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LAST UPDATED: December 20th, 2023

Eversource is a New England-based deregulated energy company, providing power and natural gas to customers in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. With a high-level of community involvement, Eversource strives to be top-of-mind with its customers and other residents in its service areas. The company offers financial assistance, provides pivotal home solutions, and handles property damage claims and energy theft reports, with an emphasis on helping customers avoid energy scams that have begun to emerge in the New England area.

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The Good

  • Energy Savings Plan
  • Choose Your Own Supplier
  • "Best Reliability Ever"

Energy Savings Plan

For customers who choose to take control of their energy use, Eversource's Energy Savings Plan can be a good option to maximize savings and help reduce energy use. This online tool utilizes some basic information, provided by the customers, and then builds out a customized plan for them to help save energy and save money. With this Energy Savings Plan comes additional options such as use of the Green Button, which provides usage history and can help customers adjust their energy usage habits. Most of the Energy Savings Plan is educational in nature, with data being accessed via the customer login panel on the Eversource web app.

Choose Your Own Supplier

While this is not exclusive to Eversource, customers are able to choose their own energy supplier. With this option, customers who are willing to do their research and some extra legwork can ensure that they are receiving the best electric and natural gas rates available in their service area. Eversource continues to be the retail face of a customer's utilities, but the energy source simply changes, with the energy supply and transmission being paid for by the customer through Eversource and on to the specified provider. For customers who choose not to utilize this option, Eversource will continue to purchase energy for them at optimized rates that adhere to local legislation.

"Best Reliability Ever"

Traditionally, Eversource was six different companies working together. Those six companies merged into what Eversource is today, and with that merger comes what they claim to be the "Best Reliability Ever." In 2011, Eversource had an average of 12.1 months between interruptions. In 2015 that number increased to 16.6 months, an improvement of 37%. Eversource claims to offer 99.98% reliability for its electric and natural gas delivery to a customer's home.


The Bad

  • Competitive Rates Are Relative
  • Solar and Wind Power Not Yet in Full Distribution

Competitive Rates Are Relative

Eversource seeks to provide reliable energy at a fair price. The company does not, however, provide rates that are marginally lower than its competitors. Rather, customers will pay relatively the same amount as they would with one of Eversource's competitors.

Solar and Wind Power Not Yet in Full Distribution

With the recent acquisition of DONG Energy (50% ownership), Eversource has started to integrate renewable energy sources into its energy plans. These renewable energy sources are not yet fully accessible or distributed, which can be a deal breaker for more energy-conscious customers. Solar services are offered through a third-party distributor who will outfit a customer's home with solar panels and self-sustaining energy; however, solar energy is not fully utilized in energy plans, with wind beginning to be integrated in Massachusetts.


The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, Eversource can be a good choice for New England customers looking to receive reliable electricity and natural gas services. Eversource does a great job with its involvement in the community, and it seeks to add renewable options for future customers. From a cost standpoint though, Eversource really doesn't do anything to distinguish itself from competitors.

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Horrid phone support! This company is 100% greed driven. They do not help the most needy people even in the most expensive, most severe weather climates (NH, MA). Spent 1 hour and 47 minutes talking to 6 different “professionals” about my strapped financial situation as a disabled person, and got ZERO help. No ideas, no solutions. Now my only option is to stop paying and see if my community agencies can help. But this is a $BIG$ company. There’s no excuse for not working with people who are disabled and willing to prove a low, fixed income.

2 months ago

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Michael Montiero Newburyport, MA

Eversource notified my son that they would shut off service to his home for a past due bill on November 27. The past due charges were paid the same day and my son received a confirmation number. The next day, November 28, Eversource shut off power to his house. When he called Eversource, they said power would be restored by 6pm. When power wasn't restored, my son called again, Eversource said that power wouldn't be restored until the next day, even though it was going to go down into the 20s that night. Power was restored around 11am on November 29 and temps in the house got down to 49 degrees. All this happened even though state regs say that electricity that provides heat to a residence cannot be turned off between November 15th and March 15th. Eversource really demonstrates a lack of caring or concern for it's customers, or state regs for that matter, even when THEY are at fault. Their customer service is sorely lacking especially since, after a certain time. no one is available to deal with situations that require immediate attention. They just want expect you to wait. Shameful!

3 months ago

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Jeremy Goode

Eversource makes it impossible to set up new service for some reason. I was unsuccessful in doing so either over the phone or online, let alone reaching a live person to speak to. Scum company.

2 months ago

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Rick East Sandwich, MA

My wife and I have decided 23 years ago, to own an electric powered home and avoid the direct use of fossil fuel. Also, natural gas is not available in our area. We depend upon Eversource to consider the well being of their customers, especially seniors, who are on fixed incomes. Social Security provided a 2.5% increase to offset inflation, while Eversource distribution rates have gone up 36%, and the transmission charge has gone up by 14%. How are these increases sustainable by customers, or reasonably explained by Eversource? I have reviewed Eversource's annual report, which clearly shows the compensation packages of Senior Management and the Board as being in the million dollar plus range for all Senior Managers and Board Members. Almost 50% of compensation is based upon stock, which indicates that management's priorities are focused on increasing stock value and profit margin, rather than customer service. Since Eversource provides a utility service that is obviously a necessary component of people's safety and life sustainability, especially in the Northeast, why aren't rates regulated? Eversource rate increases clearly show a disregard for their customer's well being to insure that stock holders, including all Senior Manager, are extremely well compensated?

