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LAST UPDATED: August 6th, 2021

Alliance Security offers nationwide customers with multiple home security solutions to choose from. Monthly monitoring plans require contracts for three- to five-year terms. These plans feature no upfront installation or equipment costs, mobile remote access, and 24/7 professional monitoring. The company provides home security features to protect against criminal intrusion, fire, and medical emergencies. Home automation features can be accessed on any mobile device.

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The Good

  • Smash and Crash Protection
  • Installation Guarantee
  • Remote Mobile System Access

Smash and Crash Protection

Alliance Security provides customizable home security packages that feature remote system access and 24/7 professional monitoring. The wireless alarm system includes smash and crash protection that will still alert dispatchers if the equipment is completely destroyed by criminals or natural disasters. Alliance also provides fire protection and medical alert monitoring and equipment with two-way voice technology.

Installation Guarantee

Alliance Security offers an installation guarantee that ensures technicians will arrive at the home within one hour of the scheduled appointment time or customers will receive one free month of monitoring. The company will also reimburse up to $500 towards the deductible of a customer's homeowners insurance if the home is intruded and sustains loss or damage.

Remote Mobile System Access

Customers receive real-time mobile alerts whenever an alarm is triggered and can add additional security equipment to any package as desired.


The Bad

  • Three- to Five-Year Contract Required
  • No Equipment Warranty Information
  • Multiple Customer Service Contacts
  • Undisclosed Cancellation Policy

Three- to Five-Year Contract Required

Alliance Security customers are required to sign a service agreement for a period of three to five years.

No Equipment Warranty Information

Alliance Security does not disclose equipment warranty information on its corporate website. Customers may be required to pay for equipment repair and maintenance as well as technician home visits. 

Multiple Customer Service Contacts

It can be difficult for customers to figure out whom to contact in the case of service support issues. Alliance Security is the installing company and is the point of contact for equipment malfunction issues. Monitronics is the monitoring company and the point of contact for alarm triggers and emergency dispatch. Monitronics owns, which provides the remote mobile app and home automation services.

Undisclosed Cancellation Policy

Alliance Security also does not disclose if early termination fees apply if a customer chooses to end the contract before it expires.

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The Bottom Line

Alliance Security offers customized home security solutions with no upfront costs, mobile remote access, and 24/7 professional monitoring. The company provides protection against fire, burglary intrusion, and medical emergencies. However, customers must agree to a commitment for three to five years and there is no disclosed equipment warranty information.

As we do not have many Alliance Security reviews, we recommend comparing it to our top-rated home security companies before making a final decision. 

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James Walker

Alliance Security does offer an extended service plan that cover the equipment and Labor for the life of the customer for Just $5. Also Alliance does offer the doorbell cam, garage door opener, along several different home automation products light Lights, therms, and deadbolts. The cancelation policy is attached to the agreement and left with the customer. Its a great company with the most qualified technicians in the business.

7 years ago

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David D Sutherland Vancouver, WA

Until just recently I was not happy with Alliance Security. That all changed when someone from corporate headquarters contacted me and rescinded my contract. Why should I pay to two different companies for the same service? For a company that is hard to get a hold of, I am grateful that they contacted me and did the right thing. I felt I was lied to when the sales rep said that I would be paying less for their service than with my previous monitoring service. But, what he didn't say was that I would still be paying to my previous service plus the new system. Not cool at all!! So, I am happy this problem has been taken care of to my satisfaction.

6 years ago

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Donna Bingham Longview, WA

WORST MISTAKE EVER! Don’t use this company!! We have never had a home security system before, but we are in our 70’s and my husband does not hear well, so when the rep came to our door, I signed up! Well our car was vandalized after having the video equipment sitting in our house waiting, and waiting, and waiting to be installed even after repeated calls to the company and empty promises that someone would be out in a few days. We even had a police report filed on the vandalism. We were not allowed to cancel our contract, yet they were negligent in putting our video camera up in “a few days”! However after telling them I wanted to cancel, based on their neglect, the camera was installed.

4 years ago

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Talmadge Smith Clarksville, TN

recently my alarm sounded at 3:24 a.m. i let the alarm sound for 5 or 6 minutes before i disarmed it. i was standing by the door waiting for the police and the alarm was right in my ear. i assumed the police would be pulling up any second. wrong! i called 911 myself, they told me my monitoring service cancelled the dispatch. i called customer service where a supervisor offered several different unacceptable explanations. finally he just told me that the 911 operator failed to dispatch the police. BULL CRAP! i contacted the 911 dispatch service where i found that they record every incoming call! one excuse i was given is that they called my home phone number but i did not answer! well, i guess that means tat if i am burglarized while away from home there is no need to call te police! i was actually getting out of bed and trying to get dressed and did not hear the phone ring because the alarm was sounding much louder than the phone was ringing!

5 years ago

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Kim Goldsmith South Elgin, IL

Worst company I've ever had to deal with. Customer Service is greatly lacking. You could be on hold indefinitely. If you hang up and call back you go right back to hold. The surveillance system doesnt register invasions to property more then have time. The system will always let you know when its raining and then run out your usage time for the month. When schedule for tech service, sometimes they come and sometimes they dont with out even a courtesy call. There are much better systems and services available for thr money. I would never recommend this company to anyone. There is very little protection. Almost every month I have technical issues. Then try to get help... Thats even a bigger joke. Worst company and system I've ever had to deal with. I feel completely ripped off and taken advantage of.

6 years ago

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Donna Woodland, WA

Alliance had a quick talking rep come to our house. My husband and I are in our 60’s, he suffers from Alzheimer’s. I couldn’t tell you one reason why this guy said we should leave our current monitor system and switch to his. I really feel like we were taken advantage of, this must be the way Alliance gets customers by taking advantage of senior citizens. We now have a five year contract and are very disappointed with this young man and the company. We are having issues with the app on our cellphone, spent several hours on the phone and no one knows why it isn’t working correctly. Never had a problem with previous system app. We did not know there was a problem till after the three day cancellation period. Could never talk to a supervisor and every time I’ve called you get bounced around to some other person. I wish we could cancel this terrible service, give them back their equipment. I cannot afford to pay any penalty to do this. Alliance.. you take advantage of senior citizens. You are a terrible company and I would NOT recommend you to anyone!!!

6 years ago

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shawn Glendale, AZ

It's was like buying a car! Pressure sales! Had to talk to five people before service tech came out to install system. Do yourself a favor? Shop first!

6 years ago