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LAST UPDATED: August 9th, 2022

Fast5Kloans Is a platform that connects lenders with customers seeking to take out small loans. Loan amounts range from $100-$5,000 and are available in nearly all 50 states.

Fast5Kloans focuses on providing individuals, regardless of credit score or history, with loans in a quick and simple way.

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The Good

  • Fast Turn Around
  • High Loan Acceptance
  • No Fast5Kloans fees

Fast Turn Around

Because Fast5Kloans only allows customers loan amounts up to $5,000, It is able to secure you loans fast. If you are accepted by one of Fast5Kloans verified lenders you can expect to get your loan in as soon as the next business day.

If you are accepted for a loan you are free to use your loan for practically anything. A few examples that are listed on the Fast5Kloans website include:

  • Home repairs
  • Auto repairs
  • Medical Bills

High Loan Acceptance

Since Fast5Kloans is a platform that works with dozens of lenders the approval odds are very high. The combination of a small loan request with the platform's capabilities of getting approval from several different lenders makes your Fast5Kloans approval odds are very high.

In addition, Fast5Kloans will allow any credit type to engage with its platform, but it cannot guarantee 100% approval for everyone. For those with low credit scores, or no credit history Fast5Kloans can improve your chances of loan approval since your loan request is being looked over by dozens of lenders as opposed to just a few.

No Fast5Kloans fees

There are no Fast5Kloans customers fees. It is completely free for customers to engage with its platform and fill out an application. 

Lenders will charge interest APR rates and possible lending fees, but the Fast5Kloans platform itself does not charge customers anything to use its services.


The Bad

  • Ambiguous Lending Terms

Ambiguous Lending Terms

Reiterating the fact that Fast5Kloans is a lending platform that works with multiple companies, there is no set standard when it comes to the loans terms, fees, APR rates and duration. You will have to submit a loan application before you are able to see all the regulations associated with your potential loan.

This makes it a bit difficult to compare Fast5Kloans rates to other companies because each lender will have unique rates and fees. 


The Bottom Line

Fast5Kloans is all about getting customers small loans quickly. It does this by working with several lenders until the right one is found. 

If time and approval odds are important to you, Fast5Kloans is a great option to consider. Make sure to double check the lender that you are matched up to ensure that its rates and fees work for you.

Checkout Fast5Kloans reviews below!

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shawne bradley San Francisco, CA

This company was very disappointing from the start. Impossible customer service, interest rates way too high, very few options

1 year ago