5 years ago

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Concerned User

Well, read on if you think your bill is too high. Back in June 2017 I noticed my bills were higher than normal, when I was trying to be as frugal as possible. I contacted Eversource online and asked for them to check my meter. No response. Each month from June to October my bills were higher than I thought possible, and several times I contacted Eversource and received auto responses saying they had received my request and would check into it. Never a follow up. Finally in November I had had enough. I started looking at all my past bills and noticed that the graphs they show on my bill showed increased usage over the previous year, higher usage resulting in hgher delivery charges, etc. I also noticed something I had not noticed before. In small print on each of the bills, it said all of my readings going back to June had been ESTIMATED not actual readings. They had never taken a reading from June to October. I contacted Eversource online on December and told them I wanted a meter reading, wanted to be present for it, and wanted someone to contact me about all these estimated readings or I was going to the PUC (public utilities commission) because I felt it was unfair and impossible for them to tell me my usage was higher all those months, and charge me for higher usage, when they had never taken a reading and I knew I was trying hard to lower my usage. I immediately received a personal reply from a lady at Eversource saying she was checking into it. Nothing from her for a couple of days so I replied asking for an update. Without any explanation she responded saying my meter was changed on December 20, 2017. No other explanations, no suggestion of credit, etc. I replied again and said I wanted to see any adjustments that were made to my bill, as I was sure credit was due. Nothing. Finally this month I received an update stating they had credited my account $381+ dollars, and my February bill was going to be $35. When I finally received this on paper, nothing added up...the way it looked to me was I should still have a negative balance. I then contacted the PUC. They were phenomenal, listened patiently and said they would require Eversource to provide a written detail as to why this occurred, as I guess there is a standard procedure they must follow if they estimate bills for more than a couple of months. I have not heard back from them yet, but expect a response within a couple of weeks. The PUC investigator was extremely nice and professional, and mentioned that he appreciated me telling my story with pertinent details and in chronological order. He mentioned that often people call and are just upset with higher bills, but can't put it all in a perspective they can follow through on. I encourage anyone with higher than expected bills to contact Eversource first and ask for a review of the meter, review of the readings, and find out whether the readings are actual or estimated. If estimated for more than a couple of months, demand a meter check. If you are not satisfied, contact the Mass PUC (number can be found easily online for reporting utility companies) and tell your story logically, in chronological order and include any pertinent contact you have had with Eversource and approximate dates. Stay warm, but not too warm.....there is a cost associated with that!! LOL. Just my two cents worth.

6 years ago

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mariela porcello Enfield, CT

My husband retired and it will take a little bit for his payments to kick - I called Eversource to ask for a ONE WEEK extension to make my payment and they REFUSED to work with me - their employees actually 2 of them advised me to call my local **211 for government assistance!! Really? a company as large as Eversource REFUSES to work with a customer willing to make their payment in one week but instead directs them to go get government assistance! shameful behavior! not to mention the way the staff treats you so rudely like you are below them because you need the one week extension to make the payment -SHAME!

4 years ago

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Alisha Norwalk, CT

I just moved into my apartment. I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant and it’s winter. My service was disconnected without warning. No one called or emailed, they only claimed they sent a notice to my mailbox, which is impossible because it’s broken. There’s no emergency technicians to fix urgent situations after hours or on weekends. So rather than being empathetic, the call center is rude and tells a 39 week pregnant woman to go to a hotel or relative’s house and “try back” on Monday. I’ve never received a bill and was never notified that my service was conditional until they received a copy of my driver’s license. So now I’m without power in 20 degree weather at full-term pregnant and they don’t care to rectify the situation quickly or make it a priority it even for Monday. I’m just told to “try back” when they are open on Monday. It’s completely irresponsible to not have protocol in place for urgent situations and the call center is completely incompetent but they are aware that this bull crap is “completely legal,” so they don’t care. I cannot wait to talk to a manager on Monday to hear their excuse for the absence of actual customer service.

4 years ago

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JASON DILL Rochester, NH

If you have other options for power to your home/business I would absolutely recommend you investigate those. Eversource not only raises their prices on a regular basis (another coming very soon) but they will also ruin the vegetation on your property if it is within 200 square miles of a power line (exaggeration, more like within 20 feet of a power line). So they've unnecessarily ruined a tree in my yard (without notice) and last week while installing new poles they mangled and destroyed half of my wild rose bush. I got an "we're sorry" and that's it.

4 years ago

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Elizabeth correa Trumbull, CT

worst company every there customer service is very bad waited 45 minutes for someone to me back they call me and they hang up I had to tried 3 times before they answer the phone and the customer service people have no knowledge of the service very bad service

2 years ago

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Dave White Stamford, CT

Eversource shut off power mid winter in 26 degree weather. Policy is to take a full day to restore. No notice was given. Eversource has email and phone numbers but no attempt was made at contact. Outrageous behavior.

6 years ago