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LAST UPDATED: June 15th, 2021

Alarm Monitoring Services provides exactly what its name implies. Its services include alarm monitoring of existing security systems. Alarm Monitoring Services offers a few low cost wireless alarm systems consumers can purchase. Alarm systems purchased through Alarm Monitoring Services must be self-installed. Alarm Monitoring Services gives consumers the option to obtain professional monitoring at one of the lowest costs available in the industry.

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The Good

  • Monitor Using One of Several Signal Options
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring

Monitor Using One of Several Signal Options

Alarm Monitoring Services offers a monthly monitoring service. It allows consumers to select between landline, cellular monitoring, or a wireless home security system depending on which signal makes the most sense for their situation. Monitoring is provided by Intertek and Factory Alarm Monitoring Services. Its stations are Underwriters Laboratories compliant and have been certified through Central Station Services.

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Intertek and Factory Alarm Monitoring provide 24/7 professional monitoring of each security system. It is so sure consumers will receive a quick response time in the case of an emergency it guarantees a 30-second monitoring station response time or monitoring will be free for up to 6 months. The offer applies to actual burglary, hold-up ,or fire emergencies.


The Bad

  • Does Not Offer Several Services
  • Limited Inventory
  • DIY Installation Only

Does Not Offer Several Services

Individuals who already have a security system are the best fit for Alarm Monitoring Services. The company is focused on providing professional monitoring. It does offer a few low-cost wireless alarm systems but lacks services several home security companies offer:

  • Smart Home — the home security company offers no home automation services, including smart lock access and energy management.
  • Video Surveillance — additionally, Alarm Monitoring Services does not provide any kind of video surveillance, including video doorbell camera. Rather the monitoring company appears to integrate with existing systems only.
  • Comprehensive Security Equipment — despite its impressive monitoring center, Alarm Monitoring Services does not offer any comprehensive equipment packages for a home security system. The company does provide a low-cost starter system (DIY installation), but does not provide clarity on whether components like a motion sensor, base station/control panel, or other security equipment are included.

Limited Inventory

One of the disadvantages to purchasing an alarm system through Alarm Monitoring Services is that additional equipment cannot be purchased as a part of the package. An additional door and window sensor, motion detector, or similar equipment will have to be purchased through a different provider.

DIY Installation Only

Because Alarm Monitoring Services focuses on professional home security monitoring, they do not professionally install alarm systems. Each of the alarm systems it offers comes as a DIY installation project. Consumers who do not have an existing security system should feel comfortable with self-installation before purchasing a system through Alarm Monitoring Services.

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The Bottom Line

Alarm Monitoring Services offers one of the most affordable monthly professional monitoring services on the market. Consumers with an existing alarm system can benefit from additional peace of mind 24/7 professional monitoring services can provide. The variety of signal options that can be used allow flexibility and the chance to receive monitoring based on the signal type that works best for each situation.

Alarm Monitoring Services does not offer a wide selection of security equipment; it only offers a DIY home security system and lacks several services offered by top competing home security companies. Consumers interested in more than monitoring services should go through a different security company providing those options.

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Brian K Martinez, CA

This all started when they quadrupled my monthly rates. Service seemed legit but try and cancel? What a joke. Extra hoops and costs clearly meant to discourage progress in their cancellation "process". Sent back the digital diverter box they probably got from China for $1 and five months later, another bill, $35 for refurbishment. Payment was due on the same day the bill was sent! Lots of other horror stories out there running $1,000 plus because of not exactly complying with their deceptive cancellation process and contract. The last invoice came with a copy of section 15 of the original agreement I apparently agreed to. If you need to quote your fine print to the consumer to collect $35 you are obviously not a company worth doing business with. CenCom in Kirkland is the company behind Alarm Monitoring Services. An F on BBB.

5 months ago

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Dana Beverly, MA

Send me a bill for $35, 4 months latter for refurbishing equipment. Each and every month there after, they added $10 to the bill. They sent me, unsolicited equipment to replace their broadband communicator that was being phased out. I never asked for it, requested it, or agreed to it. When I canceled the service, the equipment was shipped back to them. I am contacting my attorney general to file a complaint.

4 months ago

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mikey j Albuquerque, NM

After one year they jack up the prices. They make it very hard to easily cancel, and then charge $35 to refurbish the transmitter- nothing about this fee is on the invoice. They won't credit your CC account until the transmitter is returned

4 months ago

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Captain J Franklin, NC

DO NOT USE THIS BUNCH OF CROOKS! I prepaid for a 5 year monitoring service using all my own equipment. I cancelled after 4 years. Sometime later, they began billing me $200 plus 6 - $10/month late fee for "NON_RETURNED LEASED ITEM" I never had the item in question and responded to them several times via email. Eventually, I contacted them and spoke to a "Phil" who told me their records were screwed up. (No surprise there!) Phil also told me how long they had been in business and that I was rude because I wanted an email verifying their error and an apology from his manager. He then abruptly hung up on me. From looking at he other reviews here, their SCAM operation is no surprise and I hope anyone considering using them seriously consider going elsewhere. Sadly, I don't remember what my upfront charge was for their "service" .

