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LAST UPDATED: March 27th, 2020

In 1988, ROGAINE debuted as a prescription-only solution to hereditary hair loss. In 1996, ROGAINE became more accessible as it was sold at numerous drugstores. Scientists first discovered the amazing effects of topical minoxidil sold by ROGAINE back in the 1980s. As they did more research and conducted more studies, they found that using topical minoxidil solution on their patients’ scalps could successfully regrow hair and prevent future thinning. ROGAINE’s products revitalize hair follicles to help patients regrow thicker, fuller hair.

Today, ROGAINE is one of the most trusted and recognized brands for both men and women struggling with hair loss. It has proven to be an effective hair regrowth treatment for men struggling with male pattern baldness and/or excessive thinning. In a study of 11,000 people that used the topical application for a period of at least one year, 92% of results achieved fair to excellent results in the hair regrowth and slowing of hair loss. ROGAINE has also become an industry leader and the number one dermatologist-recommended brand for hair regrowth.

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The Good

  • ROGAINE for Men
  • ROGAINE for Women
  • No Hair Transplant Required
  • Minoxidil Foam Regrowth Treatment
  • Minoxidil Solution
  • ROGAINE Hair Care Ingredients
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • ROGAINE Subscribe
  • ROGAINE Reviews
  • ROGAINE for Men


One of the perks of using ROGAINE products is that it has created Minoxidil hair products that cater to men's needs. Though clinical trials, ROGAINE for men has proven to regrow up to 25% more hair in a matter of approximately three months. This hair restoration statistic has been provided based on hair count among men and women.

ROGAINE for Women

If by chance you are also in the market for women's hair products, ROGAINE for Women is also sold on the official ROGAINE website. Similar to the men's products, you will find both a women's ROGAINE foam and a women's ROGAINE solution for hair loss treatment.

No Hair Transplant Required

One of the benefits of using ROGAINE to treat hair over other mens hair products, is that it does not require any type of invasive hair transplant surgeries. ROGAINE is known for treating hair with Tricho-Prime regrowth treatments that begin working upon contact.

Minoxidil Foam Regrowth Treatment

A number of minoxidil products are currently available on the market, but this FDA-approved minoxidil topical foam solution is clinically proven to regrow up to 24 percent more hair in three months when used consistently. The Minoxidil treatment works upon contact due to patented ROGAINE Tricho-Prime technology.

Minoxidil foam is a topical solution and should be applied twice daily. One should apply half a capful directly to the scalp in affected areas.

For those wanting to buy ROGAINE foam, this product is available online for $27.49 per month. If you are interested in purchasing a larger supply, pricing is as follows:

  • 3-month supply — $49.49
  • 4-month supply — $76.93
  • 6-month supply — $98.98
  • 12-month supply — $197.96

Minoxidil Solution

Many men experience male pattern balding or hair thinning at different stages of life. The ROGAINE team recommends starting to use Minoxidil treatment products as soon as you notice your hair thinning. Unlike the foam product mentioned above, ROGAINE extra strength topical solution is applied directly to thinning areas of the scalp with a dropper. One milliliter of the solution should be applied to the head twice daily. Once applied, the solution should be massaged into the scalp for best results.

For those wanting to buy ROGAINE extra strength topical solution, it is available online for $27.49 per month. If you are interested in purchasing a larger supply, pricing is as follows:

  • 3-month supply — $49.49
  • 4-month supply — $76.93
  • 6-month supply — $98.98
  • 12-month supply — $197.96

ROGAINE Hair Care Ingredients

The ROGAINE Minoxidil foam and solution are made with ingredients that are clinically proven to increase hair regrowth. These ingredients help penetrate deep into the scalp, revive follicles, and increase protein production. Some of the ingredients include:

  • Minoxidil — This helps revive and increase the size of existing hair follicles. It also assists in the extension of your hair's growth cycle allowing new hair to grow in thicker and more full.
  • Botanical Extracts & Emollient — These ingredients help your scalp stay healthy and well-conditioned which allows for hair to grow better.
  • Alphahydroxy Acid (AHA) — Alphahydroxy Acid helps promote natural skin exfoliation and keeps your hair follicles open. It is one of the best ways to prime your scalp for proper treatment.

