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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2020

National Agents Alliance (NAA) is a life insurance broker agency. National Agents Alliance employees sell insurance policies underwritten by multiple insurers. These partnerships with life insurers makes it easier to find the kinds of policies that best fit your needs.

NAA’s primary focus is on life insurance for mortgage protection. It also helps smokers and diabetics find affordable life insurance policies.

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The Good

  • Multiple Partner Companies
  • Life Insurance Policy Variety
  • Policy Riders Available
  • Additional Programs

Multiple Partner Companies

NAA partners with several life insurers to help each person it works with find the best coverage at the best rate. These partnerships allow consumers a convenient way to learn about more of their life insurance options and get assistance from independent life insurance agents.

NAA’s primary focus is on life insurance for mortgage protection. It also helps smokers and diabetics find affordable life insurance policies.

Life Insurance Policy Variety

NAA’s focus on specific demographics and needs makes the life insurance industry more approachable to those unfamiliar with the vocabulary. NAA offers the following kinds of life insurance products:

  • Mortgage protection insurance
  • Mortgage disability insurance
  • Term life insurance
  • Spouse life insurance (for stay-at-home parents)
  • Final expense insurance (covers lingering debts and unpaid bills)
  • Funeral and burial insurance
  • Diabetic life insurance
  • Smoker life insurance
  • New parent life insurance
  • Child’s saving plan (through an indexed universal life insurance plan)
  • Universal life insurance

This variety of offerings makes it easy for consumers to find the kind of policy that best meets their needs.

NAA’s offerings of mortgage protection insurance and mortgage disability insurance provide its customers with peace of mind regarding their mortgage debt.

Mortgage protection insurance is life insurance that provides a death benefit that can pay off a mortgage.

Mortgages are a big financial burden. For those who are the primary income earners in their families, having a life insurance policy that can pay off a mortgage brings peace of mind for your family's financial stability.

Mortgage disability insurance provides money in the event of disability or medical conditions that prevent keeping a job.

NAA’s focused offerings for smokers and individuals with diabetes also make NAA life insurance stand out. Generally, life insurance rates for these demographics are higher. NAA agents work to find the best rates and cheaper rates for smokers and diabetics.

While it is unclear whether or not potential clients will need to undergo a medical exam as part of the underwriting process, the specialization makes NAA stand out from other life insurers.

Universal life insurance is a kind of permanent life insurance that lasts a lifetime. Universal life insurance has higher premiums than term life insurance but also has the advantage of being able to build cash value through investments. The cash value can be accessed at any time or be paid out to the beneficiaries in addition to the death benefit.

The range of offerings is one of the pros of choosing NAA.

Policy Riders Available

NAA offers the following living benefits that can be added to its life insurance policies:

  • Unemployment Waiver of Premiums
  • Accelerated Death Benefit
  • Return of Premium
  • Disability Income
  • Children’s Term

The unemployment waiver of premiums waives premiums for up to six months if the policyowner is unemployed.

The accelerated death benefit allows the insured to receive the death benefit sooner for medical expenses in the event of a critical, chronic, or terminal illness.

For term life insurance, policyholders can receive their premiums back when the policy expires and the insured is still living.

The disability rider provides monthly payments to replace income lost due to disability for as long as 30 months.

The children’s term insurance allows policyholders to add insurance for their children or grandchildren.

Additional Programs

NAA also offers annuities and tax-free retirement programs. These programs help people prepare for retirement by saving and investing money.


The Bad

  • Policy Availability Varies by State

Policy Availability Varies by State

Some of NAA’s policy offerings are not available everywhere. While limited availability may be a problem for some shoppers, working directly with an NAA agent is the best way for consumers to learn about the offerings available in their area.

If the kind of policy you’re looking for isn’t available in your area, you may have to find another insurance broker or company.


The Bottom Line

NAA is a great option when it comes to choosing a life insurance broker agency. NAA connects each client to life insurance policies from multiple life insurance companies, which makes it easier to understand options and find the insurance company with the best rates for your situation.

NAA life insurance is especially good for smokers and diabetics because it finds cheaper life insurance rates than the more common ones.

NAA stands out for its focus on mortgage protection and providing life insurance specifically designed to cover that debt if the primary earner passes away or becomes unable to work due to disability.

NAA's life insurance policies offer clients' peace of mind for their family's and friends' future financial stability. Potential clients should reach out to NAA directly to learn more about specific offerings available in their area.

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