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LAST UPDATED: July 27th, 2021

Earlux is a hearing aid company staffed with Hearing Pros and certified audiologists to help you determine your level of hearing loss, fit hearing aids to your ears, and support you with other questions or concerns you may have. One unique thing about Earlux is that it is a telehealth company, meaning all appointments take place virtually, with the exception of your first appointment when a Hearing Pro comes in-person to your home. 

Earlux does not have any physical clinics as part of its approach to revolutionize the way people receive health and hearing care. You receive professional care in the privacy and safety of your own home.

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The Good

  • Virtual Appointments
  • Money-Back Guarantee 
  • Safety and Privacy Measures
  • Hearing Loss Education

Virtual Appointments

While your first visit with an Earlux Hearing Pro will occur in your home, all subsequent appointments and check-ins can take place virtually through your smartphone. You can expect your experience with the company to go as follows:

  • Step 1 — An Earlux Hearing Pro comes to your home, following the company’s rigid COVID-19 protocols. Your Hearing Pro will connect you virtually with an Earlux Audiologist or a Hearing Instrument Specialist who will conduct a full evaluation, just like you would get in a physical clinic, except you get to stay right at home.
  • Step 2 — The audiologist will determine what your level of hearing loss is. Then, he or she will discuss with you whether hearing aids are the best option for you. If so, the audiologist connects with a set of hearing aids remotely (brought by your Hearing Pro), and begins programming the devices using the company’s proprietary Cortex-5 Fitting Method.
  • Step 3 — Your hearing will immediately improve. You take some time to adjust to your new hearing aids, and Earlux will be available for questions and adjustments throughout the entire process. You decide on a payment plan (starting as low as $66 per month). You can also pay up front with a check or credit card.
  • Step 4 — Your audiologist schedules a follow-up, virtual appointment with you. Plus, your Hearing Pro will make sure you are trained on how to use, clean, and care for your devices, and make sure your smart device is compatible with future virtual appointments.

Money-Back Guarantee

No matter the form or timing of payment you choose, Earlux has a 30-day, money-back guarantee. You can receive a full refund, no questions asked, if you return your hearing aids within 30 days of the original fitting. This length of money-back guarantee is fairly standard for the industry.

In addition to its refund policy, Earlux also offers loss and damage insurance from the manufacturer. If you are in need of a replacement due to loss or damage, you pay a $300 deductible (per hearing aid) and Earlux covers the rest of the cost of the replacement.

Safety and Privacy Measures

Earlux appointments take place either in your home or completely virtually. This offers a number of safety and privacy benefits that you might not get in a clinic. 

In terms of privacy, it’s just you and the Hearing Pro or Audiologist communicating in a secure location on a secure line. You have much more control over the situation than you would have in a store or at a clinic. 

As for safety, Earlux has rigid Covid-19 guidelines and tests its Hearing Pros daily for symptoms and elevated temperature. Protective masks and sanitized hands are standard protocol, and you as the customer can also request that your Hearing Pro wear rubber gloves as an extra precaution. Plus, because appointments are conducted virtually after the first one in your home, you never have to expose yourself to the germs of a clinic.

Hearing Loss Education

Earlux dedicates a page on its website to educating customers about hearing loss, the benefits of catching it early, and the misconceptions many people have about hearing aids. It also answers a lot of common questions people have about the wearing and benefits of hearing aids.

This page may not be quite as robust as some educational pages on competitor sites, but it does provide a nice introduction into the world of hearing loss for customers who may be experiencing it for the first time and be seeking clarity and answers. Plus, Earlux has a number of video tutorials about using and caring for hearing aids, which might be preferred by some customers over reading large chunks of text.


The Bad

  • Limited Product Options
  • No Clinic Available

Limited Product Options

Earlux offers only two different hearing aids: the Signia Pure Charge & Go X, and the Phonak Audeo Marvel. It does not appear that Earlux manufactures any of its own brand hearing aids, but rather resells these two types of hearing aids with the added benefit of in-home and virtual appointments. 

Some of the company’s competitors have a much wider variety of hearing aid options for sale, which can be helpful for customers still deciding what style, level of discreteness, price range, etc. they are looking for.

No Clinic Available

While not having to go into a clinic may be a big advantage to some customers, the fact that Earlux lacks a physical location can be a drawback. If you are used to scheduling an in-person appointment and prefer to receive your medical care in that way, then Earlux might not be the right company for you.


The Bottom Line

Earlux offers name-brand hearing aids delivered right to your door and virtual appointments that don’t require you to go to a clinic. While its product selection is quite limited, its services are appealing, and if you prefer healthcare right in your own home, Earlux could be a great option for you.
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