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LAST UPDATED: March 8th, 2022

Frontier Secure provides services for many areas of digital life, including support, connection, and protection. The company's identity theft protection services are designed to help to keep consumers' personal information secure and prevent loss of assets due to identity theft.

Frontier Secure provides triple-bureau credit monitoring services, global identity monitoring, Social Security Number monitoring, lost wallet services, and identity theft restoration services.

The company does not provide that much information about its identity theft protection service online. Those interested in Frontier Secure's services are encouraged to read customer reviews and contact the company via phone call or live chat to learn more.  

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The Good

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Monitoring  Services
  • Document Recovery
  • 24/7 Availability

Affordable Pricing

Frontier Secure's identity theft protection service pricing starts at $9.99 per month. This pricing is more affordable than what many companies in the identity theft protection industry charge on a monthly basis. 

Monitoring  Services

Frontier Secure continuously monitors internet servers for its customers' personal information to ensure that it is not being compromised.

As mentioned above, this business also offers social security number monitoring services and global I.D. monitoring along with triple-bureau credit monitoring. 

Document Recovery

Frontier Secure's recovery team works from start to finish to quickly change, restore, or reissue customers' compromised cards and documents in the event of identity theft or a lost or stolen wallet.

24/7 Customer Service

Frontier Secure has customer service agents available around the clock so that customers can receive immediate help in the event of an identity theft or security breach situation.


The Bad

  • Limited State Availability
  • No Insurance
  • No Bank Account Monitoring
  • Lack of Recovery Assistance

Limited State Availability

Frontier Secure only operates in 27 states, which means there are several customers who do not have access to the company's services. 

No Insurance

Unlike the majority of companies in the industry, Frontier Secure does not offer identity theft insurance of any kind.

Those who fall victim to identity theft while paying for the company's identity protection services may suffer due to this lack of insurance coverage. 

No Bank Account Monitoring

Frontier Secure does not monitor customer bank accounts, which may leave these accounts vulnerable to identity thieves. 

Lack of Recovery Assistance

While the identity protection service provider assists customers with recovering compromised documents and cards, the company does not help customers to recover the financial losses that may occur as a result of identity theft.

Meanwhile, the majority of other companies in the identity theft industry offer identity theft insurance coverage, access to identity theft restoration specialists, and more. 


The Bottom Line

Frontier Secure offers cyber monitoring, social security number monitoring, credit monitoring, document recovery, lost or stolen wallet assistance, and around-the-clock customer service.

However, the business does not provide consumers with identity theft insurance, bank account monitoring, or financial loss recovery assistance.

At this time, we cannot recommend Frontier Secure's identity theft protection service due to the company's lack of identity theft insurance, recovery assistance, monitoring, and state availability.

If you are still interested in Frontier Secure's service, we encourage you to contact the company directly and read several customer reviews to get a better idea of what the company has to offer. 

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James baker Sandusky, OH

I have to say well done.. I'm aware of a ton of scam, phishing, and social engineering techniques designed to rip people off but being signed up with a completely unwanted/unrequested service by ATT with no notification or agreement is ridiculous. When signing up for only internet from ATT (roughly 35-40 a month) specifically asking that nothing but the monthly payment of the agreed amount and the installation fee would be charged the sales rep said nothing about anykind of additional service I was "automatically" signed up for. That I've been charged by an apparently outside company with which I had no agreement or ever spoken to is baffling and definitely an under handed bussiness practice by ATT and any other company who might have an "arrangement" like this. If your reading this comment/opinion it probably means they already got you for at least 12.99. I do have to thank frontier for one thing, proving that not checking your bank statements for a few months can cost you. First couple times I saw the charges I figured it might be some kind of credit/debit card processing company a gas station or other store might have used, only after looking at the statement in a month in which I knew I had not used my card did I look into the cts*frontier charges. I've just got to wait for the office hours of this company to see if it's as big of a pain to stop the charges as some people have said.

4 years ago

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Do not deal with this company! I sure didn't choose to, but somehow a CC charge of $10.28 was billed to me monthly. I called multiple times to cancel my "account". I DID NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT! I DID NOT AUTHORIZE CHARGES OF ANY KIND, WITH THEM EVER!!!! Not once did I get anywhere with these crooks. After a year of being billed, and making several calls to this so called company, the matter was going finally resolvedI I contacted my Credit card company, which resulted in having to cancel my current card and issue new ones. Relieved to have this rip off, scam of a company, behind me! I honestly think, there are 3-4 people, hanging out in someone's living room, passing the phone to one another as they transfer you to "different departments"! Ridiculous beyond words! Do not sign up with these individuals. They are so not legit.

