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LAST UPDATED: September 3rd, 2020

OneTwoSmile, based in the Middle East, is an invisible braces company that is dedicated to helping people smile with more confidence. The company currently services the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan. A typical at-home treatment takes an average of six months to complete and is one of the least expensive in the industry. 

All OneTwoSmile aligners are made of durable, stain-resistant thermoplastic material that is BPA free.

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The Good

  • Smile Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Online Assessment
  • Clinic Consultation
  • Price
  • Personalized Care

Smile Satisfaction Guarantee

OneTwoSmile offers its customers a smile satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee allows customers that are not satisfied with their aligners within 30 days of starting treatment to get a full refund. After trying the aligners but deciding not to continue with treatment, all a customer has to do is return the aligners and the company will issue a full refund.

The opportunity to get a refund after starting the beginning of a treatment process is a really great offering on OneTwoSmile’s part. While other companies will refund a customer if they’re not a good candidate for invisible braces, many won’t refund a customer after sending the first pair of clear retainers. 

Online Assessment

Not every teeth misalignment can be fixed with invisible braces. OneTwoSmile helps potential customers know if they’re a good candidate for invisible braces through an online quiz. The quiz asks a customer about what teeth issues they have, and then OneTwoSmile will reach out to them with a plan. The online assessment takes 30 seconds to complete and is a quick way to find out if a person is a good candidate for invisible braces or not.

Clinic Consultation

OneTwoSmile’s treatment system is an at-home treatment, but to start the process, the company partners with local orthodontists to take a 3D scan of a customer’s teeth. After filling out the online assessment, OneTwoSmile will tell each customer what orthodontists it is partnering with in the local area. Customers will then meet with this orthodontist for an overall health inspection of the person’s teeth and to create a 3D scan. 

Once OneTwoSmile receives the scan, the company’s orthodontists will create a map of teeth movement and straightening and send it to the customer for approval. This lets the customer know how long the treatment will take and what the end result will look like.

Other invisible braces companies start treatment with an impression kit, which can be hard to do at home by yourself. A visit to a local clinic makes the process easier, though customers will have to take some time out of their day to go to the appointment and the scan isn’t included in the overall cost.


With an overall cost of $1,700, OneTwoSmile is one of the least expensive invisible braces companies on the market. Customers can choose to pay the overall cost upfront, or $93 a month. The monthly cost is slightly higher than other invisible braces companies, so going with the overall cost seems to be the best deal.

Personalized Care

As soon as a customer starts a treatment plan with OneTwoSmile, they have access to personalized care from an expert, or smile specialist, assigned to them and their treatment. These experts are doctors and dentists that have, on average, 20 years of experience in their fields. 

Customers can contact their smile specialist from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays through an online chat. While some invisible braces companies offer teledentistry opportunities, many don’t have on-call specialists available to their customers throughout the week.


The Bad

  • Clinic 3D Scan Cost
  • Post-Treatment Retainer Cost

Clinic 3D Scan Cost

Though the in-clinic 3D scan is less of a hassle than doing an impression of your teeth at home, the cost is higher than what normal impression kits cost. An in-clinic scan costs $140, whereas impression kits can be as low as $45 with other invisible braces companies. It’s also not clear if the price of the 3D scan is included in the full refund.

Post-Treatment Retainer Cost

In order for teeth to stay straight after wearing invisible braces for several months, most companies recommend wearing a retainer. OneTwoSmile charges $100 for its retainers and suggests getting new retainers every six months for best results. While many companies charge for post-treatment retainers, some do not and will include the price of retainers in the overall cost.


The Bottom Line

OneTwoSmile offers competitive pricing among the invisible braces industry, with the added benefit of having a smile specialist dedicated to each customer’s treatment. The Smile Satisfaction Guarantee also gives a great opportunity for people to try out the treatment and still be able to get a full refund if they don’t like it. The clinic consultation and 3D scan can be easier to do than an at-home impression kit, but it’s much more expensive than most impression kits are.

Customers should also factor in the cost of additional retainers that the company recommends buying every six months. If customers don’t mind paying for the clinic consultation and would like to try invisible braces, the low overall cost and smile satisfaction guarantee offer a good opportunity to try the treatment without a full commitment.

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