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LAST UPDATED: December 20th, 2021

Exclusive Concepts was founded in 1997 and is currently headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. It is a leading internet marketing company that helps retailers market their products and services online. Additionally, it realizes that ongoing industry changes are inevitable; therefore, it continually analyzes, evaluates, and make recommendations for each individual client. 

This agency was one of the first eCommerce marketing firms and it is still one of only a handful of companies focusing primarily on online retailers. Exclusive Concepts has maintained a powerful group of 400+ merchant clients, from small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) to large Fortune 500 companies. The group’s portfolio includes the following companies: 

  • Hilton Worldwide
  • Greek Gear
  • Sky Geek
  • All Things Jeep
  • Overstock Art
  • Garden Fun
  • Neiman Marcus
  • Live Nation
  • Bulb America
  • The Knot
  • TackleDirect
  • e.l.f.
  • Lots more

Exclusive is a certified Google Partner, a Yahoo Small Business Partner, and a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. Additionally, it has been an Inc. 5000 five-time honor roll mention and a member of Sempo. 

Exclusive Concepts offers a free eCommerce Opportunity Audit to help you identify key areas where your business could benefit from a more strategic internet marketing plan.

Keep reading for pros and cons, plus Exclusive Concepts reviews from real customers. 

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The Good

  • Focus on eCommerce Clients
  • eCommerce Marketing Packages

Focus on eCommerce Clients

A typical Exclusive client sells products online to an English-speaking audience, earns $100k-$100 million in annual online sales, spends $1k-$150k per month in online marketing services, and has a 90% renewal rate.

The agency’s focus on the retail industry benefits clients. Its specialized team of internet marketing professionals has a greater understanding of your business and what it needs to succeed online. Exclusive Concepts offers a variety of services, all using the agency’s unique e-commerce methodology. Let's talk about each service and how it works.

E-Commerce Marketing Packages

Advanced SEO

Exclusive Concepts’ Advanced SEO service rates start at $1,995 per month. This service helps your store take advantage of the ever-changing field of organic marketing to grow your revenue and drive your return on investment (ROI) results as high as possible. It uses a data-driven keyword approach and AP-style content creation. 

Profitable PPC

Exclusive Concepts’ Profitable PPC services start at $995 per month or 15% of spend. This service focuses on creating micro-targeted campaigns that will drive more cash and bring you more profit from your paid search and display efforts. It uses proprietary analysis technologies, unparalleled support, and specialization.

Conversion Booster

Exclusive Concepts’ Conversion Booster rates start at $1,995 per month. This service invests in a proactive conversion optimization program that continuously delivers results and uncovers new profitable wins on an ongoing basis. It launches a full-service planning and execution strategy and utilizes a best-in-class optimization platform.

SMB Email Marketing

Exclusive Concepts’ SMB Email Marketing service starts at $395 per month. This service fills a gap in the marketplace for high-quality email campaigns at an extremely reasonable cost. With Exclusive, you can choose your own email service provider. You also get a full team of email marketing experts to structure and craft your marketing campaigns.

Profitable Google Shopping

Exclusive Concepts’ Profitable Google Shopping service is $795 per month and 12% product listing ad (PLA) spend. This service allows eCommerce stores to build a more cost-effective structure for PLA efforts while scaling up their spend in a variety of unique ways. It uses proprietary feed enhancement technologies, unparalleled support, and specialization techniques.


The Bad

  • Lack of Information

We performed an extensive internet search and did not find any negative feedback of any kind regarding Exclusive Concepts as a business or any of its services. This is a great indication that it is performing up to customers' expectations.

Additionally, it doesn't show any government actions involving its marketplace conduct, nor does it have any reports concerning any type of deceptive marketing practices. These statistics are phenomenal for a company who has been in business since 1997; therefore, it must be doing something right.

Lack of Information

Unfortunately, while the Exclusive Concepts website is extremely user-friendly and a pleasure to use, we weren't able to find any detailed information about exactly how it goes about performing its services. For example, we could assume it offers video marketing, social media, and reputation management services; however, there is no indication anywhere on its website stating whether these services are offered. If they are, we couldn't find it, which is just as bad as not posting it at all. These services are vital when it comes to providing a well-rounded internet marketing service, Hopefully, these services will be offered in the future.


The Bottom Line

Exclusive Concepts appears to be a top-notch digital marketing agency for online retailers. Its niche-specific knowledge should be a huge asset when it comes to knowing exactly what your business needs and how to best address your audience for the highest returns possible.

Therefore, we can confidently recommend Exclusive Concepts for any e-tailer in need of quality internet marketing services in order to build a brand to move a business to the next level.

However, we still encourage you to perform your own due diligence before making any decisions about which company is the best fit for you.

