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The Progressive Mutual Insurance Company was started in 1937 by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. They are currently headquartered in Mayfield, Ohio. For the last 80 years they have focused on providing quality auto insurance to consumers. Today, they are one of the leading auto insurance companies in the Unites States. Progressive offers insurance policies for a variety of vehicles. Though they do not directly offer homeowner's insurance, they assist customers in finding homeowner's insurance.

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The Good

  • Company Comparison Tool
  • Educational Materials
  • Optional Coverages

Company Comparison Tool

Progressive has an online HomeQuote Explorer tool. This tool allows customers to easily receive quotes. Many companies offer online quotes, but Progressive is unique in offering customers price comparisons from multiple companies. The side-by-side comparison displays information about rates and coverage. This allows customers to simultaneously see a variety of options.

Educational Materials

Progressive's website clearly explains the basics of homeowner's insurance and outlines critical factors for new customers. Progressive has an informative and helpful FAQ page, where they clearly outline the key factors that influence homeowner's insurance. This is a useful resource for new homeowners and those looking for information to better understand homeowner's insurance generally.

Optional Coverages

In addition to standard coverage options, Progressive advertises a variety of optional coverages. They clearly outline each additional option and provide ample information to help consumers. The additional options include the following:

  • Guaranteed replacement cost
  • Inflation guard endorsement
  • Scheduled personal property endorsement
  • Increased limits on money and securities
  • Secondary residence premises endorsement
  • Watercraft endorsement
  • Theft coverage protection endorsement
  • Credit card forgery and depositors forgery coverage endorsement

The Bad

  • Does Not Directly Offer Homeowner's Insurance
  • Lack of Discounts

Does Not Directly Offer Homeowner's Insurance

Progressive primarily focuses on auto insurance and therefore does not directly provide homeowner's insurance. They partner with select companies to provide quotes. These companies hold the insurance policies and are solely responsible for claims. The list of Progressive Home Advantage companies is limited to approximately 10 companies. They do not partner with any of the most popular insurance companies, such as AllState, State Farm, or Liberty Mutual.

Lack of Discounts

Progressive advertises discounts for bundling home and auto insurance policies. Discounts vary by state and may not be applicable to all applicants; however, outside of bundling benefits, they do not advertise any other discounts.  

The Bottom Line

Progressive is a large and stable company. They provide customers will useful information and a variety of home insurance options. Their online HomeExplorer is designed to make receiving quotes easy; however, the actual homeowners policies are held by a separate companies. Though customers can easily compare these companies, customers may find better deals speaking directly with these and other companies.

Customers with an existing auto insurance policy with Progressive, should look into bundling options. It is probably not the right choice if customers do not have auto insurance with Progressive. We recommend that customers research other homeowner's insurance options.

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