Men's Hair Loss: Non-Surgical Solutions

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If you have experienced some type of hair loss, it is safe to say that it was not a very positive experience for you. Men’s hair loss is not just the loss of hair, but for many it is the loss of confidence. In this article, we will explain men’s hair loss and discuss the non-surgical ways that it can be treated. For more information about the companies that are discussed in this article, see here

Men’s hair loss

Hair loss can present itself in a variety of ways. Some common ways include rapid shedding, shedding in atypical patterns, hair breakage, etc. Side effects that may accompany this type of irregular hair loss include itching, skin irritation, redness, scaling, pain, etc. If you have experienced any of these things, it would be good to meet with a medical professional. 

There are two main types of hair loss experienced by men. Alopecia is used to describe male baldness and androgenetic alopecia is used to describe male hair loss. As men look for treatments for their hair loss, it is important to know what types of solutions are available as well as which ones have been FDA approved and have been proven through studies. 

Hair loss medications

Only two hair loss medications have been approved by the FDA for regular use. They are Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia). Though other medications or surgical solutions are available, we will only focus on the medications that have been FDA approved in this article. 

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine) — This over-the-counter (nonprescription) medication has been approved for use by men and women. Typically, it will come in a liquid form (sometimes converted to foam) and is best used by rubbing directly into your scalp each day. When you first start using this solution, it is not uncommon to lose a little bit of hair as your body adjusts to the treatment. This medication is best used over long periods of time and for many it is only effective as it is used continually. It is important to note that some users have experienced side effects including scalp irritation, unwanted hair growth on other parts of the body, and rapid heart rates.
  • Finasteride (Propecia) — Finasteride is a prescription drug that has been approved for treating men’s hair loss. It is taken in the form of a pill each day. This drug has been known to slow hair loss and help jumpstart the growth of new hair. In order to retain the benefits of this drug, you will need to continue taking it. Some side effects that have been identified include diminished sex drive and sexual function as well as increased risk of prostate cancer. 

Hair loss industry leaders

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A number of companies have released men’s hair loss products during recent years. For a list of some that we have highlighted, see here. Companies on this list offer services ranging from hair loss, surgical hair restoration, sexual health, daily health, etc. Make sure that you research all of the details of each company to ensure that you find the right services for you. 

Highlight: Keeps

Information provided by the Keeps team

As you look for the best solution to help with your hair loss or hair thinning, finding a company that focuses wholly on the health of your hair can be greatly advantageous. Many companies in this industry have started producing and selling a number of other products to treat other health concerns as well. Keeps has been able to maintain a unique image due to its complete focus on hair care, retention, and regrowth. 

Keeps is a full-service healthcare company that brings FDA-approved solutions to consumers through virtual doctor appointments and diagnosis. It recognizes that about 66 percent of men struggle from hair thinning and/or male pattern baldness by the age of 35. It strives to help many of them stop losing their hair and maintain the hair they currently have sooner rather than later. 

Keeps uses a smart supply chain with direct, digital-first relationships to best provide customers with affordable treatments. Though many of its competitors offer other health solutions (e.g. skin care, acne, and sexual health products), Keeps has no intention of becoming a “lifestyle brand” now or in the future.

Company overviews and reviews

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Have you ever wondered what hair loss provider offers you the best solutions for you? Here are some other companies that we have highlighted on with some recent customer reviews. There is an option for everyone. 


Roman has been a name in the men’s hair industry since the later part of 2017. It is known for being a telemedicine practice and pharmacy that is able to provide men with medications for a number of personal health concerns including hair loss, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, cold sores, and herpes. 

This hair loss provider offers men access to Finasteride and Minoxidil. Though the company recognizes that these medications do not work perfectly for every individual, many customers have seen significant regrowth over time. 

Pricing for Roman hair loss products

  • Finasteride — starts at $20.00 per month 
  • Minoxidil — starts at $16.00 per month

Note: Shipping and billing takes place quarterly.

Roman reviews

Image of a review for Roman Hair products

Erin Miller is a writer and developer for He began using Roman when he noticed that his hair was thinning and took advantage of the free online consultation. He started his treatment with the Minoxidil (Rogaine) solution and found that within a month he was seeing new hair growth. 

Image for a review of Roman hair products


After its founding in 2017 by Andrew Dudum and Jack Abraham, Hims has quickly become one of the leading men’s health and wellness providers in the industry. It offers solutions for hair loss, skin care and acne, male enhancement, and sexual health. During the final months of 2019, it announced partnerships with Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez as well as the Louisiana-based Ochsner Health System, all with hopes to make Hims products more easily accessible to consumers. 

Hims offers a number of products to help men struggling with male pattern baldness or general hair thinning, including the following: Finasteride, Minoxidil, Shampoo+, Conditioner, and Biotin gummies. Each of these products is made with ingredients that either help strengthen existing hair, facilitate growth of new hair, block DHT on your scalp, and/or slow the loss of your current hair. 

Pricing for Hims hair loss products

  • Finasteride — $28.50 per month supply
  • Minoxidil — $15.00 per month supply
  • Biotin gummies — $16.00 per 60 units
  • Shampoo+ — $19.00 per bottle (6.4 fluid ounces)
  • Conditioner — $22.00 per bottle (6.4 fluid ounces)

Hims reviews

Image for a review of Hims hair care products

Erin Miller has used both the Shampoo+ and the Conditioner offered by Hims to help with his hair loss. He uses these products in conjunction with Minoxidil and feels that his hair has become thicker and healthier than it used to be. Though he doesn’t believe that these products will completely reverse your hair loss, he has seen them work effectively over time. 

Image of a review of Hims hair restoration products

Taylor Kelly signed up for monthly delivery of the Finasteride tablets, the Biotin gummies, and the Shampoo+ back in the early stages of 2019. After a couple months of use, he started noticing regrowth. This was particularly noticeable in areas in the front that after dramatic thinning were now fostering new hair growth. He feels that one of the most important ingredients to Hims products is the DHT blockers found in the Hims Shampoo+. 


Rogaine first offered hair loss products to customers in 1988. It has become known for its use of topical Minoxidil (which is now called Rogaine). After thorough testing proved the Minoxidil could help regrow hair over an extended period of time, Rogaine became one of the most trusted hair loss prevention brands in the hair industry. 

Rogaine sells Minoxidil in two different forms. The Minoxidil solution is a liquid that is applied with a dropper directly onto the scalp. After application, it should be massaged into the scalp for best results. The Minoxidil foam regrowth treatment is also a topical solution that should begin working upon contact. Both treatments should be used twice daily. 

Pricing for Rogaine hair loss products

  • Minoxidil solution — $27.49 per month
  • Minoxidil foam regrowth treatment — $27.49 per month

Rogaine reviews

Image of review of Rogaine hair products

Jeremy Lindy, Marketing Manager for Tani USA, has used Rogaine foam since 2016. During his time using this product, he has found it to function successfully when used consistently. He stopped using it for a time and found that the results were not completely retained. Lindy suggests that Rogaine works well to help avoid future hair loss and regrow healthy new hair as long as used regularly.  

Image of review of Rogaine hair solutions

Stella Samuel is a team manager with and has used the women’s version of Rogaine since 2017. Though she did not see results after two months (as was suggested by the provider), she did start seeing results after just over three months. Samuel doesn’t feel that Rogaine is some miraculous solution, but she has found it effective. She did not experience any side effects and would recommend it to any woman who is starting to experience hair thinning. 

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