Started in 1951, Bay Alarm Medical has over six decades of experience providing monitored security services to over 100,000 customers in the United States. Bay Alarm Medical is a subsidiary of a family-owned business. The company's focus is meeting the needs of a rapidly growing elderly population of people over age 75. Bay Alarm Medical alert systems are available in all 50 States.

The mobile GPS system is powered by AT&T network to offer 24/7 tracking and monitoring for those who prefer medical alert systems on the go. Mobile medical alert plans start as low as $19.95 per month and can create safer mobility for families, not just the elderly.

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The Good

  • CSAA Five Diamond Certified
  • Services in 170 Languages
  • VOIP Compatibility
  • Simple to Install
  • Bay Alarm Medical Reviews
  • 5-Year Battery Life
  • 30-Day Trial Period
  • Free Coverage for Spouse
  • In-Car Medical Alert Device
  • 1,000-Foot Range for In-Home System
  • Added Accessories Available

CSAA Five Diamond Certified

Every Bay Alarm monitoring center is CSAA Five Diamond Certified, committed to strong quality standards, and agrees to random UL certified inspections. This ensures that every Bay Alarm subscriber receives the most professional monitoring services possible from each monitoring center and every medical emergency responder.

Services in 170 Languages

If you don't speak English and still need personal emergency alarm services, Bay Alarm has a unique feature: the medical alert service offers its product and services in 170 languages. Another unique feature is the company's two emergency response call centers which are full duplicates of each other to provide service continuity in case one center has a power outage. Typically companies have one call center, but with two call centers, there is a backup in case of power failure or weather issue that renders one call center inoperable, a dangerous scenario for those needing emergency assistance. The company also owns and operates from its California headquarters for separate customer service purposes.

VOIP Compatibility

Bay Alarm Medical's VOIP compatibility is also noteworthy. Few companies offer this benefit; they only offer landline phone coverage. Bay Alarm Medical's system is very versatile, compatible with POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service, i.e. landlines), DSL Phone Service (Comcast, Time Warner, Cox), and VOIP solutions (AT&T, Verizon). On their website, Bay Alarm Medical provides an extensive list of Compatible Cable Service Providers. If customers use DSL, they will need to purchase a DSL filter at an additional cost, also available on the website.

Simple to Install

The Bay Alarm Medical's in-home medical alert device is designed to be easy to use and simple to install. Anyone can install their own service in only 5-10 minutes. Bay Alarm Medical offers complimentary Spouse Monitoring Services free of charge. Adding this family member will not raise the monthly bill, but there will be a charge to add an additional emergency panic button. The landline system has a helpful preventative feature to protect users from falls that may occur when rushing to answer the phone. The system allows customers to answer the phone using the device—although you will need to follow up with Bay Alarm Medical to understand exactly how this works.

Bay Alarm Medical Reviews

Bay Alarm Medical complaints are limited with positive reviews highlighting an excellent monitoring center and emergency responders, quick response times, and a quality medical alert button as well as other equipment. Positive reviews demonstrate a satisfactory customer experience and can give consumers peace of mind that Bay Alarm Medical will effectively assist customers' health and well-being with quality service and equipment. 

With the marjority of Bay Alarm Medical reviews being positive, the company's average star rating is well above a four. Many customers note the company has an attentive staff that goes above and beyond to ensure customers are not only satisfied with the product, but that they are safe and proteted with their medical alert device. 

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Customer Review: Duey from Rancho Cucamonga, California 

"This company works with you and the prices are fair. They contacted my mom several times when they were concerned about her phone not working. She loved that! She feels secure with the service and luckily has not had to push the button since our setup trial!"

5-Year Battery Life

Bay Alarm Medical's alert pendants have a 5-year battery life. This can give peace of mind to customers that they don't have to worry about the alert device running out of battery early in their usage. The pendants are also lightweight and 100 percent waterproof, making it so you can take it with you anywhere, even in the shower or other wet areas. 

30-Day Trial Period

Bay Alarm Medical offers a 30-day trial period from the date your system arrives. This gives customers time to test out Bay Alarm Medical's services and equipment to ensure it is the medical alert service for you. 

