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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Sonic Internet offers download speeds up to 20 Mbps, no data caps, and a one-year contract.

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As an internet provider, Sonic Internet's mission is simple: to provide the best internet speed and great customer service for the most affordable price. The company strives to accomplish its mission by continually innovating and working to change the face of the broadband service industry.

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The Good

  • Brand New Fiber-Optic Lines
  • No Data Limits

Brand New Fiber-Optic Lines

Sonic Internet's service lines are brand new in every area where the company operates. This means that the lines are using the most current fiber optic technology, which keeps the network constantly running at full speed. Some players in the internet service provider industry will vary in speed depending on the time of day, so users may not be getting the actual speed that they are paying for each month. However, Sonic Internet customers do not have to worry about this issue. Fiber internet service is considered the most reliable connection.

No Data Limits

Some ISP companies set limits on how much data their customers can use each month. Sonic Internet does not impose any data caps on its customers' usage. Each Sonic customer can use as much data as desired each month while still enjoying quick speeds.


The Bad

  • 12-Month Contract
  • Limited Service Area
  • Slow Speeds

12-Month Contract

While several other internet providers do not require any contracts, Sonic Internet requires its customers to sign into a minimum 12-month agreement in order to utilize the company's services. If the customer needs to cancel the internet connection for any reason before the end of the contract, they will be required to pay an early termination fee.

Limited Service Area

Sonic Internet's service area is incredibly limited; the company only operates in a few cities in California. Not only does this restrict the number of consumers who have access to Sonic Internet's services, but it also makes it difficult for existing Sonic customers who move outside of the company's service area because they have to deal with the hassle of switching providers and cancelling their contract.

Slow Speeds

Sonic Internet's top download speed is 20 Mbps, which is incredibly slow in the industry. Many other companies offer more than 20 Mbps as their bottom speed and go as fast as 1 Gbps.


The Bottom Line

Sonic offers its customers fiber internet and no data limits. However, the company's service area is limited to a few cities in California, the speeds are very slow, and its customers are required to sign into a 12-month contract. We do not recommend working with Sonic Internet at this time.

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Mimi Lain San Francisco, CA

I've had it with Xfinity, they raise prices too often and too fast, their customer service is unremarkable so I heard Sonic is a great alternative. I saw the online promotion indicating 3 months of free service and $49.99 monthly charge for the 2nd tier service, I decided to switch. The online order was simple and easy, but without a lot of explanation until you've signed up. That should have been a sign... The installation was a no show at first by AT&T they've contracted, finally, the AT&T guy showed up and installed the gateway 3 days later, I had to plug in the telephone gadget although I didn't need a landline. I ordered two "eeros" for $19.95 / month rental for I thought it was a gadget required but later returned them for I am able to use my own google wifi as extenders. Nonetheless, I was charged $75.99 for the first month, I called and asked, the guy asked me to call back when Accounting is working, I called again, the woman explained that the 3 month free promotion was only for "Sonic Fiber optic" which was not available in my area, so they had to do it by contracting with AT&T with a node, so it is not real fiber option, and I have to pay additional $16/ month on top of the $49.99 to rent the gateway and phone jack - that was a surprise! I can pay for the gateway but for a phone jack I don't need? They claimed the landline comes "free", I felt deceived for none of these were explained to me before the order was placed! without placing the order, you have no info regarding their policies. I have a bad feeling about this. However, the internet has been working fine, but I will wait and see if I will keep this company - after one month I am bound to a one-year contract!!

2 months ago

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Paul Sunnyvale, CA

The claims of this website are not true. I suffered with intermittent internet and the world's worst customer support from Comcast and AT&T for many years. Many complaints, no change at all. About four years ago I switched to Sonic and the costs were lower, speeds were higher, and I get a knowledge tech to work with as soon as I call. I am not under a 12 month contract, and Sonic's speeds are equivalent to AT&T's. I cannot recommend this company strongly enough. It is well run, the product is reasonably priced, and the telephone support techs are local, intelligent, and cheerful. Phone and internet, 50 Mbps symmetric. Very happy. Paul in Sunnyvale CA

10 months ago

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Matt San Francisco, CA

Its the best internet I have ever had. Comcast and AT&T are trash and really bad companies. My fiber internet in San Francisco gets 115mbps download and 276mbps upload. I just ran the speed test right now. It is FAST and the company is always pleasant to deal with, although I have almost never had to call them. The only bad thing I can say is that they require you to rent the router, but even with that rental fee it is about $45 cheaper than Comcast was, and 5 times the speed. This site has incorrect information since the speed is over 100mbps up and down, not 20mbps like this page says. I HIGHLY recommend Sonic. *Also, I actually work for At&t, since they own WB, and could get a discount on my internet and I still stay with Sonic.

