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LAST UPDATED: August 9th, 2019
Infinite Energy is not only providing natural gas and electricity to their customers, but they have found an easy way for customers to manage their energy through their award-winning customer care and software development which are all performed in-house. They focus on building the best possible individual plans to help their customers meet their energy goals whether it is from residential to commercial or industrial.

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The Good

  • Electricity Rates
  • Monthly Customer Charge

Electricity Rates

Infinite Energy offers some of the best electricity rates in the deregulated energy industry, both fixed and variable rates. Customers are only charged $0.062/kWh for a fixed rate and $0.073/kWh for variable rates. There are only a couple of other companies that compete with these prices. If you are leaning towards using electricity instead of natural gas, Infinite Energy is a great choice.

Monthly Customer Charge

Companies normally charge a standard flat fee for just being a customer with the service. The monthly customer charge is the standard charge a company charges each customer. Infinite Energy charges monthly service fee of $5.00 per billing cycle. Even though you may find a couple companies that don't charge this fee, we found that $5 per month wasn't an unreasonable price. Many more companies will charge much more than $5, so Infinite Energy does fairly well in this category. [the-bad]
  • Natural Gas Rates
  • Unknown Deposit Amount
  • Payment Options
  • Late Payment Fee
  • Minimum Usage and Cancellation Fee

Natural Gas Rates

Unfortunately, Infinite Energy has a high charge for their natural gas. They only provide a fixed rate of $0.689/kWh, but do not disclose their price for variable rates. Most companies actually will not disclose their natural gas prices at all so we do commend Infinite Energy for disclosing at least one of their prices. However, with the other companies that provide information for their natural gasses, Infinite Energy does not compare well, they have one of the higher prices.

Unknown Deposit Amount

Anytime a company does not disclose information is a red flag. Infinite Energy does not share how much their deposit amount is. We think this is important information to know beforehand and therefore will be docked points for not disclosing the information.

Payment Option

Infinite Energy only offers half of the payment options we review and score. They have credit or debit cards as well as bank account options. They currently do not take electronic checks or regular checks. This could make it difficult for some customer who prefer these methods. Companies with more options attract a variety of customers because specific needs are met.

Late Payment Fee

Infinite Energy charges a 5% late payment fee. The fee is taken from your 12-month contract price. This is a high late charge. Customers can find other deregulated energy companies that will charge much less than five percent. However, if you are good about paying your bills then this wouldn't need to be a concern.

Minimum Use and Cancellation Fee

Unfortunately most deregulated companies will charge both types of fees. Infinite Energy charges $150 to cancel and $9.95 to accounts that do not use enough de-regulated energy. These charges came up to be an average amount, meaning you will find some companies that will charge more and some companies that charge less. This isn't the greatest deal, but if you don't plan to cancel and if you plan on using a minimum amount of deregulated energy then you won't have to worry about these possible charges.

The Bottom Line

Infinite Energy has a few areas in which they could improve in order to be a better company in the deregulated energy industry. Even though they aren't the worst company out there, they definitely are the best either. Their natural gas rates are the biggest concern. Especially if customers are wanting to go the natural gas route, Infinite Energy would not be the wisest choice. On the flip side though, their electricity rates are quite good. If you are going to choose electricity over natural gas, Infinite Energy could be a good consideration as long as you are good at making on-time payments so you can avoid the high late payment fee and you don't need to pay through electronic or physical check.
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Chelsea graham Haltom City, TX

I would like to Thank ED from Infinite Energy for helping me and walking me through the steps to set up.

4 years ago