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LAST UPDATED: December 1st, 2021

SellWhenever is an innovative tech and real estate company that pairs experienced realtors with homeowners who are potentially looking to sell. Homeowners can join the program after agreeing to use a SellWhenever agent (or sometimes use their own agent, with some preconditions) when they decide to sell their home in the future.

In return, SellWhenever members immediately receive a thank-you payment, in addition to ongoing insights about trends in the housing market, guidance on the best time to sell their home, and guidance on how to increase the value of their home.

The SellWhenever platform is beneficial for both homeowners and real estate agents looking to generate more business.

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The Good

  • Thank-You Payment Incentive
  • Match with a Vetted Realtor
  • Ongoing Investment Guidance
  • Positive Online Reviews
  • Accredited by Better Business Bureau

Thank-You Payment Incentive

SellWhenever will pay you a thank-you incentive just for joining. The thank-you payment can range anywhere from $500 to $2,000. The payment amount depends on your home value, as determined by an algorithm. 

The thank-you payment is not a loan that you need to pay back. This payment does not require a credit check, and it is not a loan. Even those who do not end up selling their home right away can benefit from the thank-you payment, which can be paid out in various ways, including through Venmo and Paypal. 

If and when you decide to sell your home, SellWhenever will collect a percentage of the agent's commission to recover the cost of the thank-you payment, the marketing on the home, and the realtor's services.

Match with a Vetted Realtor

Through the SellWhenever platform, customers are matched with a realtor. Customers and realtors are matched based on location, the realtor’s expertise and performance, and the customer’s needs and goals. Realtors who partner with SellWhenever go through a screening process with high standards to ensure that they are experts in the real estate industry. SellWhenever also allows homeowners to use whichever agent they choose, with some preconditions.

Ongoing Investment Guidance

SellWhenever members receive guidance on housing market trends, the best time to sell their house, and ways to maximize their home value. The real estate agent the customer is matched with will continue to show updated data on the housing market, so you can put your house up for sale at the optimal time.

Market data is available to SellWhenever customers through the online platform. This availability continues beyond the selling of the house. This helps customers to continue monitoring the investment value of their homes. 

Positive Online Reviews

SellWhenever has many positive reviews online. These positive reviews can be found on the company’s website and on third-party review sites as well. Many customers talk about how they used the thank-you payment to improve their homes and increase their property value. This way, when it was time to sell, they earned a substantial return on their investment. 

Accredited by Better Business Bureau

SellWhenever has been Better Business Bureau accredited since 2019. Additionally, SellWhenever received an A rating from BBB. These two data points speak to SellWhenever’s credibility and the company’s ability to satisfy its customers and resolve complaints. 


The Bad

  • New Business
  • Pricing Unknown

New Business

SellWhenever opened its file with the Better Business Bureau in 2019. The company’s social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) were only created in the past year. This indicates that the company may be relatively new. However, this should not scare potential customers away, as those who have done business with SellWhenever have typically been satisfied. 

Pricing Unknown

Aside from the information about receiving a thank-you payment, there is little information about pricing for services on the SellWhenever website. It is unclear if customers are expected to pay the real estate agents, pay a monthly fee to SellWhenever, or if all payment comes out of the company’s percentage of the sale of the home. If the latter is the case, the SellWhenever site does not indicate what percentage the company takes from the sale. 


The Bottom Line

SellWhenever has a lot of benefits to offer its customers. With a thank-you payment and ongoing investment guidance, customers are likely to sell their homes at the best possible value. If you choose to go with SellWhenever, we recommend you confirm that the company hires agents in your area. We also encourage you to verify if there are any fees for your continued use of the SellWhenever platform. 

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