5 years ago

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Nancy Bochte Rhinelander, WI

After having Frontier Tech download the anti virus I called a day later to tell them it was causing my freeze. The tech removed the program but did not know how to install the new one. She repeatedly opened screens for close to an hr never clicking anything and then copied the antivirus key and kept putting it in the address bar even though I repeatedly told her it did not go there. She then opened up my programs and removed my Malwarebytes even though I begged her to stop. I grabbed the cursor, but it was too late. I now have nothing and must find a new anti-virus. When I asked to speak with a supervisor she said there was none in her department and transferred my call to some no man's land where it was never answered. This was a night mare.

7 years ago

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steve Greensburg, IN

okay here's my technical review of this internet and product. I've had frontier DSL for 4 years now and have had numerous problems with the the internet being unreliable due to router malfunctions, WIFI disabling, and tech support that treats me like I'm a novice. I've been a systems engineer for 15 years and I can tell you some major bugs with the Frontier secure program they offer. #1. the backup they offer does not recover operating system settings. It only backs up user data e.g.documents. #2. the secure program overrides windows default update procedures and the user cannot update manually or change settings in windows. major drawback. #3. the anti-malware/anti-virus causes key windows operating system files to become corrupted by manipulating disk space and moving certain files (explorer.exe primarily) to quarantine. #4. the use of additional anti-malware programs is prohibited in the system, as the frontier secure program TAKES OWNERSHIP OF THE DRIVE. #5. the customer service agent installs teamviewer 8 on your system, knowing that it should be updated to the latest version (version 10 at the time of this writing) and places their own master password to access your system without authorization. #6. and final...the monthly fee does not outway the trouble that these problems can cause. I have had to reinstall windows in 7 computers, and replaced 2 hard drives for my customers due to this software. It is untested and bugged to be offered to paying customers. thanks for your time

7 years ago

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Charles Price Sedona, AZ

This is a useless service, pushed by Hughesnet. Since signing up with Hughesnet I have paid Frontier a monthly fee and never received a single email about the service or how to use, only emails I received are when I canceled my debit card to find the account number to cancel(account # in email means nothing to Frontier, its just there). They can't cross references you name and account, only phone number, so don't change your phone number. Try AVG Free it works.

3 years ago

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Lars Enggren Durango, CO

Never heard of this company and I have not added anything new in years yet I just got a cancellation notice from them meaning I have been getting billed for years. After a call, they could not tell me why I was billed or what company they were linked with in my case. After asking for a supervisor, I was put on hold for an extended period. Nothing about this company seems legitamate legal, moral or above board.

3 years ago

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cindy Wenatchee, WA

I haven't set up my internet yet, but just received 4 emails thanking me for signing up with Frontier Secure, which was a surprise to me. I was able to get in touch with someone quickly, though it took them 20 minutes just to find my internet account. She apologized for me being signed up for the security plan and told me it would be investigated. I haven't been billed for anything yet, so we'll see...

4 years ago

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Parish Hinds Indianapolis, IN

They sign you up with NO CONTRACT or signature AUTOMATICALLY when you get an att account (still waiting to verify that I was legitimately signed up at all) and provide no services. They're customer service was slow (I was on the phone for 30 minutes), hostile, and inconclusive (after 30 minutes I was told there were NO MANAGERS AVAILABLE). I honestly suspect the business is a scam.

4 years ago

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Lauren Arnold, MO

The cancellation process was AWFUL. I was opted in to this service via AT&T automatically and I was told that it would fall off if I didn't choose to continue after the first month free. This was incorrect. It took me 3 wrong numbers and 25 minutes on hold to get this company to stop charging me for a service I do not use and did not sign up for. Do not recommend.

5 years ago

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casey Sacramento, CA

Frontier has so many different URLs and logins, it is impossible to know which one to use to access the function you are attempting to contact. The identity theft was included in the bundle the gentleman "comped" me but the collection of information they requested seems beyond what is needed based on my past experience (i.e. someone hacked a new Discover credit card account and they notified me of the breach, sent me a new card and no charges or damage to my account was recorded). Frontier Communications is dismal to deal with - period.

7 years ago

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TMP Carbondale, IL

Horrible customer services. Lost my data and spent two weeks talking with them on a daily basis to attempt to retrieve which never happened. Finally I cancelled the service without downloading my files. Was promised by at least two supervisors that I would receive a call back within 48 hours but this never happened. All calls were initiated by me. Would certainly not recommend this product.

7 years ago

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Caryn DiSarro Burbank, CA

Worst customer service ever. Worse than Time Warner! Didn't asked to be signed up. Apparently some broker did it. I thought I was talking to A T & T. Second worst customer service! Charged my credit card without authorization. Said they would not refund my money. Kept me on the phone 2 1/2 hours. I got my money back!

6 years ago

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Roxanne Fairfield, CT

Horrible. Their customer service rep was mean, lied to me about my bill, and then proceeded to call me a liar. I will never do business with them again..after months and months of issues, they did not seem to want to solve the problems.

7 years ago

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Karla Barnes Morrow Caldwell, TX

If you never need them and just want to throw money at someone for nothing - then you will love this company. You will never reach the correct department and most likely you will be disconnected before you do.

6 years ago