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Aetna offers Medicare Advantage, Part D, Medigap, and combined Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans. It does not offer Original Medicare because those plans are administered by the federal government. Original Medicare is also referred to as traditional Medicare. Those purchasing Medicare insurance can choose between a private option (Medicare Advantage) and a public option (Original Medicare).

In addition to health insurance coverage, Aetna offers case management support services, help finding community activities and volunteer opportunities, and support for caregivers. With these additional services, the insurance carrier offers its members more than just health insurance.

Aetna also offers a mail delivery service for prescriptions, which makes it convenient for people to get the medication they need.

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The Good

  • Medicare Plan Offerings
  • Medicare Advantage Plan Perks
  • Online Tools and Resources
  • Support for Health Challenges and Healthy Living
  • Employer-Sponsored Medicare Options

Medicare Plan Offerings

Aetna offers Medicare Advantage, Medicare Advantage Dual Special Needs (Medicare with Medicaid), Medicare Part D (prescription drug plans), and Medigap insurance plans. 

Prescription drug plans and Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap) plans can be purchased with Original Medicare (Parts A and B). A Part D plan offers coverage for your medications. Medigap policies help control your out-of-pocket expenses from Original Medicare.

Medicare Advantage plans offer hospital insurance (coverage for hospital stays) and medical insurance (coverage for primary care visits and other medical treatment). Aetna's Medicare Advantage plans include HMO, HMO-POS, and PPO network and payment structure options.

Some Aetna Medicare Advantage plans include dental, eye glasses, and hearing aids benefits. Review the coverage and costs of each plan to fully understand the value of the Medicare benefits offered.

The Medicare Advantage Dual Special Needs plans depend on state contracts, so the availability year to year may change. If you qualify for both Medicaid services and Medicare coverage, a Dual Special Needs plan may be the best fit for you.

Aetna offers three types of Part D plans:

  • Aetna Medicare Rx® Select
  • Aetna Medicare Rx® Saver
  • Aetna Medicare Rx® Value Plus

Each drug plan has different premiums, deductibles, and cost-sharing rules. However, each plan has low copays when purchasing medicine from certain pharmacies or through CVS Caremark® Mail Service. It's convenient to have medications shipped directly to your home. You should carefully review the plans available in your area to ensure that you purchase the prescription drug coverage you need.

If you have Original Medicare, purchasing Medicare supplement coverage can help lower your out-of-pocket expenses. A Medigap policy is supplemental insurance that offers help paying out-of-pocket expenses for Original Medicare.

Aetna's Medicare Supplement or Medigap plans vary by service area, so be sure to review the Aetna Medigap plans available in your state.

Medicare Advantage Plan Perks

Most of Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plans include the following perks:

  • Resources for Living®
  • SilverSneakers®
  • 24/7 Nurse Access

The Resources for Living® program offers support for home maintenance and help finding community activities or volunteer opportunities. It also offers support to caregivers through support groups and child care.

The SilverSneakers® program offers access to fitness facilities and classes. If an Aetna Medicare member doesn't live close to a facility, he or she can receive a home exercise kit.

A nurse is available via phone 24/7. Members can contact the nurse regarding medical questions. The nurses can help patients understand their treatment options and manage their care.

You'll benefit from these additional perks when you choose an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan.

Online Tools and Resources

As an Aetna Medicare plan member, you'll have access to great resources for understanding Medicare and their health.

The Healthwise® Knowledgebase offers information on health, fitness, and prescription drug information. It also has health decision tools to help members make choices about their health care. There is also a Symptom Checker that members can use.

Support for Health Challenges and Healthy Living

Aetna also offers support services for managing health, like disease management, transplants, blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring, and hospice support.

Some employer-sponsored Medicare plans also include a lifestyle coaching program to support healthy habits.

Employer-Sponsored Medicare Options

Aetna also offers Medicare plans that employers can offer their employees. These plans include Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans. Aetna also offers two kinds of Medigap insurance plans Supplemental Retiree Medical plan and an Aetna Traditional Choice® plan.

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The Bad

  • Limited Customer Insight
  • No Medicare Part A or Part B

Limited Customer Insight

Aetna Medicare has not recieved many customer reviews on Best Company. Some reviews are also unclear as to whether they had Medicare or other health insurance through Aetna.

Since there are so few reviews, a full recommendation based on the customer experience is not available.

