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LAST UPDATED: January 7th, 2023 a trademark of One Technologies LLC, is a company that provides identity theft protection services and a few credit-related services including daily credit monitoring. offers potential customers a free seven-day trial period. 

Those who sign up for the company’s services will be able to obtain daily credit monitoring services, access to credit reports and credit scores from the three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). 

Customers will also receive up to $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage along with the company’s credit-focused ScoreTracker and ScoreCast tools. 

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The Good

  • Free Trial
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Insurance

Free Trial

Before customers start paying for services on a monthly basis, they can test out’s identity protection services for seven days for free. 

This free, seven-day trial period allows customers to see if’s services are right for them without facing much financial risk. 

Customers should note that they will automatically be charged a monthly membership fee of $29.95 once their free trial membership period ends. 

Those who do not want to continue on with their membership after the seven-day trial should make sure to cancel their membership before the trial period comes to an end. 

Credit Monitoring provides its customers with credit monitoring, credit reports, and credit scores from all three major credit bureaus.

The company also offers a credit score tracker (ScoreTracker) and a score simulator (ScoreCast), which are useful for predicting changes in credit based on potential scenarios.

Identity Theft Insurance offers its customers up to $1 million in identity theft reimbursement insurance.

This insurance policy ensures that customers will be covered if they fall victim to identity theft while paying for identity theft protection services.

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The Bad

  • Higher Cost
  • Lack of Services
  • Limited Website Information

Higher Cost charges a fee of $29.95 per month for its services.

This price is higher than the average monthly price that several other companies in the identity theft industry charge. 

Lack of Services appears to lack several important industry services, including recovery assistance, lost wallet protection, bank account monitoring, and social security monitoring. 

Limited Website Information

Although does have a helpful frequently asked questions section on its website, there is not much other information that is disclosed about the company online. does not provide information on its website regarding payment options and service plans, staff details, cancellation and refund policies, additional services, and more. 

The company also does not appear to provide any information on whether or not they offer assistance to customers who have pre-existing identity theft conditions. 

It appears that potential customers must sign up for the company’s free, seven-day trial membership in order to learn more about the services offered. 


The Bottom Line offers a free, seven-day trial membership as well as daily credit monitoring and up to $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage. 

The company also gives customers access to credit reports and credit scores from all three major credit reporting agencies and provides customers with a dispute center, a ScoreTracker tool, and a ScoreCast tool., unfortunately, does not offer a number of other important services, including recovery assistance and bank account monitoring. 

The company also charges a higher monthly fee than many other companies in the identity theft industry and does not provide much information about its services on its main website. 

We recommend that you sign up for the company’s free, seven-day trial and read several customer reviews before choosing this service to protect your identity.

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Charmaine Tacoma, WA

I'm not at all satisfiefd with this company.I keep asking over,and over again for you to cancel my membership,but no one has gotten back to me.This is very frustrating since you keep trying to,take,$39 out of my account everyday day.Please cancel my,membership as soon as possible.I'm no longer wanting to be a subscriber,to may credit review

8 months ago

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Jay Guthy Chaska, MN

Subscribed to National Credit Report (NCR) for years, basic plan. Paid once a year for credit scores. Always had access to my credit report. No longer the case. Visited the site today to view most recent report and it was not available. Did a chat and was told by an agent my plan no longer offers reports. And, the scores I purchased were gone in 30 days, so I cannot even access scores for which I paid, a year ago. How unfortunate. They claim they offering monitoring of my credit but thankfully all has been good for years, so they never contact me even once a year to tell me "all is good" or, "keep up the great work" Basically, I am tossing $72 annually out the window. Cancelled my subscription today. I feel fleeced.

1 year ago

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Bri Corona, CA

I signed up for National Credit Score knowing that I am, by law, entitled to one free credit report. However, there was no follow-up email letting me know that my "free trial period" was going to end, and no kind of notification that I was going to be charged except for the notification on my bank statement. I would have greatly appreciated some kind of follow-up email letting me know the fee was coming. I canceled immediately and was helped by a nice man named Mike who sent in a request for my refund. I am confused as to why they need to send a request for my refund though. I was unhappy with their service and unfortunately was not guaranteed I would get my money back. Needless to say, I will not be using this service again.

8 years ago

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Roberta Cohen Indianapolis, IN

They charge an outrageous amount to let me know if there has been an inquiry. When I called to cancel, they reduced my price to $17.95 and the lady hard-sold me on how essential their product is to my credit well-being. But most importantly, their credit reporting scores are completely inaccurate, which suggests they are running a scam. They have told me my scores are 758, 760 and 760 each time I have checked over the last three months. However, my bank ran my credit last week for a mortgage application, and my Transunion score was 795! Can you say scam???? Cheats? I am trying to reach someone to cancel this once and for all. Wish me luck.

