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LAST UPDATED: January 10th, 2024

Division 8 Films provides professional residential and commercial window tinting services by trained and certified installers.

Division 8 Films works as an authorized dealer of LLumar, a manufacturer known for its quality tinting products. LLumar tinting products are known to provide solar control for the indoors, a level of safety and security that outdoor visibility can compromise, and even adds a decorative or aesthetically pleasing component to homes and office buildings. 

The company operates as a local supplier, providing a localized service and employing those in the greater Nashville area. Prior to any work being done, prospective clients can take advantage of the film viewers tool available through Division 8 Films. This will allow interested customers the opportunity to determine what level of tinting and products will likely work best for the property.  

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The Good

  • Window Tinting Service
  • LLumar Benefits
  • Installation
  • Free Estimate

Window Tinting Service

Division 8 FIlms provides a robust and respected window tinting service. Its services have helped both residential and commercial property owners alike. Installing energy-saving windows is on trend, but is cost prohibitive for many property owners. 

Instead of installing all new windows, Division 8 Films allows property owners to upgrade the windows of a structure without replacing them. This is a viable alternative for many property owners who want to reduce energy costs, improve efficiency, and maintain aesthetic appeal. 

LLumar Benefits

As a respected tinting manufacturer, there are a number of benefits associated with having LLumar products installed on a residential or commercial property. All of the film manufactured by LLumar offers a high level of protection from the damaging effects of the sun. For homeowners, LLumar film offers the following benefits:

  • UV ray protection
  • Temperature control through reduced heat effects
  • Increased electrical savings with window film filter
  • Added security and safety in the event of blowing glass
  • Reduction in interior fading on items like hardwood floors and upholstery
  • Glare elimination on things like televisions and other divisions
  • Maintained value of the home

For commercial property owners, there are a number of benefits that LLumar film can provide when installed:

  • Temperature controlled comfort for tenants in a commercial space
  • Increased tenant retention as a result of increased usable space
  • Aesthetic updates and improvements without intensive exterior changes
  • Increased ROI
  • Uniform aesthetic appearance of a commercial office
  • Energy savings through window filters
  • UV protection of equipment and merchandise inside of the space
  • Eliminated sun glare

While many films offer glare reduction and improved aesthetics, not all of them provide the level of UV protection and subsequent energy savings that LLumar products offer.  


While the tinting product is vitally important to the success of a tinting job, equally as important is the actual installation. A product can be the best in the market, but if it is not installed properly, it is effectively useless or the efficiency is greatly diminished. 

Division 8 Films takes extreme precautions to ensure that each tint is installed with utmost professionalism and valued technique. All Division 8 Films technicians are professionally trained and certified to install LLumar tinting. 

Free Estimate

In many home upgrade services, getting a quote requires an in-home visit or extensive consultation. This can take time and additional effort for the property owner. To cut through this sort of “red tape” Division 8 Films offers a different version of the free estimate process.

Interested customers can submit some basic information into an online quote tool through Division 8 Films and have a quote delivered directly to their inbox in a matter of hours. This can help prospective clients get an idea of what the project will cost without the hassle of making an appointment just to get project specs. 


The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Unknown Warranty Information

Service Area

Many home and commercial upgrade businesses operate as local providers. Division 8 Films is no different covering the Nashville and Davidson counties respectively. However, that does limit what property owners can actually take advantage of the services offered through Division 8 Films. Outside of the service area, property owners will have to look elsewhere for tinting products and installation.

Additionally, as an authorized dealer of LLumar products, there are limits to expansion. Since LLumar has a national customer and service base, dealers are limited to the service areas assigned and agreed upon. That means that expansion of the Division 8 Films operation is unlikely at this point.

Unknown Warranty Information

As an authorized dealer of the LLumar tinting products, Division 8 Films offers its clients a “best-in-class” manufacturer’s warranty. While this offers some level of peace of mind or protection for prospective clients, that is all the public mention of the warranty provides.

Most services that offer some sort of guarantee or warranty on its products or services are quick to point out the benefits and details of those protections. However for whatever reason, Division 8 Films has failed to disclose the details of what this best-in-class warranty actually provides. This makes it impossible to determine the quality of this warranty or the protections promised when Division 8 Films does a tinting installation. 


The Bottom Line

Division 8 Films has become a trusted and authorized dealer of LLumar window tinting. The company offers its services to both residential and commercial clients. The company’s specialized service can provide an enhanced design, improved functionality, increased comfort due to temperature control, and an overall bolstered performance of the window and glass efficiency.

All installations are done professionally by trained technicians. Interested clients can take advantage of the free estimate tool and service in order to get an idea of the costs for service and make a determination whether it makes sense to financially move forward with the project.

While there are a number of reasons to consider Division 8 Films for window tinting home and office upgrades, there are limitations to be aware of as well. The geographic service area that the company operates in only covers the Nashville and Davidson county areas within Tennessee. Outside of these cities, prospective window tinting clients will need to go elsewhere for services.

Additionally, there is a warranty placed on the work Division 8 Films does for its customers but the protections that are outlined in the product and service guarantees are not specified. 

Residential and commercial property owners in the greater Nashville area looking at having the windows tinted should consider Division 8 Films as a proper supplier. However those concerned with the product guarantees or outside of the service area will want to consider an alternative. 

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