Free Coverage for Spouse

Bay Alarm Medical offers free coverage for your spouse, regardless of what medical alert package you purchase. This means you won't have to pay an extra monitoring fee if you want your spouse to have medical alert services as well. However, you do have to pay for the extra medical alert device equipment. Bay Alarm Medical does not say whether or not you will need to pay a second activation fee. 

In-Car Medical Alert Device

Unique from other medical alert providers, Bay Alarm Medical offers a medical alert device made specifically for the car. For $29.95 per month, you can have protection in your car at all times. The device includes automatic crash detection and response, 24/7 emergency response monitoring, and real-time vehicle monitoring and trip history. 

It has additional convenience with a web dashboard and a mobile app that is available for iOS and Android devices. The in-car medical device is functional in any car and includes a built-in backup battery and location-based boundary alerts. 

When Bay Alarm Medical did a crash test with its in-car medical alert device, data was sent to emergency services in 0.46 seconds and two-way voice was activated with the car's driver in 7 seconds. This is an impressive demonstration showing you can rely on the company's in-car device to transmit emergency signals and contact quickly. 

1,000-Foot Range for In-Home System

Bay Alarm Medical's in-home system has a 1,000-foot range. This is impressive as many medical alert companies only offer ranges around 600–800 feet. A longer range means more protection, and users can have peace of mind knowing they don't have to be nervous about reaching their range limit even if they have a large home. The in-home system also has a five-year battery life which is competitive within the industry. 

Added Accessories Available

Bay Alarm Medical has a variety of accessories and equipment you can purchase a la carte. We'll list the options below:


Bay Alarm Medical sells lockboxes for $39.95. You can select a four-digit code for the lockbox, and the company will pre-program the lockbox so it is ready for use when it arrives at your home. Bay Alarm Medical's operators also store the code in their system, so you don't have to worry about losing the code. The lockbox is durable and is made to withstand year-round weather, and it can hold up to five sets of keys. 

Extra Medical Alert Buttons

You can purchase extra medical alert buttons for $34.95 each. Each button includes a 1,000-foot range, lightweight and waterproof equipment, and a five-year battery life. 

Bella Charms

Bella Charms are Bay Alarm Medical's personalized necklaces that clip to your medical alert device and cover the button with a fashionable design. There are four different charms to choose from. This is great for users who don't want to showcase the alert device and would prefer to disguise it as a nice necklace. 

Extra Wall Buttons

You can purchase as many extra wall buttons as you'd like. Each wall button costs $3 extra per month. If you purchase a four pack, you save money and will pay $10 per month. 

Protection Plan

This isn't an accessory or extra equipment, but Bay Alarm Medical offers a Protection Plan for $5 extra per month. This protects your medical alert equipment from power surges, voltage spikes, as well as water and flood damage. The plan includes a surge protector, one replacement of the medical alert base station or dedice per year, and 50 percent coverage to replace damaged accessories. Shipping fees are not included in the plan. 

Vial of Life

Free with new subscriptions but $8.95 for additional kits, Bay Alarm Medical offers Vial of Life kits. These are kits that include all of your vital medical information so if there is an emergency, emergency responders will have immediate access to your medical information. The kit includes an emergency medical information kit, a plastic sleeve, and a magnetic strip. Bay Alarm Medical notes that you can purchase multiple kits so you can place them in different places around the home or in other locations. 

The Bad

  • Bay Alarm Medical Cost
  • One-Time Fee for the Mobile

Bay Alarm Medical Cost

While other industry competitors offer no activation fees and a no-cost delivery, Bay Alarm Medical charges for both delivery and activation. Bay Alarm prices include an activation fee of $49.95 and a monthly fee ranging from $19.95– $34.95. The emergency button also has only a five-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong after that five years, it can get pricey. Despite these downsides, the company doesn't require any long-term contracts. Note that the mobile GPS button has some limitations as well but does include two-way communication and fall detection. Bay Alarm Medical plan options are below:

In-Home Medical Alert — $19.95 per month

  • 24/7 U.S.-based monitoring
  • Two-way communication
  • In-home base unit
  • Personal help button
  • 32-Hour backup battery
  • Landline required

On the go Help Button — $24.95 per month

  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • IPX7 water resistant
  • Optional automatic fall detection
  • Medical button available in white or black
  • Two pack of wall buttons that are lightweight, waterproof, include a five-year battery life and double-sided tape

In-Car Medical Alert — $29.95 per month

  • Automatic Crash Detection and Response
  • AT&T 4G LTE with nationwide coverage
  • Under 12 second response times
  • Two-way communication
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Free ground shipping

One-Time Fee for the Mobile

Bay Alarm Medical overall is a bit more expensive than its competitors. The company charges a one-time fee for the mobile device ($80) if you want a GPS that you can take anywhere with you. Some other companies in the industry have lower fee options or do not charge this fee at all. Something to keep in mind with some other companies, is you do not own the device. Be sure to ask about this when deciding which company to do business with.