Unfortunately, most of Aetna Medicare reviews are negative. Complaints include difficulty with customer service, claims, provider network size, and coverage.

No Medicare Part A or Part B

Medicare Part A and Part B are managed by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, a federal agency. Medicare Part A covers care received in hospitals or care facilities. Medicare Part B covers other medical treatment, like medical tests and doctor visits. To enroll in these programs, Medicare beneficiaries work through the Social Security office.

Medicare Part C (or Medicare Advantage plans) combine the coverage offered by Part A and Part B. While Aetna does not offer Part A or Part B, its Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage for the same things.


The Bottom Line

While Aetna does not offer Medicare Part A or Part B, it is still a great choice when choosing a Medicare provider.

It offers a nice selection Medicare Advantage and Part D plans. Its Medigap and combined Medicare and Medicaid plan availability varies by state. While specific costs and availability vary, Aetna is worth considering.

Medicare Advantage plans cover the same things that Part A and Part B do. Most also include qualifying prescription drug coverage, which means you don't have to buy a separate prescription drug plan to cover medications.

Aetna offers a fitness program, 24/7 nurse access, and support for social and home life with most of its Medicare Advantage plans. These services help members find opportunities to engage with the community and stay healthy.

Aetna also offers case management services for a variety of circumstances from blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring to disease support.

All of Aetna's additional services make it worth considering for those seeking a Medicare Advantage plan. Be sure to carefully review the plans available in your area to be sure that the network of providers, covered services and medicine and costs meet your needs.

A full recommendation based on the customer experience is not availabel due to a small number of customer reviews. If you explore Aetna Medicare further, keep customer reviews in mind.

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Steven Klaproth Phoenix, AZ

There are so many medicare companies and Aetna stands above the rest. They have excellent products and customer service.

1 month ago

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Kent Logan, UT

The annual premium for my parents on Medicare is very reasonable and easy to pay at the beginning of each year. It seems the extended coverage is quite thorough too.

5 months ago

star star star star_border star_border

Dottie Perrot ,

Didn't enjoy the support of this company but hope it helped someone else!

5 months ago

star star star star star_border

John E Leadore, ID

We have had good service for a fair price though we have not required to use it there is value there

5 months ago

star star star star star

pepsi173 Monroeville, PA

I have had Aetna Insurance as the secondary insurance to my Medicare since retiring 10 years ago and have always liked the way they deal with claims and the cost that I have to pay and especially their drug prescriptions payments. I know that I will keep them as they have good to me even when I have a customer service question.

8 months ago

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Boyer Wheaton, IL

Aetna has been a nightmare to work with!! For the past 7 months we have been on countless phone calls, received the run- around, assured everything is being taken care of just to receive notifications to contact them again. It has been nothing but frustrating!! If we ever have the opportunity, we will drop this coverage in a heartbeat. Anthem Bluecross/Blueshield puts this company to shame. Extremely disappointed and tired of dealing with them!

1 year ago

star star star star_border star_border

Jamie Neider Magna, UT

Happy with our coverage... It's all just so expensive. I also have a hard time finding mental health providers that accept Aetna.

1 year ago

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Judith Ghashghaie Hollywood, FL

Worst insurance in USA: So confuse, all refers are denied. Very difficult to call offices. You get from CVS the over the county stuff that neither the CVS workers want to buy, terrible every thing. If you get Aetna with Chen Clinic as as your health provider you are going to be in hell (el infierno) both are an evil combination, Chen doctors are fine, they do their best but the administrative process from Chen Clinic headquarter are going to make you sick back again . I will comply with the Social Security, Insurance Commission, Better Business Buro, and the Attorney General in fact I maybe will record all the terrible bureaucracy about this mediocre insurance and Chen Clinic Headquarter. Muy malos los servicios telefónicos en español .

1 year ago

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Donna Webb Akron, OH

I am very unhappy with Aetna Medicare. Supposedly they provide everything that Medicare does and then some. They are so difficult to deal with that my doctor advised me to get on regular Medicare and furthermore that she would not even work with Aetna. Her experience was that they declined to pay for most services. I have found this to be true.

1 year ago

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Wendy Liu Bethesda, MD

Aetna is a highly recommended health insurance provider. Not only is its health care plan selection very large, it also provides willing and able customer service. Consumers looking to purchase a private health insurance plan, a Medicaid, Medicare, or Medigap plan will find good options from Aetna.

