not forthcoming regarding all of the numerous fees and random charges. If you are looking for hassle-free, worry-free credit card processing with straight forward terms, do not use Central Payment - there is a fee for everything.

4 years ago

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Andrea Daniel Carrollton, TX

Service was fine until I cancelled. I've been charged incorrectly for months and now I've been charged for the card reader that I returned and now it seems impossible to get anyone on the phone or an email response. Don't risk this company.

2 years ago

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BT JEWELERS Falls Church, VA

TERRIBLE COMPANY. STAY AWAY. Followed all procedures and had an authorized payment but still won’t release the funds to me. They tell me they will hold money for 6 months! Still charging me processing fee while holding me money too. Ridiculous.

4 years ago

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mark p Enfield, CT

Awful customer service and equipment that rarely works. Switched over to them for cost savings but its not worth the hassle. Out of 10 machines currently have one that works 75% of the time. Would not recommend this company to anyone, even my worst enemy. Sales rep will not help at all after the sale.

6 years ago

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Franco Rubera Oneonta, NY

Cancelled central payment for making to many errors. Now 3 months later still taking money out of my account and when you call can't understand stand what they say.. very bad

3 years ago