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LAST UPDATED: February 18th, 2022

myLAB Box is the longest-running nationwide at-home screening service for sexual health. 

Founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, California, myLAB Box pioneered the first platform to offer testing and treatment remotely in all 50 states. Today, the company offers more than 30 unique testing options, including nutrition, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, fertility, STDs, and more.

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The Good

  • Order Online, Test At-Home
  • Complimentary Phone Consultation
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Thorough and Informational Blog

Order Online, Test At-Home

myLAB Box makes it easy for anyone to check their health. Whether you’re ordering an influenza test kit, digestive health home test, or the 8 panel home STD test, myLAB Box has you covered. 

Patients don’t have to worry about calling a doctor, going to a lab, or booking an appointment. myLAB Box can be ordered online and is delivered in a discreet package (packaging does not show the product name or business name). 

Once they have received the test kit, patients can easily collect and mail their sample back to myLAB Box. 

Patients generally receive their results in 5–11 days. This includes the 1–3 days for the patient to receive the kit and 2–8 days for processing. The results will be posted and patients can view their results via myLAB Box’s online secure portal. 

Complimentary Phone Consultation

According to the website, “All patients who test positive using the myLAB Box service are entitled to a complimentary phone consultation with a myLAB Box physician affiliate to be evaluated for the treatment of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trich. Depending on your symptoms at the time of consultation, the physician may be able to send a prescription to the pharmacy of your choosing immediately.” 

However, myLAB Box also states that the availability of consultation and treatment services varies by state of residence and symptoms. 

Affordable Pricing

When being compared to other at-home testing companies, myLAB Box’s testing kits are reasonably priced. 

With a lot of these companies, patients will use their insurance to cover some of the testing kit costs. Patients who use their insurance will find themselves paying similar prices to what myLAB Box offers. 

However, if a patient doesn’t have insurance or chooses not to use it, the prices rapidly increase.

Thorough and Informational Blog

For anyone wanting to learn more about common signs and symptoms of STDs, fertility issues, general health issues, etc. myLAB Box has a blog that is filled with educational and helpful content. There are a variety of topics written by medical consultants, and the information is easy to comprehend. Whether you plan on ordering a kit from myLAB Box or not, we suggest you take a look at the blog to learn more about your body and how to keep it healthy.

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The Bad

  • Does Not Accept Insurance
  • Testing Kits Expire

Does Not Accept Insurance

If you plan on purchasing a kit from myLAB Box, keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for it yourself. myLAB Box does not accept insurance.

The company explains that the reason it doesn’t accept insurance is to help keep its tests affordable. Health insurance providers and their affiliates can use screening results to raise your insurance premium. Your results can also be shared with the Medical Information Bureau as health risk codes, which are made available to other insurance providers — your test will also become part of your medical record. It may increase your insurance premiums in the future. 

Testing Kits Expire

Depending on which testing kit your order, it may expire within 6 to 12 months.


The Bottom Line

myLAB Box is an online STD testing service that allows patients to discreetly check their health from the comfort of their own home. While the company is mainly known for its STD testing kits, patients can also use myLAB Box’s services to order fertility tests or general health tests. 

myLAB Box’s company blog is a fantastic resource if you’re looking for information on the company’s services or even if you’re just looking for some general health advice. Consumers should keep in mind that if they choose to purchase a testing kit, they’ll have to pay out-of-pocket as the company does not accept insurance. However, all of myLAB Box’s kits are incredibly affordable (even without insurance).

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Shenotwittheshhhh Willingboro, NJ

This company is not helpful and asking about the value range the company they use "doesn't put it on your papers" so whatever they see fit they tell you

2 years ago