Keep reading for Exclusive Concepts reviews to help finalize your decision. 

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John Jackson Hallandale, FL

STAY AWAY ! I hired this company about a year and a half ago. They promised me the world as every company does. They started off slow and then finally had 4 good months, although I think that was just because of the covid surge as we are an essential service. However, they always stayed a little over the CPC I wanted / requested, as they take a commission on google spend. Every month they kept saying we will try something else and not to worry they will get back on track. This went on for over 6 months. They got worse and worse and cost me a ton of money and sales. When I finally wanted to cancel they would not let me and made me stay on another month at their high prices. I asked them to undo everything they did and set up smart campaigns and provided explicit SIMPLE instructions. They did not do this and cost me more money again as they did not manage the account properly. I was always more then courteous with them and gave them chance after chance and all they did was take advantage of my company. STAY AWAY !! I wouldn't use this company if they were FREE.

1 month ago

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Steven Styles Lagrangeville, NY

We have been a client for at least 13-14 years. I cannot say enough good about the EC team they do what they say and clearly say what they do. SkyGeek has grown from 25-30 orders a week to hundreds a day and that is a result of the EC Team and Services. SkyGeek has weathered numerous Google algorithm corrections and had we not followed the EC advise or plan of attack we would have failed miserably. Great job EC you guys rock!

2 years ago

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Charles G Thalhimer III Ashland, VA

We recently switched Exclusive after a long line of "we can turn you around digital marketing firms". In the first 30 days, they have exceeded the ROAS we asked for, have mapped out our SEO for the next 90 days. The communication has been better than what we have experienced. I am using the same budget that I used with the other companies and getting 10 times the results. I can't wait to see what happens in the next 6 months!

3 years ago

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Joseph T Tantillo Belleville, IL

We have been clients or Exclusive Concepts for over 10 years. We really attribute much of our growth and our success to our partnership with them. Being named in the top 1,000 ecommerce companies in North America and top 60 in our industry we know a thing or two about ecommerce and what we don't know, we leave up to EC to lead the way. They handle our PPC, PLA, SEO, social and Amazon marketing for us. I appreciate their true concern for me and my business and looking forward to another ten years!

3 years ago

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Matthew ODonnell Elyria, OH

I have used Exclusive Concepts for over 7 years. I do not think my company would be where it is today without them. If your looking for top notch SEO with real reporting do not hesitate to use them. We also use Exclusive for our online advertising efforts. Again.... they are the best!

3 years ago

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chris Las Vegas, NV

I really tried to like these guys. Over a year and tens of thousands of dollars later, and my sales are down, my cost for advertising is up, and I am on my 3rd account manager. We started with a conversion consulting program which was great the first three months. Then, nothing. No work performed, no follow up, no emails. Only billing - that remained consistent. We cancelled that service. Then we decided to go all-in and give Exclusive access to our advertising accounts. At a monthly fee plus a percentage of spend (higher than industry standard mind you) I was concerned that this was going to be a big rip off. Still, they claimed exponential growth. Their website is full of upward curving bar graphs, satisfied customer testimonials, and promises to use their "whole team" to improve my business. I couldn't just hire them for three months to test this. My business, like many, has seasonal cycles that have large up and down swings through the year. I would need at least one year of data to compare sales to the year previously before I could really audit their service. Here we are, over a year later, and I am devastated. My spend is up, my sales are down, and I still have them collecting a monthly fee and percentage of my spend while I await the cancellation term. Having cancelled their services, I have asked a few pointed questions of how to make adjustments. Bizarrely, my current "account manager" has to check with my old "account manager" to see how to do this. Her title is "senior account manager". The turn-over rate at this place is very alarming as well. Three account managers in a year. Three times I needed to "train" a person on the ins-and-outs of my business. Three times I needed to correct bad bids that were costing me tons. And that's just one year. If I stayed on, Im sure I would have to do it all a 4th time in a few months. Exclusive Concepts claims to be "one of the fastest growing companies" every year. They claim "exponential sales growth" for your company. They claim a lot. But if you actually seek out real customer reviews. Real, actual results. You wont find any. Sorry Chris, Josh, Silas, Noland, David, Andrew, Lisa, and Carrie. You all gave me a few minutes of service, but it wasn't worth the $20,000+ I spent for that time.

2 years ago

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Steve Gallagher Medford, NY

Horrible. We spent tens of thousands of dollars on two different sides for 18 months and it yielded Zero returns. We were in it for the long haul - 'the ole college try' - but it was beyond fruitless. And of course during the time - the lead on our account switched several times.

3 years ago

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Mr Bob Kerstein Herndon, VA

I had a problem with Exclusive Concepts which has been satisfactorily resolved. Thank you!

4 years ago