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LAST UPDATED: March 23rd, 2023

SureSmile is an invisible braces provider that works with independent doctors. You can contact the company directly, or you can see which doctors are in SureSmile’s network and inquire about SureSmile aligners that way. 

SureSmile’s treatment works with patients that have mild teeth issues, including overly crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, gaps between teeth, and slightly winged or crooked teeth. 

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The Good

  • Simple Treatment Process
  • Multiple Treatment Options
  • Online Doctor Search

Simple Treatment Process

SureSmile has a straightforward treatment process that makes it quick and simple for customers to receive aligner treatment. 

  • Step 1 — To start the custom treatment plan, you’ll need to visit a SureSmile doctor to get digital impressions taken of your teeth. You can search for SureSmile doctors in your network using the company's search tool on its website, or you can contact SureSmile directly.
  • Step 2 — Once your impressions are taken, SureSmile uses its software to examine your bite, teeth placement, and other factors to determine the best custom treatment plan for you.  
  • Step 3 — Based on the information SureSmile gathers from your digital impressions, the company will use its manufacturing technology to create and send you your custom clear aligners to your doctor. This includes multiple pairs of aligners that you will switch between to move your teeth to the desired placement. SureSmile makes its aligners in world-class fabrication factories and uses 3D printed models with robotic laser trimming to ensure precision and the perfect fit.
  • Step 4 — The final step of the aligner process is wearing your aligners as directed and regularly speaking with your SureSmile doctor to ensure you remain on track throughout your treatment process. This includes regular dental visits. 

Multiple Treatment Options

If you’re interested in looking into other treatment options other than invisible braces, SureSmile offers other solutions:

  • Traditional braces — The most common braces treatment that attaches metal brackets to the teeth.
  • Low-visibility braces — Ceramic brackets that are made to match teeth color in order to be a more subtle option when compared to traditional metal braces.
  • Hidden braces — Metal braces that are placed behind your teeth for inconspicuous treatment.
  • Hybrid solutions — Multiple braces solutions depending on your situation. This could mean traditional braces for the first half of treatment and clear aligners to finish. 

Online Doctor Search

SureSmile’s website includes an online search function that allows you to enter your zip code and find SureSmile doctors near you. You can filter the search by a search radius as well as by the type of doctor you’re looking for: General Practice, Multi-disciplinary, or Orthodontist. 


The Bad

  • Doctor Visits Required
  • Limited Online Information
  • SureSmile Reviews

Doctor Visits Required

Most clear aligner processes are completed at home with no required dental visits. However, SureSmile requires customers to book doctor appointments in order to receive treatment since the company works with doctors rather than completes the aligner process itself. 

Limited Online Information

On its website, SureSmile details its treatment process but fails to mention other noteworthy information that would be helpful for customers to know, such as pricing information, average treatment length, contract length, etc. It's likely there is little information online since pricing-related information will vary depending on your dental insurance and selected doctor. 

SureSmile Reviews

SureSmile doesn't currently have any customer reviews. Without consumer reviews, it's difficult to know if SureSmile is a trusted invisible braces company that provides quality products and service. We suggest looking into other invisible braces providers that have more customer reviews to ensure you're selecting a consumer-trusted brand. 


The Bottom Line

SureSmile is a unique invisible braces provider in that it offers its services through independent doctors instead of directly to consumers. So although your invisible aligners will be created for you directly by SureSmile, the company will only provide them to you through a doctor in its network. You can find SureSmile doctors in your area by inputting your location on SureSmile’s website and determining which type of doctor you’re interested in. 

Unfortunately, SureSmile is not an at-home invisible braces solution. If you’re looking for convenience and don’t want to worry about office visits, we suggest researching other invisible braces providers that offer at-home solutions. SureSmile also offers little information about pricing on its website because it depends on the doctor you select. This makes it difficult to compare the invisible braces company with other providers. 

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susann cooper Wakefield, MA

Because I didn't get the nightguard quickly, my teeth are crooked again. I needed to acquire the extra $900 for the nightguard. My teeth are worse than before I got the Sure Smile. It was a waste of thousands of dollars. I"m upset.

1 year ago


Review Source

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Fernando Dallas, TX

Suresmile sure did make me smile more. I only had to spend a few minutes in the dental chair for the consult but it is worth getting a great fit for the aligners. They are comfortable and affordable.

1 year ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Frank Rivera Lynnfield, MA

SureSmiles aligners were a better choice than traditional braces at a comparable cost. Happy with results.

1 year ago