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LAST UPDATED: March 30th, 2023

Officially created in 1962, Target was one of very few stores that combined fashion, quality, and service with the low prices of a discount store. As time went on, Target became more and more popular and began to branch out all over the United States. Now known for its motto of “Expect more, pay less”, Target strives for just that. This company wants their customers feeling like they are receiving a strong amount of quality for an appropriate price in all of their products. Target may not be just a furniture store, but they do have home furnishing options that may just entice the everyday customer.  

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The Good

  • Range of products
  • Practical and affordable
  • Return policy

Target has many great values going for them. They are a department store ranging from products in clothing and food, to things such as home and furniture. Selling furniture in their stores allows customers the convenience of purchasing items from all different departments in one place.  The categories of furniture they sell include lamps and lighting, rugs, bedding, bath, dining and entertainment and kid's home. The furniture sold at Target stores is found to be practical and affordable for those looking for the simple or temporary lifestyle. Other products are more durable and satisfactory for the everyday home. The combination of these products create shopping opportunities for all customers.  One plus about Target is their free shipping option. If customers pay for over $25 in merchandise they are eligible for free shipping which is very appreciated by many people I'm sure. With their slogan being "expect more, pay less", it's not a surprise to find promotions or deals popping up everywhere on their website. They are working to help customers find what they are looking for at the most convenient cost they can. Another benefit Target brings is that they have a solid return policy. They offer a standard 1 year warranty for all of their store-owned products. Products that are not store owned may be returned within 90 days of purchase. Target also offers a RedCard that may be beneficial to some. Customers using a RedCard become available to receive 30 extra days to return items. These cardholders will receive 5% off every purchase and free shipping on every purchase. Another plus that Target is able to do involves price matching. If a customer brings in a coupon or proof of the same product that target owns that is priced lower than what Target has it priced at, Target will price match. They are willing to price match for their customers, but will not match any special promotions or deals that may be going on at another stores, only standard pricing items. Target has a lot to offer the everyday customer and brings options to those looking for quality at a reasonable price.


The Bad

  • Selection
  • Delivery
  • Additional fees

Although Target has many perks, there are a couple things that make buying furniture slightly more difficult through their store. Since it is a department store and has a variety of many other products, the furniture section is not as large as some might prefer. They have little options compared to other furniture stores that strictly focus on selling furniture and home accessories alone. Two other categories that were found slightly concerning were the advertising/sales category as well as their delivery category. Individuals were complaining of issues regarding purchases not being dispersed correctly on their debit cards, as well as other troubles including honoring promises/promotions that were made on their website. Delivery issues consisted of individuals not being able to track their items after they were shipped, not receiving their items in a timely manner, and not being able to communicate successfully about delivery concerns with any representative from the company.  Customers complained of spending countless unnecessary hours on the phone or via email negotiating or brain storming solutions to their predicaments. Something else to be cautious of might include the extra fees that may be added to the price of the furniture purchased if it is excessive or is being delivered to a home that is farther away from the distribution center. The website might say free shipping, but it is a good idea to always check into the fine details to ensure you know what you really are paying for.


The Bottom Line

We suggest Target as a quality store to purchase your home furnishing needs from. They may not have the largest selection of furniture that other stores may be able to provide, but what they do have includes quality products at a reasonable price. Target has a free shipping option and hassle-free return policy that helps cater to customer's needs. "Expect more, pay less" is very apparent in Target's advertising and promotions. Again, Target strives to provide their customers with the best. Potential customers need to keep in mind that those complaints are very minimal in comparison to the total amount of transactions or purchases that are made within the company. Overall, we recommend shopping for furniture at a Target store.

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Morten Petersen Naples, FL

Bought an iPad and an Apple pencil. Target shipped via FedEx. I got a delivery notice from FedEx but never received the package. My security camaras confirmed that NO package was delivered. Also, according to the FedEx driver the package was signed by H HENRY. This person doesn't exist in our house or for that matter our neighborhood. FedEx did want to do anything about it and Target just said it was delivered. I lost the money. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE CROOKS!

3 months ago


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Didn’t like anything about it. Employees were not around and when they were they were not at all helpful or could tell me about anything, at least nothing that I could have read on the label itself. Terrible!

2 months ago

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Ernie C Cresco, PA

TERRIBLE TELEPHONE CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR ONLINE ORDERS!!! The in-store experience at Target is always excellent, but Heaven help you if you ever need assistance with on order placed online! Target’s telephone customer service for online orders is absolutely pathetic! You will wait on the phone FOREVER to reach a live voice, only to find out that the live voice cannot speak English well enough to be understood! That’s because they answer in the Philippines (outsourcing is an insult to workers here in the USA), and to make things even worse, the phone reps are poorly trained! It took three tries to finally get through to a “specialist” (the reps pretend there are no supervisors present). On the first two calls the reps hung up when we asked for a supervisor because we simply could not understand their broken English. When we did reach the specialist on the third try, she lied and did not follow through on what she promised to do. All in all, a total of THREE HOURS was wasted on the phone with Target’s phone customer NON-service! We were forced to go to the store in person for face-to-face customer service. At the store, a pleasant young man named Kyle gave us excellent service. Kyle was efficient, courteous, and quickly rectified the problem. Thank you, Kyle. We were about ready to stop using Target forever because of the absolutely horrible experience we had with that attempted online order. Shame on Clarissa, that online specialist who did not follow through on the promises she made on the phone, and shame on the three individuals on the phone who preceded her – the three who most obviously did not care at all. Our shipment had to be delivered to the store (instead of to our home address) in order to get the two $5.00 Target gift cards. Even though we clearly selected our local store in Pennsylvania, the order wound up being delivered to Minnesota instead! What should have been an easy fix with the very first person involved on the phone turned into a painfully long ordeal! But no one on the phone cared enough to fix the problem correctly - not even that lying "specialist" Clarissa! So, "two thumbs up," and many kudos to Kyle at the Stroudsburg, PA store for quickly and properly taking care of us. In fact, it is only because of Kyle’s excellent customer service that we will now continue to shop at Target stores (we have been long-term customers) - but NEVER, ever will we consider placing an online order again at

4 years ago

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False promises, incorrect information, damage and wrong product and shit class customer service, specially with the sales agent name DINU on dominion road, No body to followup until u get in touch with manager, This agent seems to be only want customers to swap their card no matter what it takes him to do, after you have paid money he is not their to respond you. always telling lies about the product and delivery. I end up spending $2600 for king size bed, which was the most expensive bed in store its been now around 2 months still I am roaming around to get my complete stuff, my delivery date was 10th of June, however got my bed base replaced 3 time because of manufacturing defect third time i was bit stubborn and want delivery guys to stay until i finish installation and one of the leg was missing which we have to take from old bed other wife bed base would still not be completed. Mattress got delivered on 2nd of July and headboard is still missing as they made it of different color. Still waiting for their response don't know how much time will it take.

5 years ago

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JD Dunklee Hattiesburg, MS

Buying furniture from target is not worth the time or the effort. The furniture is very low quality and doesn’t stay together when built

3 years ago


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Kallie Chappell Salt Lake City, UT

I don’t like to shop at Target because you pay way to much for crappy quality. They have way overacted brands.

3 years ago