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LAST UPDATED: December 14th, 2020

Zounds Hearing was founded by Sam Thomasson, an engineer and entrepreneur who is the father of a hearing-impaired daughter. After witnessing the struggles that his daughter was experiencing with under-performing hearing aids, Thomasson decided to manufacture a superior hearing aid to address her needs and the needs of other hearing-impaired individuals.

The goal of Zounds, as described on its website, is to offer a portfolio of hearing aids and wireless devices that provide the world’s best performing technology at an affordable price to anyone with a mild, moderate, or moderate/severe hearing loss.

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The Good

  • Superior Technology
  • Informative Website
  • Variety of Options

Superior Technology

Zounds hearing aids are engineered with advanced audio technology, and the company holds 57 patents on its unique design and tech. 

One main difference between normal hearing aids and Zounds hearing aids is that Zounds’ cover the whole frequency spectrum (up to 8,000 Hertz) while normal hearing aids may not catch sounds over 5,000 Hertz. This means that Zounds hearing aids provide higher fidelity sound. According to the company website, this is like having a studio quality graphic equalizer in each ear. 

Plus, Zounds hearing aids utilize technology that the company’s founder developed with his own company — Acoustic Technologies. Acoustic Technologies produces high-performance semiconductor chips and software with low power usage algorithms that dramatically improve sound quality in cell phones, video phones, desktop phones, and other communication systems. Thus, this technology is utilized by Zounds to create a superior hearing aid.

Informative Website

Zounds has a number of pages on its website dedicated to informing customers about hearing health, with specific categories such as “About Hearing Loss,” “Types of Hearing Loss,” “Signs of Hearing Loss,” “Common Causes of Hearing Loss,” “Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss,” and “Hearing Loss Prevention.”

The company also has a helpful FAQs page where additional information is provided that you may find useful as a potential customer.

Variety of Options

Zounds’ product line offers a wide variety of hearing aids with different features; this was a choice on the part of Zounds in order to appeal to different price ranges and levels of hearing loss.

Zounds offers multiple different brands including Imprezo, Clareza, Potenz, and Riazo. Each brand/hearing aid has certain important features such as noise cancellation, long battery life, discrete styles, remote control options, etc. See Zounds’ website for a complete list of its products and their respective features. 


The Bad

  • Broken Links on Website
  • Pricing Hard to Find

Broken Links on Website

Zounds has quite a few pages on its website that aren’t currently working.

For example, the page on the website that would allow customers to search for a Zounds location near them is currently broken. Since many questions about pricing can be answered only by a representative at one of Zounds’ locations, it is problematic that customers cannot tell if they live near a location or not.

Also, all of the pages under the “Shop Now” tab are not working. Interested customers can find information about the brands that Zounds sells under its “Hearing Systems” tab, but not under “Shop Now.”

Pricing Hard to Find

Zounds does have some basic pricing listed on its “Models” page, but this is in no way a complete or comprehensive pricing list. The actual prices for each model sold by Zounds are not readily available on the company’s website.


The Bottom Line

Zounds holds a number of patents that allow it to produce superior quality hearing aids using advanced technology. While the company’s website is a little difficult to navigate since some pages don’t work, the company is definitely qualified in terms of producing hearing aids. 

It would be worth your time to schedule a free hearing exam with Zounds if you suffer from mild to severe hearing loss — chances are, the company’s products won’t disappoint.
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