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LAST UPDATED: November 17th, 2020

Oticon is one of the world’s most innovative hearing device manufacturers, with more than 110 years of experience in designing and developing hearing aids for adults and children.

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The Good

  • Hearing Aids for All
  • Bluetooth Capabilities and Other Accessories
  • Charging Time
  • Tax Exempt Certificates
  • Hearing Clinics All Over the Nation

Hearing Aids for All

Oticon offers a variety of hearing loss devices for all ages and hearing loss stages. You can easily find a device for mild-to-severe hearing loss or severe-to-profound hearing loss. The company has a device for single-sided deafness, and even has several devices for children. 

Additionally, all of Oticon’s hearing solutions are built on BrainHearing™ technology. This technology is designed to support your brain’s natural process of understanding sound. 

If you’re unsure which hearing aid will be best for you, we recommend visiting one of Oticon’s clinics, getting a hearing test done, and talking with a hearing care professional.  

Bluetooth Capabilities and Other Accessories

Several of Oticon’s hearing aids are made with Bluetooth capability and connect with your phone, tablet, and other devices. This feature allows those with hearing impairments to stay connected to family and friends since they can stream audio directly into their hearing aid. 

To use your Oticon’s Bluetooth capabilities, you will need to download the app from either iTunes or Google Play. 

You can also turn your hearing aid into a wireless stereo headset with Oticon’s ConnectClip. The ConnectClip allows you to make hands-free phone calls, make video calls with a Bluetooth microphone, chat over a computer (via Skype, Lync, etc.), adjust your hearing aid discreetly, and more. 

Although the technology Oticon is using isn’t necessarily new, we appreciate the company’s dedication to helping those with hearing impairments to stay connected with friends, family, colleagues, and more. The Bluetooth capabilities make it easy to adjust your hearing aid’s settings whenever and wherever you are. Plus, Oticon is known for devices that provide high-quality sound that is free from outside interference. 

Charging Time

Oticon’s hearing aids generally take about three hours to charge fully. If you forget (or don’t have time for a full charge), you can charge your device for 30 minutes and get another six hours of use. 

Three hours to charge is the standard charging time for most hearing aids. 

Tax-Exempt Certificates

If you are entitled to a sales tax exemption, Oticon provides you with links to your state tax-exemption certificate. Whether you need a certificate or not will depend on which state you live in, but you can quickly check by visiting Oticon’s certificate webpage. 

If you don’t fill out the form and turn it into Oticon, the company is obligated to collect the tax for the state. 

Hearing Clinics All Over the Nation

Oticon has hearing clinics all over the United States — plus, there are several in Puerto Rico and one in the Cayman Islands. 

You can visit one of the clinics to get a hearing test, receive hearing health advice, buy hearing aids and accessories, purchase cleaning tools, and more. 

If you’re a veteran, Oticon includes a link to help you find a VA clinic near you.


The Bad

  • Free Trial Not Available to Those Using VHA Benefits
  • Can’t Order Online

Free Trial Not Available to Those Using VHA Benefits

Oticon states on its website, “Due to Veteran Affairs contract specifications, patients who utilize their VHA benefits are unable to participate in the risk-free trial.”

While this is not because of an Oticon policy (this restriction is in the Veteran Affairs contract), it may catch those planning on using their VHA benefits off-guard. 

Can’t Order Online

You can’t order a hearing aid directly from Oticon’s website. Oticon’s devices only allow direct shipping to hearing care professionals. And your hearing care provider must be authorized to sell Oticon products. 

While the company does this to ensure you’re aware of the warranty and all the features, services, and tools available to you, it can be frustrating for those who simply want to purchase a hearing aid without having to visit a professional. It can also be frustrating because you can’t easily view Oticon’s prices. 


The Bottom Line

Oticon is an extremely popular hearing aid provider, and for a good reason. The company produces various hearing devices for all stages of hearing loss, ages, and lifestyles. Oticon’s hearing devices are also unique as each one is built on BrainHearing™ technology and comes with several features designed to help keep you connected with friends, family, colleagues, and more. 

It is difficult to find out pricing for Oticon’s devices since the company does not sell its products online — meaning you have to go into one of the clinics and speak with a specialist. However, Oticon has clinics and authorized resellers all over the country, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a location near you. 

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