Money-Back Guarantee

Customers who use the company’s products and are unsatisfied with the results will appreciate the money-back guarantee. In order to receive a full refund, the request must be made a minimum of 120 days after the original purchase date. Though some customers have complained that this policy is unfair, ROGAINE wants to make sure that each customer gives the product enough time to begin working before throwing in the towel.

If a request for a refund is made after the 120 days have passed, a refund of up to $94 (including tax) will be issued to each customer. More details are available on the company website if necessary.

ROGAINE Subscription

Individuals who have success with ROGAINE products can save time and money while earning rewards by starting a ROGAINE subscription. Starting a ROGAINE subscription is simple. Online you can select which product(s) you would like to be sent to you on a regular basis, you will enter your billing and shipping information. Those who participate in the ROGAINE subscription program qualify for up to 20 percent discounts on products as well as free shipping. As you continue to purchase ROGAINE products, you will earn rewards through the ROGAINE rewards program offering you even more discounts over time.

If for any reason you would like to discontinue your subscription, you can do so at any time by contacting the provider.


The majority of ROGAINE reviews have mentioned customers being satisfied with the product. Overall, ROGAINE products are commonly rated three stars or above out of five stars. Customers have seen increased hair growth, decreased hair loss, and thicker hair replacing thinner hair in thinning areas on the scalp.


The Bad

  • Possible ROGAINE Side Effects
  • Return Policy
  • Ineffective for a Receding Hairline
  • Not Effective for All Men

Possible ROGAINE Side Effects

Though there are many success stories, a number of customers have expressed frustration with some ROGAINE products. Minoxidil side effects (according to customer reviews and complaints) include:

  • Redness of the skin
  • Scalp Irritation
  • Discomfort
  • Unwanted and unexpected growth of facial hair
  • Fast heartbeats
  • Weight gain
  • Headaches
  • Facial flushing

Note: (Not all of these side effects have been felt by all users)

ROGAINE for Men is not meant to increase the growth of facial hair. Despite this, some users have found that their beards have begun to thicken with the use of Minoxidil. It should be noted that ROGAINE does not advertise its Minoxidil products as beard and mustache hair products. It does not recommend its products for these uses.

If you have experienced any of these side effects, you should consult with your doctor.

Return Policy

Recent ROGAINE reviews have mentioned frustration with the current return policy for ROGAINE products. Products can only be returned for a refund if the customer has been using the product consistently for more than 120 days without seeing any results.

Ineffective for a Receding Hairline

ROGAINE unfortunately is not the right product to combat a receding hairline. Though it does help generate hair regrowth on thinning areas of the scalp, if the entire hairline is receding, it will not be effective.

Not Effective for All Men

This product is not guaranteed to work for every individual. It works differently for each user due to genetics, hormone activity, and age. It is also important to note that ROGAINE for Men should not be used by women as it is made specifically for men. Women's products are made and sold separately. 


The Bottom Line

Both ROGAINE for men and ROGAINE for women are available for sale online. ROGAINE Minoxidil products can help with hair regrowth for individuals experiencing hair thinning or stages of male pattern baldness. We have found pricing for the Minoxidil foam and Minoxidil extra-strength products to be competitive with other hair regrowth products available online. As one of the top-selling hair regrowth brands in the men's hair industry, we recommend ROGAINE as one of our top choices to consumers.

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Jeremy Lindy Brooklyn, NY

I have been a fan of rogaine for a few years now. While it may be a bit pricey (buy it in bulk) it is effective and definitely helps with hair loss. I found the times I have stopped using rogaine due to running out, it does lose the effects, so it definitely needs to be continuously. Anyone who notices some hair loss should try it.

4 years ago

star star star star star

Stella Samuel ,

The company's products are user-friendly and free from harmful additives. so far there is nothing I dislike about the company.

4 years ago