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LAST UPDATED: February 13th, 2024

Earlux wants to revolutionize the way people receive hearing care. Traditionally, most people in need of hearing assistance have been forced to rely on one set system for obtaining hearing aids. This system was costly to patients and did not offer the supporting care needed. Rather than be tied down to selling the highest manufactured products available without providing proper training, Eurlux strives to find the perfect balance of affordability, selection, and supporting care. 

Earlux is staffed with Hearing Pros and certified audiologists to help you determine your level of hearing loss, fit hearing aids to your ears, and support you with other questions or concerns you may have. The limitations previously placed on the hearing health industry have essentially been eliminated due to the flexibility Earlux provides.

Earlux not only helps patients hear better, but the company treats a wide range of issues and offers a variety of solutions as treatment options. Furthermore, Earlux provides hearing protection services as well as additional education avenues to help those susceptible to hearing loss reduce associated risk factors. 

Earlux's business model is putting the power of healthy hearing back into patients’ hands. Patients no longer have to work so hard to find a quality doctor available in a specific geographic location. And no more having to buy expensive hearing aids in situations where over-the-counter will suffice. Earlux provides a personal and customized treatment option for those in need of hearing aids and other hearing-related treatment.

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The Good

  • Virtual Appointments
  • Earlux Solutions
  • Customized Products
  • Money-Back Guarantee 
  • Hearing Loss Education

Virtual Appointments

Offering virtual care is one of the ways that Earlux is transforming the industry for the better. Many traditional in-person clinics worked to sell all patients the most high-end hearing aids on the market.

Furthermore, these clinics rarely offered the assistance and additional education patients needed. Prices for hearing aids themselves were substantially higher as clinics had to cover higher overhead costs, and the patient care was unreliable as so much depended simply on what staff member was on shift that day. The entire experience was expensive to the patient, did not provide a stable level of care needed, and restricted options and access. 

Earlux can address these common issues by offering a virtual experience. Having no building costs and other staffing requirements allows Earlux to drastically slash the prices for hearing aids. Each patient also receives more in depth care as Earlux can utilize the top audiologists all across the United States. Patients are no longer limited to seeing providers within their geographic area. An in-person clinic can only carry so many products, whereas Earlux has a much larger network and ability to access the perfect solution for each patient.

Even with a virtual approach, the process still includes a consultation, fitting, and follow-up care. During the consultation, the Earlux team will learn about each patient’s needs, provide a full-length assessment, and identify the best product to suit the patient.  Earlux then mails the product to the patient’s residence with the devices programmed ahead of time.

Again, Earlux will meet with the patient to ensure the ear canals are comfortable, provide subsequent hearing testing, and then tweak the device to meet all needs. Lastly, the follow-up portion allows for additional questions or concerns to be addressed as well as any fine tuning that needs to be conducted. 

Earlux Solutions

Most companies that would be deemed as “competitors” to Earlux are strictly in the hearing aid sales business. These providers place most of their resources and emphasis on treating those with hearing loss and trying to sell expensive products to treat that hearing loss. This is another area where Earlux takes it up a notch, providing a more well-rounded hearing health service and offering solutions in the following areas:

  • Hearing loss treatment/overall improved hearing
  • Reduction of tinnitus
  • Ear protection
  • Hearing testing
  • Hearing training
  • Hearing education

Rather than putting all patients into one box and then upselling a partnered product, Earlux treats a spectrum of issues and provides unique solutions depending on the individual needs of the patient. 

Customized Products

The average brick-and-mortar clinic is tied down by hearing aid manufacturer relations and space restrictions. This is another limitation that simply does not apply to the Earlux operation.

Earlux shops around and identifies the best possible product for each client. There are no restrictions or quotas to fill with certain manufacturers. A much larger inventory is available to Earlux patients. so they receive a customized product that will meet their needs. 

Money-Back Guarantee

No matter the form or timing of payment you choose, Earlux has a 30-day, money-back guarantee. You can receive a full refund, no questions asked, if you return your hearing aids within 30 days of the original fitting. This length of money-back guarantee is fairly standard for the industry.

In addition to this refund policy, Earlux also offers loss and damage insurance from the manufacturer. If you are in need of a replacement due to loss or damage, you pay a $300 deductible (per hearing aid), and Earlux covers the rest of the cost of the replacement.

Hearing Loss Education

Earlux dedicates a page on its website to educating customers about hearing loss, the benefits of catching it early, and the misconceptions many people have about hearing aids. It also answers a lot of common questions people have about the wearing and benefits of hearing aids.

