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LAST UPDATED: June 3rd, 2023

Luxury Property Care is a full-service property management and investment concierge that works with owners and investors on both residential and commercial properties throughout Florida. 

By utilizing a number of contributory resources like local brokers, an extensive network of wholesalers, direct access to qualified contractors, and all property investments managed under one umbrella, Luxury Property Care is one of the only real estate concierge providers in the entire country.

The professional and experienced team at Luxury Property Care will handle all aspects of investing in the off-market real estate industry while also helping clients develop their own rental portfolio.

Luxury Property Care aims to help clients build up this stream of steady passive income into a reality while minimizing the work the owner/investor needs to put into the business. With Luxury Property Care, owners can expect the team to work towards high monthly rent listings, competitive repair and maintenance costs for work done on properties, and no fees charged for vacant lease renewals.

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The Good

  • Wide Variety of Services Offered
  • Owner Features and Benefits
  • Investor Features and Benefits
  • Technology Utilized

Wide Variety of Services Offered

As a full-service provider, Luxury Property Care will take on a number of major responsibilities property owners and investment seekers may not want to oversee on a day-to-day basis. These services include:

Property Management

  • Luxury homes
  • Investment properties
    • Single family
    • Multi family 
    • Condominium 
    • Townhouse 
  • Short term rental 
  • Commercial properties
    • Shopping centers
    • Office buildings
    • Multi-unit commercial 

Property Preservation

  • Luxury homes
  • Vacation homes
  • Luxury estate homes

Luxury Concierge Services

  • House organizing and cleaning
  • Boat and vehicle maintenance
  • Long distance home moving service
  • Holiday decor
  • Hurricane preparedness
  • Personal care services
  • Contractor waiting service

Investment Services

  • Detailed plan, pitching, and organizing

The robust services available all through Luxury Property Care are difficult to find included in all property management competitors. 

Owner Features and Benefits

Those interested in utilizing Luxury Property Care as a real estate property owner, either residential or commercial, can expect its management company to deliver in the following performance areas:

  • Best market rental rates — Most new clients see an increase in overall rental payment of 5% to15%.
  • All inclusive tenant management — Intensive tenant screening program can ensure a positive experience.
  • Costs for maintenance and repairs — Luxury Property Care is considered to be a high-volume employer so all contractors that work on its behalf are vetted and the work is guaranteed.
  • Complete administrative support — Luxury Property Care will centralize all investment information into one platform.

A common complaint of many real estate property owners is the mismanagement or inability to take over a vast majority of responsibilities by the management company. That is not the case with Luxury Property Care. 

Investor Features and Benefits

For those investing in real estate, a number of valuable services are provided through the Luxury Property Care service. These features include:

  • Off-market lead generation
  • Full-service acquisition at Luxury Property Care expense
  • Commercial investment services at retail pricing 
  • Low rehab costs and high equity 

The features and services available through Luxury Property Care are designed to yield positive outcomes for all investors through a proven process and tested technology. Most comparable services do not disclose exactly how they conduct business and affairs in a way that will directly benefit the investor, but Luxury Property Care does.

Technology Utilized

In an effort to effectively manage all of the moving parts associated with real estate ownership and investment, Luxury Property Care has implemented a valuable software solution known as AppFolio Property Manager. This technology allows clients to access the following services and features:

  • Effectively advertise properties to quickly fill vacancies
  • See accurate pricing points in comparable market scenarios to reduce vacancies
  • Screen for good tenants
  • Get paid faster and through more secure means
  • Collect rent quickly with online payment solutions
  • Instant access to financial statements
  • Resolve all property maintenance and repair issues faster

This technology allows Luxury Property Care to effectively streamline a number of core tasks while clients can simply oversee operations. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Unknown Costs

Limited Service Area

As one of the sole providers of both full-service property management and investment concierge services, the service area is limited to certain counties in Florida. 

Currently, Luxury Property Care focuses most of its property management and investment work in the following counties:

  • Broward 
  • Palm Beach 
  • Miami-Dade

Additionally, Luxury Property Care will cover the following counties: St Lucie, Orange, Alachua, Duval, Hillsborough, and Lee. 

Unknown Costs

While the services that Luxury Property Care provides its clients are valuable and can help generate a passive stream of income, there are costs for services that will cut into the overall profits. Luxury Property Care takes a number of management responsibilities off of the plate of its owners and investors, but it does come at a price.

Unfortunately for interested clients, Luxury Property Care does not disclose what its fees or charges are for certain services. Prospective clients will have to meet with Luxury Property Care directly to find out what the individualized pricing will be for real estate portfolio management.


The Bottom Line

Luxury Property Care provides a full-service and comprehensive property management service while also suiting the needs of real estate investors by offering an investment concierge solution. The services available through Luxury Property Care include solutions related to property management, property preservation, concierge services, investment options.

Luxury Property Care offers benefits to both real estate owners and investors. A key factor that differentiates Luxury Property Care from other comparable management firms is the technology it utilizes to streamline the process and handle all of the financial aspects of the real estate process. 

While there are a number of reasons potential real estate property owners and investors should consider Luxury Property Care as a partner, there are aspects of the operation to be aware of prior to going into business together. For starters, these services are strictly available to those investing and owning in the Florida residential and commercial market. Additionally, it is not publicly made known what the charges and costs are for Luxury Property Care services so a portion of revenue streams will be dedicated to their services.

Those looking at getting into the real estate market either as a property owner or as an investor should consider the services available through Luxury Property Care. The full-service platform with its management and technological capabilities make attaining wealth in the real estate industry possible. 

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