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LAST UPDATED: December 1st, 2020

According to Starkey’s website, it is the only American-owned and operated hearing aid manufacturing company. It is at the forefront of hearing aid technology and leads the way in terms of sound quality, custom-fit devices, and invisible styles. 

Starkey was also the first hearing aid company to have onboard sensors and artificial intelligence that track body and brain health, detect falls, and more.

The company offers a family of brands that provide you with the latest and greatest in hearing technology: Audibel, MicroTech, NuEar, and Starkey.

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The Good

  • Mask Mode
  • Hearing Help for Veterans
  • Tinnitus Relief
  • Warranty and Return Policy

Mask Mode

Starkey’s Livio Edge AI hearing aids are designed and programmed specifically to make wearing masks and hearing others who are wearing masks easier. According to Starkey’s website, these are the only wireless custom rechargeable hearing aids available.

First, the custom hearing aids sit inside your ear, so you don’t have to worry about cords getting tangled when you put on or remove a face mask. 

In addition, a feature called Edge Mode can be activated simply by tapping your hearing aids. This mode boosts speech audibility and optimizes for social distancing, background noise, and other challenges posed by face masks.

Starkey’s Thrive app has the option for you to program a custom “mask mode” that can be toggled on and off as needed. This mode helps offset speech clarity loss that comes when masks are being worn.

Hearing Help for Veterans

Starkey has a section of its website dedicated to veterans and military personnel, with FAQs and other helpful information relating to hearing loss, hearing aids, and the VA. 

With hearing loss and tinnitus being the most common service-related health issues, Starkey is committed to providing the highest quality hearing aids to service men and women who may be seeking relief and hearing help following their service.

Tinnitus Relief

Starkey offers tinnitus relief options in the form of hearing aids and sound therapy, both of which are clinically proven to soothe the tinnitus-related sounds of buzzing, ringing, etc. The company also has a number of resources and information on its website for those who suffer with tinnitus. 

Warranty and Return Policy

In addition to its 30-day guarantee whenever you try a new Starkey product, the company also offers a comprehensive, worry-free coverage for all hearing aid brands, and as long as your hearing aids are in good operating condition, you can be protected against failure, damage, and even loss.

Starkey also offers coverage on other hearing aid brands, so you can still receive the company’s help and customer service even if you bought your hearing aids elsewhere. 

Returns and repairs are handled through the Starkey professional from whom you purchased your hearing aids. The Starkey Hearing Foundation also accepts donations of hearing aids to be recycled, and will offer you a tax credit when you make a donation.


The Bad

  • Limited Options
  • Vague Pricing

Limited Options

Starkey seems to offer only three different hearing aids: Livio Edge AI, Livio AI, and Picasso. Compared to some other hearing aid companies we’ve looked at, this is a fairly small selection, though the lower quantity of products offered does not necessarily speak to their quality. 

Vague Pricing

Starkey’s website has a page on pricing but lists the range as anywhere from $500–$6,000. It mentions some features that are more expensive or add to the overall cost, but customers are still left without a great idea of what their specific needs would cost them.


The Bottom Line

Starkey Hearing is an established brand with quality hearing aids. It has a robust website with a lot of information, tutorials, answered questions, and more. 

While its pricing is a bit vague and it doesn’t have as large a selection as some of its competitors, we still think the company is worth looking into if you are in the market for hearing aids or think you might suffer from hearing loss.
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