1 year ago

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Brigette S. Van Nuys, CA

This company offer a very inexpensive price, have the absolute best customer service and knowledgeable as well as kind technicians, I WOULD NEVER GO BACK TO SPECTRUM! My Wifi is plenty fast. I have no data caps and no longer pay outrageous monthly costs with surcharges, strange, errroneous made up fees, using Spectrums service charges, because my nane begins with a B surcharge. I was so fed up before I found Sonic, that I refused to pay a $250 ( just for one month and all I had was wifi!), bill from Spectrum. Even though not paying this bill is ruining my almost perfect credit, I will never pay that $250. I paid the 40 plus taxes etc etc, that was what I signed up for. But on principal, I will never pay $250 for one month of wifi. I was completely without Wifi for over 6 months. I MUST HAVE IT for work. But, I refuse to go with Spectrum or AT&T. So when I found Sonic, I was mildly hopeful. Now, I am so happy, just overjoyed!! They are by far the most compassionate, knowledgable, all over the best company I have ever dealt with. They remind me of a little book store I loved, years ago. They would always save books for me, they knew my taste. They knew my name. They cared. Sonic is very much like that. I love that!

1 year ago

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fearles jane San Francisco, CA

Download Mbps 11.62 Upload Mbps .94 Excelsior, San Francisco December 2, 2018 Works for me. Unlike ATT, I can now watch movies on Netflix without glitches. I like my landline, don't want everyone yanking my chain when I am away from home. That makes a difference, because ATT is extra charges for each of long distance, caller ID, voicemail, etc. Now I can have a long conversation with my cousin in Canada or my friend in Selma, California (Raisin Capital of the World!) without a thought about cost. The majority of my incoming calls are from spoofed numbers trying to sell me health insurance, and I prefer to keep my mobile clear of that sort of thing. Service is from live people who answer their phones.

2 years ago

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Josh Sacramento, CA

Was a customer for 7 years, about as slow as any other internet in the Bay Area. You start off paying $40 a month for about a year and by the end we were paying $90 a month without any upgrades in speed. Service never cut out which was a plus. Just be aware they ask for a 30 day notice before ending service, then charge you a lot of extra fees at the end even though we returned all the equipment. Probably the same experience of any of these large internet companies, just wish we had high speed, public internet some small towns are pulling off that isn't run by shady companies.

6 months ago

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Alan Sunnyvale, CA

You must rent their modem and VOIP equipment. Add that in and my bills were about $67 a month for roughly 20MBs. That isn't very good. I bought a cable modem for $120 and I pay $30/mo for 1 year ($40 after) and get 60MBs; I also pay OOMA about $6/mo. Way faster in aggregate for 50% of the price. The other problem is that they charge you for the last month when you are returning the equipment (at your expense) to them. Huh? With Comcast, you call them and you are shutoff immediately. Mind you, I don't *like* Comcast. They have simply horrible customer service. By contrast, I have nothing but praise for Sonic's CS. That is why I'm giving them 3 stars. It isn't for the value of the service. That is *maybe* 2 stars, but more likely 1. I won't be a customer of Sonic again unless their pricing structure changes.

2 years ago

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Christine Pinole, CA

For me, Sonic was absolutely horrible and I advise everyone to stay away from this company. Sales and advertising: Not blatant lies, but definitely half-truths. They advertise in big, bold letters $40/month. They cheapest price they could offer me was $70/month. After one year, that went up to $80/month. Product/Service: Absolute fail. I even feel like they're a complete scam. They promised download speeds of up to 75 Mbps. I got less than 1 Mbps. That's completely appalling. Guarantee/Warranty: My modem failed within a couple of months. They replaced it for free, but it was a hassle. And then, my phone service keep going out. I kept having to unplug everything and then plug it all back in again. Customer Service: You'll get a English-speaking human but they're rude and they'll talk over you. Cancellation of Service: Again, scammy practices. They claim that it takes 30 days to process cancellations. So, most people call when they're ready to terminate, right? Well, you'll have to pay for service for an extra 30 days from the date that you call to terminate. So you'll be stuck paying for an extra month of service which you neither need nor want. Shady, shady, shady. There are positive reviews all over the internet for this company. Please, please keep in mind that it's so easy for a company to post fake reviews.

2 years ago

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Mrs. RL White

They put their customers first! They support Net Neutrality & always have! Their services rock & are the best price!

3 years ago

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Charles San Francisco, CA

Because the rates are decent, the service is excellent, and the customer service is superior.

3 years ago

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Bill Minor

Great support team. Knowledgable, helpful, always there when you need them.

1 year ago

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Doug R

Would like to see more upgrade opptys and ability to unbundle landline service

2 years ago

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1 Mbps download and 0.5 Mbps upload for about $63 per month in San Francisco.

2 years ago

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