1 year ago

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L.Lexing Lexington, KY

Horrible customer service, have been attempting to get a claim covered since July 2019. Customer Care constantly lies about what is going on in the claim. Run away.

1 year ago

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Duane Myrtle Beach, SC

Horrible company. Denies all procedures that need prior approval and makes you go through the ordeal of appealing. They are only concerned about their profits and holds the patient hostage when they need a procedure. Appeal after appeal and keep being told that they need more info when they already have everything. I do not recommend AETNA unless you want to be treated as a second rate individual.

1 year ago

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kristin Gneiting Pleasant Grove, UT

I currently have Aetna Medicare for my health insurance. When I was trying to decide which Medicare plan is right for me, Aetna gave me a comparison in plans and helped me out so much. I knew I was picking the right plan because of the customer service I received. There are so many questions and they were very patient with me and helpful.

1 year ago

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J T Golden Valley, AZ

They don't want to pay or cover your bills. only pay as medicare, NOT A SUPPLEMT!!! My wife was stuck in a secondary hosp. to wean her off respirator and antibottics ,AETNA refused to pay ! She needed to go to reabilaition but wouldn't be released because AETNA wouldn't pay them. 2 months later they kicked her out, bed ridden and couldn't take care of herself!!! she ended up on my door step, she didn't know how to change her Colstomy bag ,or walk very far, nor did I know how to take care of her!! BED SOURS AND ALL!!! I got her away from them and back to her old insurance!! I my self pay more for my perscrp. with them. They refuse my XRAYS because I didn't get one week s prier. whats with that? THEY ONLY COVER WHAT MEDICARE WOULD PAY NOT ANY OF 20% . I got a suopplement plan which IM NOT Getting and I have a PPO. Im stuck with them till next year till I can get rid of them!!

1 year ago

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Go somewhere else for medicare! There are no doctors or dentists in-network. When you call from the list on their website you will find that the doctors are not accepting new patients or are no longer there. They will tell you anything that they think you want to hear on the phone. Do not trust them at all. I have been on this plan for over 8 months and still have not seen a doctor or dentist. Go somewhere else.

1 year ago

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Anne Marie Faulkner Portland, OR

The salesman who get you to sign up are so nice - unfortunately once you have the policy BE SURE TO READ THE POLICY as they neglect to talk about the deductible amount that renews on your policy date. For dental you have a $ 100 deductible. You are allowed 2 cleaning per policy period at 6 month intervals, so have your appointment before your policy starts so you can have that right away - or you will not get the 2 cleanings per year and have to pay $ 100 deductible per time. Then, no matter if you had dental insurance before, when you start with them, you have to wait 12 months for any crown work coverage. One is SOL if they need a bad crown replaced. They make a lot of money, because they cover so little. Shop elsewhere. Also, I had Aetna Medicare Supplement plan - G. One of the highest paid medicare plans without drug coverage. There are so many out there - shop around. Also, they took premiums from my husband who was not 65 yet, without telling him they could not cover. They took his $165/month payment though! He paid 5 months before he was 65, found out during a need at a hospital during that timeframe, he paid for nothing. They should have said, we can not enroll you until you are 65, but they did not. Really disappointed in their 'ethics'!

1 year ago

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RaeBailey La Porte, TX

Was contacted over Telephone for Aetna Healthcare when I turned 65yrs. Took out coverage. Sleep on it and cancelled next AM. This was 3/26/2019. Plenty of time to re-enroll in another plan. Aetna never cancelled plan. I have date and conf #. I contacted 5 x. The answer was always the same: This has never happened before! We will investigate and call you back! It never happened!!!. It is now 4/17/2019 and they still show I am enrolled. I had to cancel 2 Dr. Appointments and can't fill my Meds unless I see Aetna Dr. Now they tell me if I do use New Insurance they want pay claim. Well hang on Aetna because I filled complaint with Medicare and will also be filling with State Board of Insurance. The whole mess has just stressed me out. When you tell someone you are going to call back and you are going to fix the problem! Do It!!? Well, it is 4/18/2019 and I am told that I have to wait till the 1st of May 2019. Hello!! Isn't there something wrong here🤔??? I wouldn't wish this problem on anyone. It's sad to get old. This should be golden years.

1 year ago

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