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LAST UPDATED: October 13th, 2020

SilverScript is part of Aetna Medicare for 2021 plans. See our Aetna profile for more information about Aetna Medicare and to read customer reviews.

SilverScript stands out by focusing solely on Medicare Part D or prescription drug plans. It offers mail delivery, a nationwide pharmacy network, and an online pricing tool.

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The Good

  • Affiliated with CVS
  • Online Coverage and Pricing Tool
  • Medication Therapy Management Program
  • Helpful Resources

Affiliated with CVS

SilverScript uses, which is affiliated with CVS Pharmacy, for members to manage their prescriptions and mail delivery. is a secure site, so you can be confident when managing your medication needs through it.

SilverScript's affiliation with CVS Pharmacy is also beneficial because CVS Pharmacy is a well-known brand.

Online Coverage and Pricing Tool

SilverScript stands out with its online pricing tool for prescriptions. You can get a better sense of your prescription drug coverage and costs by using this tool.

Price transparency is difficult to find in health care, so SilverScript stands out for offering this service. Prescriptions can be expensive, which makes predicting and budgeting for prescription drug costs important. Getting pricing information before you fill prescriptions will help you especially if you're in retirement and living on a fixed income.

Medication Therapy Management Program

SilverScript's prescription drug plans include access to a Medication Therapy Management Program for eligible members. This program focuses on preventing and lowering risk for members taking eight or more covered maintenance drugs, dealing with three or more specified long-term health conditions, and reaching certain spending thresholds.

The program includes a Comprehensive Medication Review. If you qualify, you'll meet with a pharmacist to learn more about your medications and get answers to any questions you have.

Eligible members also benefit from a Targeted Medication Review. With this review, SilverScript independently reviews your medications and sends alternative recommendations to your doctor.

This offering makes SilverScript competitive with other insurance companies because similar programs are frequently offered by insurers to their Medicare prescription drug plan members.

Helpful Resources

SilverScript offers many helpful resources online including the ability to view documents and make payments online. These are common resources for companies to offer Medicare beneficiaries.

SilverScript also includes links to resources that can help members pay for their medications. This inclusion makes SilverScript standout from other companies and highlights the company's dedication to helping their plan members.


The Bad

  • Limited Customer Insight
  • Prescription Drug Plans Only

Limited Customer Insight

SilverScript has not received many customer reviews on Best Company. General conclusions about the customer experience and recommendations are not currently available due to the lack of SilverScript reviews.

Prescription Drug Plans Only

SilverScript only offers Prescription Drug Plans. If you have Original Medicare and need a separate plan for medications, SilverScript is a good option. 

If you're looking for a Medicare Advantage or Medicare supplement insurance plan, you'll need to consider other options.

However, with SilverScript joining Aetna Medicare for 2021, you can find additional kinds of Medicare coverage through Aetna. Carefully review plan structures, costs, and customer reviews as you make a decision.


The Bottom Line

While a full recommendation is not currently available, SilverScript offers excellent services to its members. Members benefit from mail delivery, online pricing tools, and a nationwide network.
SilverScript also connects members with resources to assist them in paying for medications. 

This highlights the company's dedication to its members' well-being and an understanding of the constraints of living on a fixed income.

Although it's hard to say how joining Aetna Medicare will affect the services and resources SilverScript offered, it's worth exploring further.

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