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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

JangoMail is a web-based email marketing service for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Over 200,000 customers on six continents use JangoMail and its transactional service, JangoSMTP.

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The Good

  • Features
  • Templates
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Customer contact
Probably the most common review of JangoMail is that it is packed with features. Some aren't all that uncommon-sign-up forms, social media integration, automated responders. Others are rather uncommon-unlimited image storage, built-in survey creators, and even something as seemingly simple as being able to edit your "from" bar. JangoMail provides a number of free templates, as well as allowing you to design your message in any word processing program or using HTML. Their technology is designed for both beginners and more advanced designers. JangoMail is fully integrated with Google Analytics. Through their reports, you can see email opens, forwards, clicks, bounces, unsubscribers, and even spam reports. They also offer extensive list segmentation tools so that you can better target your emails and reduce redundancies that lead to your users choosing to unsubscribe. Thanks to relationships with email providers and 10 spam filters, emails sent through JangoMail are more likely to end up in your subscriber's inbox rather than their junk folder. One of the best features that JangoMail offers is the ability to send text messages in addition to emails. Since the goal of email marketing is to stay in constant contact with your customers, this is one more way to get your company seen.

The Bad

  • Limited plans
  • Designed for advanced email marketers
  • No A/B testing tools
  • Customer support
JangoMail only offers four pricing plans, all of which are based on emails sent per month with no option for plans based on subscribers. This may not be a big deal for some users, but other competitors do offer more variety in payment plans. JangoMail is really designed for advanced email marketers. Many reviews report that a difficult learning curve and while not required, having an understanding of HTML is a definite benefit. The interface isn't regarded as stylish or particularly intuitive, despite the tools it features being regarded as powerful and reliable. Using list segmentation tools, you can accomplish something similar to A/B testing, but specific A/B testing tools aren't available. For those who are new to email marketing, JangoMail is rather limited in their support. They do have a FAQ page and a phone number and email you can contact during business hours, but they don't have the video tutorials and training materials offered from many competitors. They also don't offer live chat.

The Bottom Line

JangoMail offers email marketing solutions to help you create personalized and customized campaigns based on your business's needs. Advanced tools for email design, list segmentation, and reporting provide a well-rounded package. The plans start at $90 per month, which is quite a bit higher of a starting off point than some plans, which may prevent this from being a cost-effective option for some smaller companies. You're also limited to only per send plans rather than plans based on subscribers with unlimited sends. Most reviewers agree that JangoMail is best suited for more experienced email marketers, but amateurs should have enough support to use the service successfully, as well. As one reviewer said, JangoMail is a "quality service stacked with features that offers a decent pricing plan."
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