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The Bottom Line

Bay Alarm Medical has been around for decades, offering valuable products and a medical alert service that will cover all bases for in-home medical and beyond. One thing we noticed is that you get whatever you pay for. Their products are priced separately and according to each specific feature. The monthly fee starts at $19.95 with a $49.95 activation fee. With the exception of Bay Alarm Medical's VOIP compatibility, the medical alert system's extra features and benefits can be found at other companies for less cost, since several companies pricing is more competitive, i.e. no activation fees or shipping fees. But keep in mind that the company provides award-winning quality and customer service with every medical alert system it sells. A Bay Alarm medical alert device is recommended for people for whom English is not their first language and need a system in their native language.

Finding the right medical alert company for you will give you and your loved ones peace of mind. Read Bay Alarm Medical reviews below to see what current and past customers have to say and to see if Bay Alarm Medical alert service is right for you.

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Janice Muzzi

January 17th, 2017 Providence, RI

The system worked fine in the time we had it ( activating the necklace, called by mistake), EXCEPT in a real emergency. The button never connected to the base unit during what could have been a fatal emergency. Fortunately our mother was able to telephone for help. Should she have fallen, passed out, or unable to reach the phone to call us, she would have died. The best Bay Alarm could do was to tell me how to de-activate it and re-package the unit. They offered a 1 month refund. At the end of the conversation, the "supervisor" told me to have a nice day.....UGH! Read user reviews from an independent source rather than the website.


Elaine Roth

December 3rd, 2016

Bay alarm medical refused to follow Illinois state law and has lied to the better business bureau. They tried to auto bill after we told them that mom had moved to a nursing home and would no longer require their services. Illinois law requires a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 60 days notice before auto renewing a contract. No written notice at all was provided. Billing was sent after credit card charge did not go thru. mom did sign a contract with an auto renewal policy. Illinois law is designed to protect consumers from unethical auto renewals. This company has an ethics and a legal problem. When their error was pointed out they simply lied and said that they had provided written notice. Not true.


Herbert F

December 1st, 2016 Florence, SC

Always available promptly. Polite and efficient.


Cathy DuPont

November 28th, 2016

I agree with all that Bonnie Palamara said about billing and cancelling. I called the day Bay debited my account pretty sure that my electric would be down during Hurricane Matthew. Yes, it hit and my house was flooded and the electric was off for a week. And no, they would not credit my account a penny. Everyone I spoke to during the six months I had the service was very cordial and pleasant. The billing department, not so much. No refunds, no matter what. They care when they're billing but cancel, no one at Bay Alarm cares at all.



November 22nd, 2016 Redding, CA

I recently cancelled my service and it was very smooth. I returned the equipment by mail and 3 days later they confirmed the cancellation. I had to use the service twice in this last year and can not believe how quickly some one was at my door. They were very professional and put me at ease right away. I am a 74 year old disabled woman and it isn't that easy to let several men into my apartment where I live alone. But like I said they put be at ease right away.


Bonnie Palamara

November 8th, 2016 Bellefontaine, OH

This company is fine as long as you don't ever plan on cancelling. Read the fine print! Your service automatically renews, without any reminder, and if you cancel and return the equipment, they do NOT give refunds! NONE! So if you sign up for yearly payments, and Mom passes away 2 days after the renewal date, guess what... you will be paying for the next year!


