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LAST UPDATED: July 13th, 2020

ONPASSIVE is a comprehensive AI company that offers a variety of business solutions, including digital marketing services. ONPASSIVE aims to give any size business an extensive set of tools all through AI technology.

This automated marketing platform is one of the first of its kind. Complete automation allows ONPASSIVE to serve your business with more real time data and insights compared to traditional companies in the marketing world.

Although ONPASSIVE does offer some digital marketing solutions, it is not the sole focus of the company. There are a variety of other digital tools available as well.

Check out ONPASSIVE digital marketing reviews below to see what customers are saying about their experience.

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The Good

  • AI Automation
  • Variety of Services
  • Flexible for Everyone

AI Automation

ONPASSIVE is not an ordinary digital marketing service — it is completely AI automated. Its AI automated business model aims for technology to outperform and outpace typical manual operations. You simply plug-in the ONPASSIVE services that you would like to use, and it will run constantly, feeding you important data and insight at all times.

So what does AI automation look like for your business? The benefits include the following:

  • Access to more tools — In the long run, automated services require less time and energy to run, lending to more opportunity for ONPASSIVE to tweak and develop new services for your business.
  • Easy to manage — ONPASSIVE's AI automation is an easy process to set up and manage. Once the services are installed, it can self manage and display live updates.
  • Cost effective — ONPASSIVE claims that its automated services allow companies to save money since its new technology is able to perform traditionally expensive tasks at a fraction of the cost.

Variety of Services

ONPASSIVE has a large variety of services. If you are looking for streamlined solutions to a number of your digital needs, then ONPASSIVE excels at offering not only digital marketing services, but a handful of other services that help make your behind-the-scenes operations of your online business smooth.

As of July of 2020, the following services are available:

  • Digital marketing
  • Video conference
  • VPN
  • Website builder
  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Video chat
  • IP tracker
  • Calendar schedule
  • Remote communication tool
  • Domain registration
  • Staff manager
  • Mass bulk mailing
  • Flexible wallet
  • Live events

It is rare to have so many additional and unique services accessible by one digital marketing company.

Flexible for Everyone

ONPASSIVE was designed as a platform to meet the needs for several different company situations and problems. ONPASSIVE is able to work with nearly any kind of company regardless of its industry, country, or company size.

This flexibility allows ONPASSIVE to gain experience in a number of different sectors and to take on the challenge of both companies big and small.

Pricing is not available on the company's website. The overall costs will vary based on the AI marketing tools that you request as well as your company size and other factors.


The Bad

  • Lacks Typical Digital Marketing Services

Lacks Typical Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing tools cover a wide variety of platforms, mediums, and services making it difficult for any one company to have it all. However, some traditional digital marketing services have become the standard for most companies in the marketing world. ONPASSIVE does not offer a handful of these traditional marketing tools, including the following: 

  • Social media marketing and ads
  • Graphic design and branding
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

If your online business needs more of an expansive digital marketing presence, then you may want to consider another company that has more marketing specific services to fit your needs.


The Bottom Line

If you are wanting a digital marketing tool that will basically run itself and requires very little upkeep, then ONPASSIVE is a great solution for you. The company has a number of great features to offer if you are looking for a number of online solutions to streamline your business.

However, if you are looking for a variety of traditional digital marketing tools, then consider looking into other companies that can meet those needs.

Read through ONPASSIVE reviews below to see what customers are saying about their experience.

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