11 months ago

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Angry Lyndhurst, NJ

SCAM! The equipment they sent never worked. Wasted hours on the phone with their "tech support" trying to get it to work. It all came down to them telling me to hire a local company to fix it because they are incompetent. Trying to get a refund is mission impossible. They make you jump through hoops with 10 different forms on 20 different websites . After you do that and wait for months to get a response they basically tell you they can't refund anything because they have to take out the tech support fee, shipping fee, handling fee and a whole bunch of other "fees". Long story short you will never see your money again. Also, you will most likely get yelled at and they will hung up on you every time you ask a question. SCAM SCAM SCAM

2 years ago

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Andy Claremont, CA

Misleading sales, overcharging for services, difficulty receiving credits and canceling services, threats in sending me to collections. In October of 2017 Ben at Alarm Monitoring Services indicated he could monitor my Brinks alarm system. After I prepaid $5.95 for 12 months and $35 registration fee they would send me a free digital diverter to which I “only had to pay $18.95 for shipping and handling”. After installation and setup, my alarm panel sent out a signal out every two days and with no response it gave me a trouble signal and beeped every couple minutes requiring me to reset my alarm system every two days. About this time, they also increased my monthly charge by $2/month for “log test”. I tried to work with their “engineering department” for about 6 months to rectify the situation but to no avail. In October of 2018, after my one-year contract, I canceled services only to be charged the “new monthly rate” the next month because “they did not receive proper notification of cancellation” (a drawn out process of starting a submissions on a specific website, then calling a number with information about your system, then inputting a code back into the website, and finely receiving a confirmation.) After I went through this cancellation process again and receiving confirmation, I forwarded it to their billing department to confirm I would not receive any further billings. They confirmed I would not be receiving any further billings then they send me a bill for “refurbishment” of the “free” equipment I returned. When I disputed the charge, they tacked on $25 for “E-A-C-H charge back”, $25 for “our accounting department to process” and then $500 “minimum collection fee as per contract.” This is a really dishonest business!

2 years ago

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Amanda Phoenix, AZ

SCAM ALERT!!! This company, Alarm Monitoring Services (AMS), is not legitimate!!! I paid them up front for a year's worth of service, plus insurance and other fees to ensure that they could provide me service. They never gave me a single second of service before telling me they couldn't takeover my alarm monitoring unless I paid them an additional $150 for them to "try." That had SCAM written all over it so I asked them to please refund my money. I waited 2 weeks with no refund or communication from them before I disputed the charges on my credit card. Then they had the nerve to send me to some second rate collection service for seven (7) times my original bill with absolutely no explanation for the extra charges. Even the Collection Agency, Fidelity Information Corp. dba Fidelity Capitol Holdings, Inc. has an F-Rating, which means they take on fraudulent “fake” debts for any unscrupulous company who pays them to harass innocent consumers. What a joke, save your money, don't get scammed by these losers who have to steal and lie to kick it.

4 years ago

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The worst company I have done business with. I cancelled my service with them because they were charging me for services I did not order or use. I paid for a full year of service, and cancelled after less than 4 months. The money I paid for the full year was not enough to cover 4 months of service. The free equipment they advertise online is not free. In order for you to cancel your service, you have to agree for them to take $199.95 from your payment method in file, this will be only refunded after they received the "free equipment." If you try to explain to them that was not what you signed for, then they become angry, and tell you there is nothing you can do about it. If you insist, they will hang up on you.

4 years ago

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Carrie Steele Oak Park, MI

Do Not Use! I have horrible cell service in my apartment. When I called and had to keep moving, I got annoyed. Not with him. He hung up on me. I called back and he said he didn't want my business because I was rude and high stung and hung up on me again. I called back, he hung up. I called corporate office, explained situation, she laughed, threw me on hold. Last person told me they didn't want my business and said they were blocking my number. I asked if this was a scam and he hung up on me.

2 years ago

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Karen Monroe, NY

I called this company to take over my existing fire alarm service which they told me they were able to do. They asked me to log on to their website and got really angry when I questioned their fee that is on the website since they had just quoted me a higher price that I had to pay up 6 months in advance. The guy hung up on me and told me to find another company before I had a chance. Very unprofessional and rude. This cannot be a legitimate honest company. Stay away.

2 years ago

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Jason Villa , CO

same as all the other reviews, wish i had looked here first. equipment was never able to hook up to my system. I was told to get a new alarm system and then they could monitor it..Seriously, go buy an entire new unit so i could hook up to this cheap equipment? anything is better. i set up a great ring system

1 year ago

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adam Jericho, NY

literally thieves!!! the reviews and ratings here have to be fake! !they never tell you that it is a teaser rate!!! and jumps to the most expensive rate after that! and force you to jump through hoops to cancel service, charge exorbitant cancellation fees, and make you send back the equipment at your expense...

4 years ago

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Jak Milwaukee, WI

Canceling service is impossible and they sent $500 collection fees and other $400 fees for ridiculous fees they never sent it the first place. Do NOT use this company!

2 years ago

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Russ DeWolfe Lake Dallas, TX

I tried to speak with them on the phone and as soon as the questions got hard, hey hung up on me saying they did not want my business. Stay Far away!

3 years ago

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