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    The Heartbreak of Spousal Identity Theft
    It's Valentine's Day and you and your spouse are enjoying a candlelit dinner at your favorite restaurant. Everything feels picture perfect as you end your evening sharing a heart-shaped chocolate dessert. When you try to pay ...
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    Keep Your Accountant Happy and Thieves Out
    Are you a shredder? I hope so. No identity thief on this planet is going to want to attempt to reconstruct cross-shredded documents. So what, then, should you make a habit of shredding? All financial documents and informatio...
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    Junkyard Identity Theft
    That guy rummaging through a junkyard could soon be sailing in his own yacht while his chef prepares lobster for him. That's because he's not looking for scrap metal to sell, but personal information about people that has bee...
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    15 Ways to Protect Your Identity
    There are tried and true ways to protect yourself from identity theft-ways that you may not have even considered. Check them out (no specific order): Evaluate your passwords. Does every online account have a different passwo...
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    How to Protect Yourself from Social Networking Scams
    How do you fall under the spell of someone whose eyes you've never seen, whose voice you've never heard, whose warm hand has never touched your face? Well, just ask the thousands of people who've fallen for social networking ...
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    Beware of Those Hackable Holiday Gifts
    If you're going to drone on and on about how you got hacked by a cyber thief, maybe it's because you played with your new drone-you know, those rad little flying devices that hover via remote control over your street? Yes, th...
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    Go Ahead and Shop on Craigslist, but Use Caution
    In Aiken, South Carolina, 23-year-old Frank Frazier, Jr. was shot and killed. Why? Because he and an accomplice attempted to rob a couple that they had lured via a Craigslist ad. Here's how the scam worked. Frazier and h...
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    Protect Your Android Device with These 8 Tips
    Android's operating system is the most used OS in the smartphone world, which makes it much more susceptible to malware and other hazards. If you use the Android OS, security should be your top priority. Here are 10 tips to k...
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    Sorry, Stop Posting Kids' Photos Online
    Frankly, naked babies shouldn't be a big deal. If you don't have naked baby pictures of your kids in the kitchen sink then you aren't human. BUT....the world has changed. If you compare posting your children's photos online w...
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    How to Freeze Your Child’s Credit
    Identity thieves are after children's Social Security numbers. With this number, a thief can do so many things like open a credit card account and rent an apartment. Kids' SSNs have great appeal to crooks because: A child's ...

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