Jennifer H

October 25th, 2016 Rochester, MI

My siblings and I purchased an alarm from (and set up service with) Bay Alarm Medical for our mother in May 2016. I was immediately charged for the alarm pendant. Thinking we were taking advantage of a discount, we set up our account to pay for the service semi-annually. After several days, I noticed that I had not been charged for the upcoming six months of service and that the equipment (receiver) had not shipped. I called and was informed that there had been an error and had to request that they put through the charge again. Nobody had notified me! Further, at no time did anyone point out that, should my mother pass away and we cancel the service during this six-month period, no refund would be given for the portion of the six-month period occurring after her death (i.e., Bay Alarm does not prorate their service). My mother passed away in mid-August (2 ½ months into the six-month period), and within days I called Bay Alarm to cancel the service. I encountered the rudest, most unfeeling customer service representative of my entire life, and she left me in tears. When I expressed surprise that no refund would be forthcoming, she repeatedly told me that I had agreed to it (in the fine print) when I set up the service. She was also very rude in informing me (multiple times) that I would be charged for another six months if I didn't return the equipment before the end of the six-month period we had prepaid. Never once was there any expression of condolence for our loss, or in fact any kind word at all. After receiving an email confirmation that the service had been cancelled, we unplugged the receiver (as the representative had directed). Immediately, my deceased mother's cell phone rang, startling all of us. Then my cell phone rang and each of my siblings' phones rang. Clearly the representative failed to properly cancel the service. We called Bay Alarm back and spoke to another representative, who was also rude and argued with us, not once apologizing for Bay Alarm's error or their lack of kindness. Eventually we spoke to a manager, who assured us that the account was properly canceled and apologized. Since then, my siblings and I have received additional auto-generated phone calls from Bay Alarm. I eventually blocked the number from my cell phone. My husband called Bay Alarm last week (mid-October) to confirm the details on returning the equipment. Unbelievably, he was informed that a copy of my mother's death certificate was required to close the account (even though we are not getting a refund!). He was treated as if this were the first time anyone had notified Bay Alarm of the cancellation! That, in turn, generated an email expressing condolence and explaining how to return the equipment. However, I am still receiving reminders about an upcoming billing payment that is scheduled, even after Bay Alarm confirmed that they received the equipment! All I can do is shake my head. You sort of assume that the loved one for whom you are purchasing this service will pass away at some point during the contract with Bay Alarm. Customer service representatives should be trained on dealing with grieving loved ones. Bay Alarm should discontinue their greedy practice of failing to refund a prorated amount of the service fees. At the very least, this greedy policy of not prorating service fees should be prominently disclosed to new customers. Bay Alarm's internal computer systems need to be updated to communicate with one another, and people need to be more respectful. I can't believe this company has such good reviews. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone!


Mollie Kavanagh

October 6th, 2016 Pomona, CA

This company shouldn't be in business. They are unethical and their equipment is cheap and erratic. They changed my billing from monthly to quarterly and then when I wanted out they kept all of the money left in the quarter which was two months. Used wrong call list to inform others of my fall. Fire trucks came to my house to search for me when I was out doing errands. etc. etc.etc. I see that I have already filled out this survey but things got even worse.


Dan Zucchini

August 25th, 2016 San Francisco, CA

Do not buy this unit - I researched many life alert devices before choosing Bay Alarm Medical. The installation was very easy and it seemed as though it was a good choice for my elderly parents. At 3 am on Friday August 19, 2016 the device malfunctioned. Several phone calls were made by Bay per our instructions and the paramedics were called out. Here is the problem. The base unit was unable to communicate through the speaker. If it was working, my sister, who was staying at the house, would have heard it and would have let Bay know it was a false alarm. They called the house which woke my sister. She was unable to get to the phone in time. Bay did not even leave a message, so she was confused about who would be calling at 3am. The next thing she knows is the paramedics coming into the house through the garage. They informed her that they were dispatched by Bay Medical. So she and the paramedics checked on my folks. They were sound asleep and the alert buttons were on the bedside table. I went to the house a few days later and tested the base unit. It could not complete the call so I had to reset it. After that it seemed to work fine. So I called Bay Medical. They informed me that the monitor detected a fall. Turns out that was impossible since the buttons were on the night stand. Due to the fact that Bay Medical unit is unreliable and we are now being charged for the paramedics, (Bay was not willing to take ownership,) This will likely cost several hundreds of dollars. I am returning the unit. We will see how that goes. UPDATE: I called to return the unit and get my money back. They said I missed free trial period by one day. So not only did they not take ownership of the malfunction, they would not even give me one days grace. Terrible customer service.