This page may not be quite as robust as some educational pages on competitor sites, but it does provide a nice introduction into the world of hearing loss for customers who may be experiencing it for the first time and are seeking answers. Plus, Earlux has a number of video tutorials about using and caring for hearing aids, which might be preferred by some customers over reading large chunks of text.


The Bad

  • May Take Longer for Quality Product
  • Technology Struggles

May Take Longer for Quality Product

Because Earlux provides a far more in-depth and individualized service, there is a time factor that is important to point out. Patients looking to get a quick evaluation and have a prescription sent off to a clinic may get their hearing aids faster, but it comes at a quality cost. 

There is also the time component as it relates to the fitting and subsequent follow-up period offered through Earlux. Patients will have to wait for the hearing aids to come in the mail, and then undergo the final two stages of the Earlux process to ensure that everything works and fits as desired. In the long run, this offers a superior product experience but it does take additional time. 

Technology-Driven Service

Some hearing aid patients may be intimidated by the idea of meeting with an audiologist online over the computer. While Earlux has striven to make the entire virtual process seamless, some patients may still struggle with virtual care. Having the assistance of a tech-savvy friend or family member could easily mitigate this concern. 


The Bottom Line

Earlux provides a customized hearing health service for customers with a wide range of hearing needs. Virtual appointments allow for more affordable hearing aids, increased inventory access, and better long-term care.

Earlux also treats a number of hearing impairments and even offers forms of hearing protections to keep those at risk from experiencing unnecessary hearing loss. Each client will receive a perfectly customized hearing aid solution rather than being sold the highest-priced product. The money-back guarantee and continued hearing care and education provide clients with peace of mind. 

Patients looking for more affordable hearing aids, improved patient care and education, and a customized product selection will likely benefit from what Earlux has to offer. The virtual capabilities will allow for a perfectly tailored solution for a wide range of hearing needs.  

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Keela Eddy Gillette, WY

Hi I’m Keela just writing to say how wonderful my hearing aids are I’d like to thank Cory M and Annie at Earlux for making all this possible They are wonderful to work with and this product is great I was missing out on the little things Call now what are you waiting for Thank you guys again

2 weeks ago

star star star star star

Susie Bentley Omaha, NE

I cannot say enough good things about this company, the product and customer service. I have struggled with hearing loss most of my life, and with everyone wearing masks for 18 mo, it became almost debilitating. It took me a lot of courage to make the call and purchase them, but I cannot tell you the difference it made for my quality of life. The product is just like air pods. Charging case, blue tooth and amazing charge. The sound quality is incredible. I am hearing sounds I have seriously never heard. And for the first time ever, I can have a conversation in a loud place without feeling like I am just nodding my head in agreement without knowing what’s been said! I have had awesome online support, and my audiologist, Kurt has been so kind, reassuring and skilled. Give them a call and set up a consult. You deserve to hear better, and these are not your grandma’s hearing aides! I promise!

2 years ago

Earlux Logo

Reply from Earlux

Susie! We are so thankful you had the courage to give us a call! We are beyond excited for you to continue to increase your quality of life and reconnect better with those you love most. Thank you for trusting us with your ears. We are looking forward to working with you for many years to come.

Jul. 29th, 2021

star star star star star

wayne caughman Chattanooga, TN

A great guy named Caleb was referred to my sister’s door. She was impressed and bought hearing aids. I was visiting and Caleb returned to test my ears. I knew my ears were a little down in hearing since I would say “what” a lot when talking with someone. But they were not that bad so I thought. Not bad enough to make an appointment and seriously think about buying hearing aids. Caleb’s test showed me exactly my weak points in hearing and then tested again with hearing aid help. Much better! Also, he pointed out that hearing aids would be a help with dementia. That was important to me. I was surprised that I took the big step and bought them. It’s been 7 months and I’ve never regretted my decision. Follow up with Dr. Cox has been wonderful. First, a call every week to see how things were going. So very convenient. I felt secure in my decision, never once thinking it might be a fly-by-night company. I would highly recommend this way of getting hearing aids and with this company

3 years ago

Earlux Logo

Reply from Earlux

Wow, Cathy! That is so nice. It is so great working with you.

Feb. 19th, 2021


Review Source

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Emma Martin

The hearing aids my husband bought are okay. There is no customer service. No calls are returned. We leave messages but never get returned calls. We have a phone app issues and cannot use the hearing aids unless they are paired with our phone.

2 months ago