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LAST UPDATED: September 22nd, 2022

Started more than 20 years ago, AWeber is an opt-in email marketing service that is currently used by over 120,000 small business, bloggers, and entrepreneurs around the globe. The company offers web-based tools designed to help you stay better connected to you customers through email.

AWeber’s platform allows small business owners to easily create emails and landing pages with great design with its AI-powered email template designer that automatically creates amazing-looking branded emails quickly. Its platform features free templates, drag and drop email creation, and auto-newsletters. You can also save time by automating your emails with AWeber. 

After your emails are sent, AWeber saves you time with its pre-built analytics and reports that can provide your business with helpful insights. Its service also offers you several mobile apps to make email marketing easier when you’re not in the office. These features really bring it up to the level of its significant competitors.

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The Good

  • Email Templates
  • Analytics Tools
  • Free Plan
  • Mobile Apps

Email Templates

With over 700 ready-to-use email templates, drag and drop editors, and a free stock image gallery and limitless image hosting space, which isn't offered by many competitors, AWeber's system is designed to make it quick and easy for you to build your email campaigns in minutes.

Analytics Tools

Through AWeber's analytics tools, you can see how successful your email marketing has been in real-time. Through A/B testing, they allow you to deliver different versions of a message and determine which gets the best response. Available reports include:

  • Opens over time
  • List clicks over time
  • New subscribers
  • Subscriber growth
  • Ad tracking
  • Subscriber location
  • Follow-up statistics

Free Plan

AWeber offers customers a completely free plan with no time limit for up to 500 subscribers. This subscriber limit is fairly low compared to a major competitor. However, AWeber allows you to utilize most of its features in this free plan. You should also be aware that AWeber, like its competitors, makes its free plan ad-supported which means that the AWeber logo will appear in your emails. 

If you have more than 500 subscribers, then you will need to sign up for one of the paid plans that are priced based on the number of subscribers. AWeber’s prices are in-line or slightly higher than its competitors at lower tiers of subscribersp but once you reach over 20,000 subscribers it becomes the most affordable. You can also save money by opting to be billed annually or quarterly versus monthly. 

Mobile Apps

There are times when you will need to create an email campaign on the go. AWeber’s mobile apps for tablets and mobile devices make this easy for you. The mobile apps allow you to do the following:

  • Build your list by quickly creating a signup form on your mobile device that adds new people to your mailing list
  • Quickly create and send newsletters from your mobile device using content from your blog and website
  • Analyze the results of your emails and campaigns

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The Bad

  • Free Plan with Limits
  • No Survey Builder

Free Plan with Limits

AWeber does provide a free plan however it comes with limits. While some of its competitors offer a free plan for up to 2,000 subscribers, AWeber limits its free plan to just 500. Its free plan also does not allow you to try out all of its paid functionality. You won’t be able to access most of its analytics and ecommerce features. 

No Survey Builder

You cannot currently build a survey directly through AWeber. Instead, you have to utilize Google Documents, Survey Monkey, or SurveyGizmo, which can then be integrated into your email message. In order to analyze the results of your survey, you'll have to view reports directly from whichever host you chose to use rather than through AWeber.


The Bottom Line

There are a few features missing from AWeber — most noticeably survey-building. However, as PC Magazine put it, the company delivers email marketing "without a lot of fuss." You have the flexibility to use its tools to create and customize your email campaigns. AWeber also provides a robust set of reports to help you better understand what has failed or succeeded with your past marketing campaigns, ultimately helping you better understand your customers.

With the live help options (though not 24/7) and the video tutorials, webinars, and forums for questions, AWeber is designed to help you be successful no matter how experienced you are with email marketing creation, sending, or analysis. Users have found the interface to be user-friendly and simple while still providing a lot of advanced features.

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Jewelleah Kempers Los Angeles, CA

I am impressed with my user experience with the company called Aweber. I was able to set up and run my auto blogging campaign utilizing Aweber's automated email responder for all my contact form inquiries. This helped me out time wise in the biggest way since I was running a network of hundreds of different niche market websites and with Aweber's auto responder I was able to provide my visitors with an instant response to their initial request. Then later I was able to send my visitors to various resource links through the Aweber platform all an auto pilot! I think Aweber is a top notch email marketing tool and auto responder for any type of email marketing and list growing, email capture and development of your online business. It's a professional service at a do it yourself price!

1 year ago Edited September 23, 2022