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LAST UPDATED: June 25th, 2021

This company is no longer offering services. Consumers can get similar services from Identity Guard.

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ITAC Sentinel's web portal, along with any accompanying information about this identity protection service, is only accessible to customers who have received a letter from their bank containing a username and PIN. Information found in this review has been extracted from news stories following the JP Morgan Chase and TD Bank (companies that contracted ITAC Sentinel's services) data hacks in 2012 and 2013.

Despite these endorsements, ITAC Sentinel is NOT a recommended company, and customers are strongly encouraged to investigate our top identity theft protection companies before making a decision.

Identity Theft Assistance Center, or ITAC, is a nonprofit organization made up of financial services companies that came together with the goal of protecting their consumers from identity theft. Since its creation in 2004, ITAC has helped tens of thousands of victims restore their financial identities. ITAC Sentinel offers its ITAC Victim Assistance program, which provides victims of identity theft with information designed to help them restore their identities, to all consumers.

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The Good

  • Three Packages
  • Affordable
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Internet Surveillance

Three Packages

ITAC Sentinel offers three identity monitoring and protection plans: Sentinel, Sentinel Plus, and Sentinel Premium. Each plan provides credit monitoring, credit card theft protection, and identity protection insurance coverage from AIG.


ITAC Sentinel's identity protection packages range from $9.99 to $17.99, which is affordable for most consumers.

Credit Monitoring

ITAC Sentinel offers credit monitoring from all three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Internet Surveillance

ITAC Sentinel uses internet surveillance to reduce the risk of identity theft online by continuously searching the internet for signs that registered bank accounts, credit accounts, and social security number are potentially at risk.



The Bad

  • Limited Recovery Services
  • $250 Deductible
  • No Free Trial Offered

Limited Recovery Services

ITAC Sentinel does not offer full-service lost wallet protection, but it does offer card theft protection. However, this protection only offers a portion of the features provided by a lost wallet service. For example, card theft protection will not restore driver's licenses, social security cards, insurance cards, or checkbooks.

$250 Deductible

Each ITAC Sentinel identity theft insurance policy has a $250 deductible. This is uncommon, as most identity protection companies offer policies with no deductible.

No Free Trial Offered

ITAC Sentinel does not offer a free trial period for its identity theft services. 


The Bottom Line

ITAC Sentinel offers multiple affordable packages that include credit monitoring and internet surveillance. However, the company provides limited recovery services and and its policies have $250 deductibles. 

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Valerie Woodland Hills, CA

I received this service originally thru my bank and have continued to keep it for information updates but just now Completely disappoionted with this company's Customer Service response to my account being "cancelled" without notifying me. Apparently possible "Fraud Alert" activity on my bank card caused the card to be pulled and I waited for a new card to be issued - ITAC was not able to run the card for charges and they silently dropped me --no notice. Seems a Credit Monitoring Company would get the concept of a credit bank card being cancelled due to Fraud. They claimed to have sent a letter to my P.O Box during December Holiday time which I never received - no request for a new payment card - nothing. Just spoke to their Customer Service rep and she in one breath told me I was cancelled and unable to re-enroll as they are not taking on any new customers...."but we thank you for your membership"....They recommended Costco Website for Identity Guard?? moving on.....

8 years ago

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deanna putnam Vergennes, VT

My credit card expired and rather than tell me, they let my account go in the red., when i found out 91 days later i called and was told they no longer are accepting new clients (i was on it for over 8 yrs). They wanted to argue with me when i called them... i said bye bye

4 years ago

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Frances Vandeburgt Westwood, NJ

It should not be legal for them to pursue me for a watchdog fee for a dead person's credit card. The bill only said to pay by credit card that doesn't belong to me because I don't have one. Why don't they tell me what to do to resolve the matter and close the account.

9 years ago

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Craig Byers Cape Coral, FL

called to request cancellation and instead was subjected to non stop series of product pitches untill i hung up after the sixth one. what kind of scam operation is this

7 years ago

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Melinda San Jose, CA

Did not do what it promised

9 years ago