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LAST UPDATED: November 15th, 2022

Central Alarm is a security company based in Tucson, Arizona, and has been serving southern Arizona for over sixty years. The systems are non-traditional in the sense that they are customized systems based on the needs of each individual customer. This provides advantages and disadvantages for the customers. There is no pricing or packaging information available on Central Alarm's website, so to find out more, a potential customer has to call in to get a quote. Central Alarm is a smaller security company, and proud of it. Central Alarm is happy to be a local provider to southern Arizona residents.

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The Good

  • Existing System is Not a Problem
  • Staffed Service Department Available 24/7
  • No Phone Lines Required
  • Local Company
One of the biggest perks of Central Alarm is their ability to adapt to current security systems. If you have a system that you feel like just isn't cutting it for your home, Central Alarm can easily use that existing framework to install their services. This saves on time and hassle for you. Central Alarm's service department is available 24/7 which means if you have a question regarding your system, you can get ahold of a live representative to help you out. While some security systems rely on a phone line to function, Central Alarm does not. This is crucial in case of power outages, cut wires, etc. This wireless system provides uninterrupted protection for you and your family. Central Alarm is a local company in Tucson, Arizona. This is great for customers in their community. Central Alarm customers do not have to worry about reaching a big, automated call center when they need service. The service that customers receive is much more immediate and personalized because of the location of the company.

The Bad

  • Third-Party Hosting
  • Little Disclosure Regarding Pricing Available on Website
  • Monitoring is Not 24/7

The equipment Central Alarm uses is from a separate entity called Videofied. Each of the products that Videofied offers are used to "build" a system for you, dealt by Central Alarm. You will have to pay for the "third party hosting" that Central Alarm does for you and Videofied. The only reference to pricing on Central Alarm's website is a general "starting at $26.00 a month." This does not have any clarification as to what product this price is referring to. In order to know how much a Central Alarm system would be, you have to call in to get a personalized quote. While Central Alarm's service department may be staffed 24/7, their general monitoring is not. Other security systems provide peace of mind with constant monitoring, but Central Alarm does not.

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The Bottom Line

Central Alarm is best for residential customers in the southern Arizona area. Customers who are looking for personalized service and a customized system should be happy with Central Alarm's security system. The "mom and pop" feel of Central Alarm is great for customers looking to get away from larger, less centralized companies. And while Videofied appears to provide excellent equipment, customers will have to pay additional third-party hosting, which pricing is undisclosed. Additionally, customers will not receive 24/7 monitoring from Central Alarm, and may want to investigate home security companies where this service comes standard.

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Ann Orchard Park, NY

I had them they were horrible. They did not how set the beams . My cats were always set them off. They had outsource in New York city. When the alarm went off a woman would call ask for my password. I ask her wait to check my door, she told me she did not have time. Another in the middle of the night alarm went off they did called until after 10 minutes. I would been dead by than. Yes they also over bill me twice.

6 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Z McKinney, TX

We have had them for years and since we didnt realize that our equipment had been paid off 9 months ago, they are refusing to reduce our monthly cost or refund any over payment.

6 years ago


Review Source

star star star star star

KC Little Rock, AR

Affordable, great customer service and response time.

1 year ago