August 20th, 2016 Thousand Oaks, CA

Bay Alarm was set up for my mother who is quite old and is battling cancer. After a visit to my mom's apartment and seeing the alarm unit on the table I thought to myself that I can't recall seeing a bill for this recently. I asked my mother, who was actually in the hospital at the time if she remembered seeing a bill and she couldn't recall. My guess is a bill came and she or her nurse must have thrown it away by mistake. The reason this was important to me is that I am responsible for all my mom's financial needs (yes, I have a durable POA). As the responsible person for all my mom's financial needs I called into Bay Alarm to pay the bill and the customer service people were more than horrific. I explained the situation and they said that my mom needed to pay an amount. I asked if they could tell me what the annual amount was for the service and they refused saying they could only speak with my mother. I told them her situation and they said due to confidentiality reasons they could not discuss the annual amount of the service. After going back and forth and them, yes them.......sharing with me the address of my mother and her age.....they still refused to tell me the amount of the annual service. I wanted to know the amount as I was going to set up recurring annual payments to them so nobody would have to worry about this going forward. They still refused. They released PII (personal identifiable information) to me but refused to share the amount of the annual subscription. They gave me such a hard time and were so rude to me that all I could think of were two things: 1. They were more concerned about protecting their pricing scheme than they are her personal information. Being able to get them to share with me her address and her age was quite comical seeing that they would not tell me the annual amount of the service even though I was giving them MY credit card information to make recurring annual payments and even though I have a durable POA which a copy had been sent to them when the account was opened years ago. 2. Are these the people I want my mom dealing with if she ever were to have a problem? Absolutely not! Their careless attitude towards protecting the annual pricing terms while releasing personal information with no hesitation leads me to believe that the values of this company and the operating procedures must not be aligned with my expectations of such a service. To top it all off, as I requested to speak with a supervisor, the woman I was speaking with passed me off to her colleague and not a supervisor. On top of that, when I called back a second time and asked to speak with a supervisor, the woman said she would pass me to a supervisor, put the phone on hold, and then came back to the phone attempting to disguise her voice as someone else. It was so clear and so evident!!!!! Here is the kicker!!!!! Since I had the name of the woman and I obviously knew the name of the company, I looked on LinkedIn to find her and noticed that prior to working with Bay Alarm she was a service associate for THE ABSOLUTE WORST COMPANY IN THE WORST INDUSTRY FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Yes, she worked for Comcast prior to Bay Alarm Medical. That explained it all. Service cancelled and now I have a new top tier company providing this service for my mom. I wish we had gone to the Better Business Bureau site to check this company out prior to engaging. Tons of complaints. Just read them and then ask yourself, are these the types of people I want protecting my loved one's in case of an emergency. NOPE!!!


Mollie Kavanagh

March 7th, 2016 Whittier, CA

Did not respond when needed. I laid on the pavement for an hour before a friend just dropped in, 75 unabstructed direction yo unit. . Company said it is a house unit only, not for outside. Company not easy to work with.


Barbara Colton

February 24th, 2016 New York, NY

BEWARE of this company!!! I asked numerous questions before purchase, including what kind of connections did I need in my home for their equipment to work. I was told as long as I had Time Warner as my provider there was nothing else I needed to know. When the equipment arrived the 1st thing I saw when I opened the box was "Equipment does not work with a splitter". However, I can only connect WITH a splitter so I called Bay & they calmly aknowledged they "never advise potential customers the equipment isn't compatible with a splitter." I NEVER would have ordered it, had my questions been answered completely & accurately. It cost me $34.00 to send it back & they refused to reimburse me. I have reported them to BBB!



June 4th, 2015 Stockton, CA

its good



April 16th, 2015 Highland, CA

I extremely upset with this company because I feel I was cheated out of my money. When I received the medical devices for my grandmother, there were several false alarms which prompted me to end services. I sent an email AND a phone call disconnecting services and I sent the devices back. (I purposely had this done BEFORE the next cycle of billing to avoid additional payments.) Several months after, I received a call from a debt collector regarding a bill for 3 months of disconnected services. (The company didn't even inform me about the bill. It went straight to the debt collector, who told me my credit will be affected if I did not pay.) Even with proof that I ended services and sent everything back, they are still making me pay, which I feel is ridiculous and wrong, especially for a company that is suppose to be built on helping those who care about the safety and well being of their loved ones. This is really wrong! I will not be recommending this company to anyone in my community.