8 years ago

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Peter Sumter, SC

All about here is true. I have signed over half year ago for free trial. I called immediately after to cancel it. I was told it is cancelled and I forgot about it. However, my fault, I haven't check my credit card statement for a half year, to find yesterday that for the last 6 month I was charged by them $29.95/month. I called nationalcreditreport to find what it is for, but I was asked too many sensitive questions up front, so I gave up and called my CC to report unauthorized charges. The same day the investigation began, had cancelled my account writing me an email, but also the same day HAD REPORTED ME to a Credit Biuro as outstanding balance and harmed my credit reputation. I think nationalcreditreport runs its business in purpose to trick people and blackmail them if they want to step out. It is illegal practice and should be stopped.

8 years ago

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Jackie Stefani Orange, CA

I did not believe the comments at I wish that I would have NEVER tried National Credit Report at all. I am now being swindled out of $29.95! They have learned how to make money from lying to their customers. I was told about the trial and that if I cancelled within the trial period I would not be charged. I also called and cancelled twice, once with Jenny and the second time with Luis. I noticed that I was charged the same day that I cancelled, when I called them they stated that I did not cancel exactly at the same time that I signed up with them. They stated that since I signed up at 2:00pm and when I cancelled it went over the 2:00pm mark. They don't count the days, but also count the hours of the FREE TRIAL. They never specified that information and now I am disputing the $29.95 charge that I did NOT authorize them to take! They are stealing from all of their customers by being disceatful. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and I suggest that everyone else do that too. I am sure that once they see that National Credit Report is a scam, NO ONE will use them. I am furious and cannot believe what a scam they are. I will never use them and I will definitely be telling everyone about my horrible experience with National Credit Report. I would think twice before ANYONE signed up with National Credit Report

8 years ago

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Natalie Nicholson Flower Mound, TX

The service you provide is great. The price is a little high. The customer service when trying to cancel is the most frustrating thing I have ever dealt with. First, you cannot understand your customer service reps. Second, the gentlemen kept trying to resell me on services, which I understand is part of the job. But after I have said twice that I would like to cancel, he should have stopped. Then he tried to provide me with 30 days free but the catch, I would have to call BACK to cancel before the 30 days expired or my membership would be renewed. I do not appreciate trying to be tricked into paying for something.

8 years ago

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The company preys on the elderly. My mother mistakenly signed up for this thinking she was just getting a "free" credit report. They locked her into a monthly membership which she had no idea she had allowed them to do. i tried to explain this to them and cancel her membership. She was denied a refund and won't confirm they have even canceled her membership.

6 years ago

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Holly Oakland, CA

This is definitely a scam. I signed up for the $1 credit report and they proceeded to charge me $29 / month for the next 14 months and I never received a single email from them during that time. You'd think a credit monitoring service would at least send an occasional email, but nothing, zero (yes, I checked my spam folder too). I also confirmed with the rep that they had my correct email address. Total scam!

7 years ago

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Chantel Cummings Jacksonville, FL

Somehow I got signed up for their service while trying to fix an issue of fraud on my credit report. I ended up working with the big three on my own, but still got signed up for this. I didn't know I was signing up for anything until $29.95 was taken from my bank account. I never got a receipt or welcome email or anything. Since I didn't know I was a member, I didn't know to cancel within 7 days and now they won't refund my money. Bait and click if I actually even did sign up.

8 years ago

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Tyronia Carson Charlotte, NC

*DO NOT SIGNED UP WITH THIS COMPANY* Every review on this forum is telling the truth. They will take your money and will not refund it, even though they are in the wrong. I don't have time to continue to waste to talk about a company that does this however PLEASE go with somone else who is less expensive and customer friendly!

8 years ago

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Dennis Rivenburg

I was mislead I thought it was free and now I've found out they have been charging my Ss disability debit card $30 a month for a year. Over $360 that I could have used for food. Bait and switch total scam. Report this to the proper authorty.

8 years ago

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terry Summerville, SC

just another way of getting money. I tried to cancel always get the run around or put on hold forever. the information was not up to date and very inadequate. waste of time and money!

7 years ago

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Nathan Mayo

This service is straight out of the Twilight Zone... I got signed up for the service through a classic bait and switch and I called twice asking them to cancel it. They've been billing me for over a year.

8 years ago

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Carol Shackelford Newcastle, CA

Very poor company. I never signed up for a monthly service, but was charged. They only refunded one month. Not the four months I was charged

8 years ago

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Getting info was very difficult. Conversation with Customer service got listed in translation. Would not recommend.

7 years ago