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LAST UPDATED: February 21st, 2020
Campaigner's tagline is "Emails into Revenue." This email marketing solution helps you target customers with advanced segmentation, provides A/B split test campaigns to increase results, and promises to put email automation to work for you.

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The Good

  • Variety of plans
  • Tools
  • Segmentation
  • Customer support
Campaigner offers a variety of plans, all of which come with several useful features. For plans ranging from $19.95 per month to $99.95 per month, customers get award winning 24/7 support, 50 MB CDN media hosting, A/B split testing, auto responders, unlimited sends, segmentation, recurring campaigns, 800+ templates, reporting, and social media integration. Campaigner also offers a free 30-day trial that has all of the same features for up to 1,000 contacts. For plans ranging from $149.95 per month to $299.95 per month, they add custom footers, 1 GB CDN media hosting, suppression lists, projects, remove "powered by," dynamic content, and 3rd party ad content. And if you pay for the $549.95 per month plan, they also add workflows, APIs, static segment sampling, client services, sales engineering, delivery support, single opt-in forms, contact engagement scoring, and webhooks. There are no additional setup fees and no cancelation fees. Campaigner's pricing is clear, so you won't end up paying more to have what you were promised. Campaigner provides many tools to help you build your email campaigns and over 700 interactive, customizable templates including mobile-friendly builds. The interface is widely reviewed as intuitive and helpful with very little learning curve. Campaigner also lets you import your contacts in a variety of ways allowing you to use whichever is easies for you-copy/paste, uploading a file, or importing from Gmail or Yahoo. Campaigner seeks to do the bulk of the work for you by automatically creating user segments based on similar traits. Of course, you can personally create segments as well. This allows you to better customize who gets what and reduce customers who unsubscribe. You can also use the auto-responders, which will automatically send emails based on what your customers click or whether or not they opened your email at all. When you do need support, Campaigner offers 24/7 phone customer service. Additionally, templates are imbedded with tips and instructional videos.

The Bad

  • Credit card required
  • Importation issues
  • No Google Analytics integration
  • Limited features
Campaigner is one of very few of its competitors to require a credit card for the free 30-day trial making it more of a hassle to give the company a try before purchasing a monthly plan. Even though Campaigner allows users to import contacts from Gmail and Yahoo, it takes a long time and you are, of course, required to give Campaigner your username and password in order to do so. Although Campaigner boasts of an award winning customer service, they do not offer a customer service chat which is more convenient for a lot of users. They also do not utilize Google Analytics. Despite a number of great features, Campaigner is missing a few key features. They do not offer a spam-checking tool, which means you may create a beautiful email that never sees the light of an inbox. They also don't offer survey or event marketing features. Nor do they offer free removal of their logo from emails.

The Bottom Line

Compared to many competitors, Campaigner is widely regarded as easy to use and affordable considering the amount of features or tools available. The free trial is generous, but does require a credit card. Their customer service is available 24/7 for support in addition to the helpful resource center with video tutorials, webinars, brochures, and how-to's built right into their templates to access as you work. With the exception of spam checking, surveys, and event marketing, Campaigner includes just about all the tools you'll need for creating, sending, and analyzing your emails.
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Jennifer Steals -731 Clothing

I have been using Campaigner for 6 months now, the platform can sometimes be slow but overall we have had a great experience. When we started we did not have a list, we are a small company just starting out. We began using sign-up forms on our site and social media pages and within a month our list grew from 10 to 450. This may seem small but this is a win for us! We will continue to utilize Campaigners features to build up our email marketing program. Props to the amazing support team as well! The 24 hour support has been great for us especially when working on email campaigns on the weekends and late at night!

5 years ago

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Jaclynn TC

New customer over here!! At this point my experience is nothing but exceptional, we have seen a spike in sales since using the service. Kudos to the customer support team! We were happy to see such a helpful and responsive support team, all inquires were met in a timely manner. Cannot wait to dive in and experiment with some of the more advanced features of Campaigner.

6 years ago

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Nora Fastneer

Powerful platform, multiple sophisticated features. Our online sales increased by 34% after using Campaigner for only 4 months. We are excited to see how much more we can grow our company with email marketing in the future. Thanks Campaigner!

5 years ago

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Phil Guertin Irvine, CA

We had used Campaigner by Protus for about 2 years and decided to prepay for a year to receive an 18% discount. We prepaid $2,952 in January 2019 but starting the next month we had significant delivery issues with Gmail blocking delivery and overall open rates in the low single digits. We had reached out to our account rep and tech support numerous times to discuss the issues. On three separate work arounds we completed their recommendations and followed-up with subsequent blasts but continued to have delivery issues and very low open rates. We contacted Campaigner and asked for refund for the unused months and they denied the request because under the prepaid contract there are no refunds. As a result, we reversed the charge and they immediately blocked the account, they then disputed the charge and still have not reopen our account or contacted us. Knowing this I would just warn others to not subscribe to their larger plans, stay month-to-month and expect the service to deteriorate over time. It would take about 5-7 days for tech support to respond to emails.

4 years ago


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Kaitlyn Rios Ogden, UT

Campaigner is an excellent email campaign manager platform. You can reach hundreds, if not thousands, of customers and get them excited about sales, discounts or whatever is happening. I get a good response rate to my campaigns. The campaigns also have a lot of options to choose from making them very versatile.

3 years ago

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EC San Francisco, CA

Campaigner offers very basic entry-level ESP services. Non-competitive pricing and below average customer service. The UI/UX is old fashioned and not intuitive but the basic features are mostly there. The email builder is not easy to use and looks like an old word document style interface. The page constantly loads and refreshes for most click actions. The pages refresh slower than other ESP platforms. A/B test functionality is basic at best. The customer service and policies are really bad for business practices. They require a credit card to sign up for a 30-day free trial. They auto charge your card if you don't close your account. You can't close your account online. You have to find a support or billing email to request cancellation. But they only give you a number to call. Then you have to call in-person to cancel the account. You don't automatically get notified of invoices or billing. You have to opt-in for invoices and billing notifications. There is one sentence in the entire 'terms and conditions' page that tells you about auto credit card charging after the 30 day trial period. They don't do refunds even if your account has been inactive and they don't pro-rate your cancellation period. Better entry level options would be Mailchimp. If you're looking for something intermediate with more advanced workflows for a good price, try Autopilot HQ. For a medium-big sized company, Iterable, but it's a little more expensive.

4 years ago

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colleen mauro Minneapolis, MN

I had a horrible experience with Campaigner. I wanted to take a quick look at their templates. They insist that you give them your credit card information before you can do this. I never used their services but they billed me for months. I asked, but they have refused, to refund my money. They are the only e-mail marketing company that I am aware of who requires a credit card number to investigate their services. Stay away. There are many other companies who provide great e-mail marketing services who operate with integrity.

8 years ago