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LAST UPDATED: October 8th, 2020

Kaiser Permanente is a good health insurance company that operates in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Oregon, Washington, and Washington, D.C.

Kaiser Permanente offers Medicare Advantage, Medicare Cost, Prescription Drug, and combined Medicare and Medicaid plans to Medicare beneficiaries.

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The Good

  • Medicare Options
  • Medicare Advantage Plus Perks

Medicare Options

When you enroll in Medicare coverage, you can choose to enroll in Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan. Original Medicare is managed by the federal government and offers hospital and medical insurance. It does not include prescription drug coverage or have out-of-pocket limits.

Medicare Advantage plans are managed by private insurers. These plans cover the same services Original Medicare does. Many plans also offer qualifying prescription drug coverage. It's common for Medicare Advantage plans to include additional coverage like dental care and extra benefits like fitness memberships.

If you opt for Original Medicare, you can purchase a Medicare prescription drug plan and Medigap insurance. These additional insurance plans are sold by private insurance companies. Prescription drug plans are also called Medicare Part D. Medigap plans help control your out-of-pocket costs from Original Medicare.

In most of the areas Kaiser Permanente services, it offers Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. Some of Kaiser Permanente's Medicare Advantage plans include a SilverSneakers® fitness program.

In Virginia, Kaiser Permanente also offers Medicare Plus plans. These plans are cost plans, so they complement Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance).

Kaiser Permanente also offers combined Medicare and Medicaid Plans (D-SNP). These plans are for beneficiaries who are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid services. Kaiser Permanente does not offer these plans in all areas, so be sure to check Kaiser Permanente's website to learn what plans are available to you.

In most states, Kaiser Permanente offers Medicare Advantage Plus plans that expand coverage and offer other perks. Virginia's Medicare Plus plans also have the option to expand coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plus Perks

Depending on where you live, the following coverage and perks can be added to your Medicare Advantage plan for an additional monthly fee:

  • Dental care
  • Hearing
  • Vision
  • Acupuncture
  • Transportation
  • Silver&Fit® fitness program
  • Hearing aids
  • Eyewear

Hearing, eyewear, and, comprehensive dental can be added to Medicare Cost plans in Virginia for an additional monthly fee.


The Bad

  • Limited Customer Insight
  • Offerings May Vary by Region

Limited Customer Insight

Kaiser Permanente has recieved a low number of reviews on Best Company for Medicare. A full recommendation based on the customer experience is not available at this time.

Offerings May Vary by Region

While Kaiser Permanente offers good Medicare plans, availability may vary depending on your state and county. Specific information about Medicare plans available in your area can be found on the Kaiser Permanente website or by contacting Kaiser Permanente directly.


The Bottom Line

Kaiser Permanente is worth considering as a health insurance provider. It has good Medicare options for Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. It also offers Medicare Special Needs Plans that combine Medicaid and Medicare coverage.

Medigap may not be available from Kaiser Permanente. However, Medicare Advantage plans are. Those interested in a Medigap plan should see what Kaiser Permanente offers in their area and may need to consider another insurance company for a Medicare supplement plan.

If you're looking for Medicare Advantage, Part D, or a combined Medicare and Medicaid plan, Kaiser Permanente is worth exploring further.

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Tony Blaszak Portland, OR

On the surface Kaiser seemed good to me.. However when it comes to serious medical issues i have concerns. I was involved in a serious head on accident with a drunk driver and injury my neck and lumbar spine. Pain level was 8,9,10. I was ready to die. All I got from Kaiser was Pain medication, Pain class, and a week in the phyc ward for depression. Kaiser Neurosurgery said my back was not operable. Fortunately I am a veteran. I went to the Portland VA and they performed surgery on my lumbar ( Spinal Fussion l4/l5) and I was good to go. and they were prompt about it. Recently I had extended the injury to the next level.. Once again Kaiser wasn't interested in helping me. Went back to the VA and they did another surgery. They were excellent with the care and the surgery was a success. I haven't looked around yet for other plans yet but I believe on the next open period I am going to switch. I love the VA but they suggest I keep my outside plan plus I have my wife to think about. To be fair Kaiser has helped me in a lot of other ways and in some areas such as mental health they are a little under staffed but excellent care. If mental health is an issue I would rate them the highest in Portland. Kaiser gets a Five star rating from the Government for people on Medicare but I think that's because they save money by not providing services.

3 years ago

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Tina Mission Viejo, CA

Kaiser is very good at their business in taking money wherever, whenever, and whoever they can.If you're healthy, don't go to Kaiser Permanente, and if you're sick, still don't go to Kaiser Permanente. All they care about is getting your money. If you're a healthy senior, they will constantly harass you until you come in for the wellness check yearly so they can collect medicare money. All they will do is look at you and maybe listen to your heart and say you're fine. Yet when you're sick and want to see a doctor, it's suddenly not all that important to come in. Yes, they do have specialist in-house which seems like a convenient, but try asking for a referral. You'll have to wrestle with them. It's easier to ask for a referral from an outside provider to an outside specialist. Only thing good about probably is their integrated health record so that they can see your record from other visits within kaiser system. But even with that, no one takes the time to look through them.

4 years ago

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Robin Allie Hillsboro, OR

I got a flue shot at BiMart on 9/21/2020 and was told Kaiser wouldn't pay for it as "it's out of network" even though Kaiser isn't offering flu shots until 10/3/2020. I pay my co-pays every month, Kaiser takes the medicare out of my SS every month, and they refuse to pay a lousy $30 for an important service they aren't offering yet? What happens if I have a serious health issue?!

2 years ago